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Oni (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen


Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: January 29, 2001
Released in EU: March 9, 2001

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Set in the year 2032, Oni is a third-person 3D action game with weapons and hand-to-hand combat featuring Konoko, a highly skilled agent.

Debug Modes

The codes below let you view debugging info about various things in the game. All codes are for the NTSC-U version of the game and can be inputted with a GameShark or CodeBreaker. The equivalent command in the game's scripting language is given where one exists.

Code Effect
902C7A78 0C0B1E44 Enable code (for console only). Skip this if you're not activating these on a PlayStation 2.
2033B578 00000001 Sound information debug. Displays number of channels in use, what sound is using those channels and the volume for each channel ("sound_show_debug=1").
0033A904 00000001 Displays current FPS ("show_performance=1").
0033A5FD 00000001 Changes all characters into a white debug marker ("chr_debug_trigger_quad=1").
0033A5FF 00000001
0033A600 00000001
Displays the line of sight for all characters ("ai2_showlos=1").
0033A5FA 00000001 Changes all characters into a black sphere. This was possibly used to detect collision ("chr_debug_sphere=1").
0033A5F8 00000001 Character status debug information. Displays Konoko's current position, animation state, and animation frame ("chr_debug_characters=1").
0033A62E 00000001 Displays index number of player's current BNV (binary node volume) position in the level ("chr_show_bnv=1").
0033A630 00000001 Displays current LOD (level of detail) of player character's model ("chr_show_lod=1").
0033B2D4 00000001 Displays a white debug marker over Konoko's right hand. It's unclear what this is for.
0033A2C1 00000001 Would display name of texture which player is aiming at, but this command only functions in Oni for the Mac ("am_show_filenames=1").
D0363282 0000FE7F
0033A933 00000000
D0363282 0000FEDF
0033A933 00000001
Enables or disables particle effects. Press L2 + D-Pad Left to disable particle effects. Press L2 + D-Pad Right to enable ("gs_show_particles=0").
D0363282 0000BEFF
0033A8F1 00000000
D0363282 0000DEFF
0033A8F1 00000001
Enables or disables objects. Press L2 + X to disable objects. Press L2 + Circle to enable ("gs_show_objects=0").
D0363282 0000FEFB
0033A8F0 00000000
D0363282 0000FEFD
0033A8F0 00000001
Enables or disables characters. Press L2 + R3 to disable characters. Press L2 + L3 to enable ("gs_show_characters=0").
D0363282 00009FFF
0033A8EF 00000000
D0363282 0000CFFF
0033A8EF 00000001
Press Circle + X to disable textures and place camera in the current spot until enabled again.
Circle + Triangle to enable.
D0363282 0000FAFD
0033A932 00000001
D0363282 0000FFFD
0033A932 00000000
Press L1 + L2 + L3 to freeze all characters in place. Press L3 to disable ("chr_pin_character=0").
0033B058 00000001 Shows the developer console prompt, CMD:, at the bottom-left of the screen, but it's not clear if input can be received from a USB keyboard.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused PC Cheats

The following cheats are all leftovers from the PC version and cannot be normally activated by button inputs. The original PC cheat name is given in parentheses.

Code Effect
0033A931 00000001 No damage taken from attacks or falls ("liveforever").
00338AE8 00000001 Makes objects break into glass when they're shot ("glassworld").
D0363282 0000FAFF
0033A8F6 00000001
D0363282 0000FFFD
0033A8F6 00000000
Slow-motion mode. Enable with L2 + L1. Disable with L3 ("carousel").
D0363282 0000FEBF
1070C6E6 00000FFF
Instant game-over. Press L2 + D-Pad Down to lose the level you're on ("loselevel").
0033AF10 00000001 Makes all weapons rapid fire ("roughjustice").
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unknown Features

To do:
Identify what these cheats do and label them accordingly. They function, but it's unknown what happens when they are activated.
Code Effect
206E5F6C 10000000 Makes Konoko's fists glow purple.
106E57A0 00000101 Makes Konoko's body glow.
106E578C 00000101 This might enable something relating to infinity health.
006E448C 00000001 Enables another slow motion for some reason.
0033A633 00000001 Unknown.
0033A647 00000001 Unknown.
0033A930 00000001 Unknown.
0033A932 00000001 Unknown.
0033A92D 00000001 Unknown.
00339BA0 00000001 Unknown.
0033A92E 00000001 Unknown.
00339BA1 00000001 Unknown.
0033A5E2 00000001 Unknown. Possibly something debug related.
006E4380 00000001 Unknown. Sets a few timers in RAM. It's unclear what else it does.
(Source: Original TCRF research)