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Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered

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Title Screen

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered

Developer: mystman12
Publisher: Basically, Games!
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released in US: October 21, 2022

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Baldi's Basics Classic Remastered is an official remaster of the original game, created using the Baldi's Basics Plus engine. The game includes Birthday Bash and a taste of what's to come in Baldi's Basics Plus.

To do:
Leftovers from Baldi's Basics Plus.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Any more unused graphics in later versions?

Baldi's Basics Plus Leftovers

Baldis Basics Class Remastered Mrs Pomp.png

Mrs. Pomp's sprites.


The following graphics are placeholders. Not all of the placeholders could be added because some of them are actually used within the game.

YCTP Codes

As in the original game, you can input secret codes in the YCTP to gain access to special modes. The codes from the original game do not work in this version. The table below is exhaustive of all codes as of 2022-10-24.

Code Description
04281989 Teleports the player to a sound debug/testing room.
10181996 Enables "Authentic Mode", a showcase of what the game would have looked like if it was actually made in 1999.
11211994 Enables "Chaos Mode" (duplicates NPCs, enables "Random Events", makes the game harder).
09241993 Enables "Debug Mode". If used before the player beats Null Style, it will attempt to show "Not Yet" but return to the menu before the player can read it.