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Bugs:Sonic Adventure 2 (2012)

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This page details bugs of Sonic Adventure 2 (2012).

Test Level

The test level is still present, but can now be accessed by means of a glitch. To access it, a Chao Key must be collected while it is out of range of the camera; while this is possible with any character, it must be done while playing the game at a 16:9 aspect ratio. The easiest way to access it is with Dr. Eggman in Cosmic Wall.

So...how do I beat this one?

This glitch was "fixed" in the PC version by forcing the level ID to Chao World if it is set to the test level. Attempting to freeze the value at 0 loads Chao World with a mission box, which itself contains text not viewable in any previous version of the game.

The check can be easily bypassed, allowing the test level to be loaded: with a hex editor and decrypted .exe, go to 0x3BD83; with a memory editor, go to 0x43C983. Change byte 7D to EB.