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Serious Sam 4

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Title Screen

Serious Sam 4

Also known as: Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass
Developer: Croteam
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: September 24, 2020

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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Serious Sam 4 is a first-person shooter that follows the glorious FPS tradition of blowing monsters up and taking too much time to release the fourth main game in the series.

To do:
  • The journalist build of the game (dated September 13, 2020) can be downloaded from the Steam Depot.
  • The edit data from an older version of the Serious Sam 4 Editor (dated May 12, 2017) can be downloaded from the Steam Depot.

Unused Animals

Folders for a deer and an eagle containing their models exist in the game files, but they are untextured and not used in the game. They have animations for idling, movement, and death. A deer doe appears in the teaser trailer.

Sam4 DeerDoe.png Sam4 Eagle.png

Unused Enemies

Octanian Grenadier

First seen in the May 20th gameplay reveal in 2020, the cut Octanian Grenadier remains intact in the game files. However, it's missing headshot gib effects and has glitchy melee behavior featuring the infamous turbo drifting bug. It has 30 health just like the Octanian Gamma Trooper and it throws stick grenades that deal 10 direct damage and 30 splash damage for a total of 40 damage. The stick grenades bear the label 'FRAG MX-230-FG69420' and are one of the few enemy projectiles in the series that doesn't explode on contact with the ground, only detonating after 3 seconds or if the player touches it. It's also the first enemy projectile in the series to have a HUD indicator pointing to its general direction. Like the other Octanians, it has a separate set of broken animations depicting it holding some kind of grenade launcher that no longer exists in the game files.

Sam4 TrooperGrenadier.png Sam4 TrooperGrenade.png Sam4 TrooperGrenadeIcon.png Sam4 TrooperGrenadeLauncher.png

Octanian Raider

Although they appear in-game in the form of scripted sequence models, in-game files and an unused Netricsa entry implies that it was planned to be a fightable enemy at some point. It uses the vehicle entity without any working AI with player riding disabled. It has 349 health and uses the Bomb Bay vehicle part that lets it drop 10 bombs in quick succession, each dealing 50 direct damage and 25 splash damage with a blast radius of 10 meters. Its model also holds the laser fire sound from The Second Encounter and a shooting animation that plays the sound, which is not used in the game. The existence of the Laser_Projectile_Raider-old-v2.mdl used by the DummyFoe implies that an older iteration of the Octanian Raider shot lasers as its method of attack.

Sam4 Raider Vehicle.png Sam4 Raider Netricsa.png

Dummy Foe

A soda can-shaped test puppet unused anywhere in the game. Unlike its Serious Sam 2 counterpart, this one is a Legged Puppet entity like most ground-based enemies rather than the now-removed unique Dummy Foe Puppet entity. Its behavior alignment is set to Good and contains two states; an immobile default state that doesn't do anything and an immobile firing state that shoots the old Raider laser projectile at any Evil alignment puppets in sight.

Sam4 DummyFoe.png

Unused Weapons

The following unused weapons are described in SchemeGen_Test.lua, an example script to generate animation schemes for player models.


One of the weapons mentioned in the SchemeGen file. It appears to be the original melee weapon for the game, as the Combat Knife's properties are labelled as CMacheteWeaponParams in the editor and the fact that the Knife wasn't referenced in the aforementioned script file. Its model and projectile parameter files still resides in the game's files and can be restored to function again to some extent. The projectile that can be thrown via secondary fire, dealing 130 damage (same as the Knife primary fire) and has a launch velocity of 30. It uses the cannonball ammo icon as placeholder and its HUD icon is half the size of the other weapons, implying it was cut before the other weapons received bigger HUD icons. The player model does not play an animation when throwing the machete in third-person mode. Only a maximum of 5 ammo can be held, with the weapon being unthrowable when the player only has one ammo left.

Sam4 MacheteItem.png Sam4 MacheteFP.png


One of the weapons mentioned in the SchemeGen file. Nothing else remains of it in the game's files. Appears to be named after the Molotov Cocktail, an improvised fire bomb.


One of the weapons mentioned in the SchemeGen file. Nothing else remains of it in the game's files. The Flamer is the internal name for the Flamethrower in all Serious Sam games.

Nitrogen Gun

One of the weapons mentioned in the SchemeGen file. Nothing else remains of it in the game's files. A similar weapon named the Freeze Gun was also referenced in Serious Sam 3: BFE, though any relation between these two weapons is unknown.

Sirian Bracelet

Leftover from Serious Sam 3: BFE.


A low-poly and low-res crossbow in the Weapons folder. It is unknown if it was to be an actual, usable weapon as there's no first-person model for it. First seen on Croteam's Twitter in 2018 as a real-life object.

Sam4 Crossbow.png

Double Shotgun Grenade Launcher

Unused sound files, model attachments, and animations indicate that the Double Barrel Coach Gun had an underslung grenade launcher attachment like the Single Shotgun.

Sam4 DoubleShotgun GrenadeLauncher.png Sam4 DoubleShotgun GrenadeLauncher Reload.png


Cut Levels

References to cut levels exist in the game files.


The scrapped side level for 04_Colosseum (The Die Is Cast). While most references to it has been scrubbed from the game files, an unused detector volume named Trigger_HospitalSideMissionVoiceOvers can be found tucked away inside a low-poly background building. Based on its placements, it appears that it would have been accessed through the end of the final city street before heading down into the ruins area by turning right to a now-locked gate. Unused Octanian Snipers on rooftops with the name Trooper_Sniper_SniperStreet suggest that the city streets leading to the Hospital would've been lined with Octanian Snipers on the rooftops.


Content\SeriousSam4\Levels\01_PB\Objectives\ contains a folder for a side level named 05a_Zoo with the objective resource file MainComputer.rsc which is unused in the game. The chapter control script for When In Rome (05_Vatican) reveals that it would've been somewhere between the park with Werebulls and the first bridge with the Zealots.


The chapter control file for Viva La Resistance (07_Town) reveals that a side level named Mental Labs was somewhere after the Charlie encounter cutscene. Unused detector volumes for the start and end of the side level can be found on the city streets/grass terrain above the right side of the canals after the Charlie encounter.


Content\SeriousSam4\Locales\enu\Sounds\Voiceovers\ contains a folder for a main level named 11_The_Refinery. Based on its numbering, it was set between The Package (10_Oilrig) and From Earth With Love (12_Tunguska). The prefix label L11O02S02 used for some of Future Sam's lines indicates that Future Sam would've appeared in the second side quest for the second main objective in the level.

Unused Dialogue

Found in 00_All.gro\Content\SeriousSam4\Locales\enu\Sounds\Voiceovers.

To do:
Write down the rest of the unused dialogues and upload the corresponding audio file if any.

0_Prolepsis (Man vs Beast)

There is a slew of dialogue belonging to a variety of soldiers which do not play. While the retail localization file does not have subtitles for these lines, the Journalist Build does. For convenience, those subtitles will be provided here.

What is that thing?
I'm too close! I'm too close!
We're not even scratching it!
It is Beast of Apocalypse!
We need a tank! We need two tanks!
Where is the Serious Sam?
I need more ammo!
Why won't it die?
Someone shoot it with big rocket!
Stay out of its reach!
Wilhelm! No! (followed by Wilhelm Scream)
Did you see that? It ripped that guy's arm straight off!
Don't give up! We can do this!
Try to flank big monster! It must have weakness!
Don't engage the big fella, let the AAA team handle him!
Wasn't Sam Stone headed this way? We need more firepower!
It's like my bullets are just bouncing off!

01_Forum (Death from Above)

These lines suggest that you were originally able to tear out a Gnaar's eye when using a melee finisher on them, much like Serious Sam 3: BFE. In retail, Sam uses a knife and stabs the Gnaar.

Sam: See, the eye comes out real clean. And then you can throw it at another hostile.
Kenny: Is that effective?
Sam: No, but it's funny.

02_Pompeii (Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

There is dialogue for Fabio as part of the Key to Success sidequest. Despite Fabio not having any used dialogue, he is listed in the credits.

Fabio: The House of Portunus is rising!
Fabio: Yes! Yes! I see the Door!
Fabio: Behold! I open the Door, and… oh shit.

03_Volcano (Gates of Hell)

Invisible Gnaars do not appear in the campaign.

Sam: Invisible Gnaar? Really? This time you've gone too far, Mental!

08_Carcassonne (In Carcassonne)

There is dialogue for a cut sidequest. The entirety of this conversation plays in the journalist build.

Professor: I have received a transmission from your friend Charlie. Apparently there is an artifact of some kind hidden in the castle, although unfortunately the details are hard to decode. I am sending you the coordinates of an energy signature I detected; you may choose to investigate it, like a scientist, or ignore it... like a fool.
Sam: I totally know what I'm doing. Yep. That's me… guy with a plan.

After beating the sidequest:

Professor: Well done, Samuel. This artifact will no doubt be highly useful to you.
Sam: Couldn't have done it without you and Charlie. Love that guy.
Professor: Guy? No, Samuel, all Arachnoids ever encountered on Earth have been female.
Sam: Wait... [with a lot of emphasis] Charlie's a girl?
Professor: Yes. Now, about the artifact-
Professor: Technically-
Sam: A GIRL?
Professor: Sam, are you all right?
Sam: Actually... I'm fine. Just thinking of all the opportunities for puns that I missed.
Professor: Ah, good. I was afraid one of the bullets lodged in your brain was pressing on your speech center.

10_Oilrig (The Package)

There are three sets of unused side quest dialogue for The Package, two of which pertain to side quests that no longer exist in the game.

Twisted Little Passages

The computer terminal side quest had Sam talking at the start and end of it, but they're not used.

Sam: Oh, words! I like words.
Sam: Well, that was entertaining, but nowhere near as good as the Interactive Fiction Renaissance of the late 20th century
which produced works such as Photopia or Spider and Web.

Side Quest #2

There would've been a second side quest that featured a not-very-frozen Khnum. An audio log file from Dmitry for this side quest exists in the game files but goes unused.

Dmitry: I would like to register complaint regarding taking of selfies with frozen alien creature. Selfies are form of advanced narcissism
Dmitry: and can be detrimental to cohesion of oil rig society, particularly when assessment of alien creature's vital status is incorrect.
Dmitry: To prevent repeat disembowelment, I have locked creature in room using passcode 2175,
Dmitry: and do not recommend the taking of further selfies.

Side Quest #3

There would've been a third side quest that featured supplies and aliens trapped in a room. An audio log file from Dmitry for this side quest exists in the game files but goes unused.

Dmitry: I would like to register supplemental complaint regarding alien invasion. Due to previously noted lack of requested weaponry
Dmitry: I have been forced to continue dealing with hostiles by locking them into variety of compartments. This strategy has
Dmitry: definite limits, as in case of room TKTK, which contains shipment of supplies and now also significant number of trapped invaders.
Dmitry: In unlikely case of reconquest of oil rig by EDF troops, passcode is 9872.


Dmitry has some unused dialogue pertaining to the cut Refinery level. All four of these would later be used as audio logs in Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem.

Dmitry: I would like to register complaint regarding security situation at mainland refinery. I was not asked for identification upon arrival, as all security personnel are deceased. Also, scattered body parts are in violation of health code paragraph 5.
Dmitry: I would like to register complaint regarding lack of Earth Defense Force presence at refinery, neglecting strategic importance of continued resource extraction during war. I have decided to personally address situation by joining EDF and petitioning for creation of committee to rectify issue.
Dmitry: I would like to register complaint regarding vehicle maintenance at refinery. Vehicle batteries are lacking charge, and battery storage facility contains excessive amount of hostile alien lifeforms. However, as weather is reminiscent of pleasant spring day in place I grew up, I have decided to walk to scientific research outpost to join EDF.
Dmitry: I would like to register request regarding spelling of my name in official documentation in likely case of my death at hands of alien invaders. Transliteration of Dmitry into English should use spelling with Y, not I, to prevent creation of inconsistency in historical record. Dmitri with I is name of my grandfather, as noted in previous complaint regarding transliteration of Russian names.

RFE (Radio Free Earth)

Bill Corwin has a line that was intended to play in When in Rome (05_Vatican). It is related to the cut Zoo side level.

Bill: Everybody, listen. One of EDF's finest, Sam Stone, has destroyed the Octanian Drone Hub in Rome.
Bill: If you can hear this, Stone, those cheers are for you! Hell yeah! Kick those alien asses straight out of our galaxy!

Corwin also has a line that was intended to play in the cut Refinery level.

Bill: Lord Achriman is dead. I think I need to say that again, repeatedly, to let it sink in. Lord Achriman is dead.
Bill: Unfortunately this has led to a dramatic increase in the number of enemy troops pouring in through the Tunguska portal.
Bill: EDF forces are reporting the highest casualty numbers since the start of the campaign. I'm not gonna lie to you, listeners,
Bill: the situation is pretty bad. But time and again we have proven that we can fight back and we can make them pay.
Bill: So here's hoping that the light on the horizon is not one of Mental's missiles, but the first sliver of dawn.

Unused Models

Scale Reference

Content/SeriousSam4/Models/Prototype/ScaleReference.mdl is a model of five low-res humans. They are, from left to right; Ante Vrdelja from Croteam, a character named Resistance Soldier Maja, Kenny, Jones, and Carter.

Sam4 ScaleReference.png

Drop Pod

An unused drop pod that's used as a method to spawn enemies. Any puppet within 15 meters of its landing position will be dealt 15000 damage when it lands. Its function is referenced in the script handling the Scrapjack's introduction cutscene in Death From Above where it's using a different deploy animation where one of its "wings" are propped up. There is also an unused fiery shell attachment model that's meant to appear while it's falling and disappear when it lands, but it doesn't appear due to attachment animation events not working for some reason.

Sam4 DropPod Fire.png Sam4 DropPod Hexagon Falling.png Sam4 DropPod Hexagon Deployed.png Sam4 DropPod Hexagon DeployedForum.png


A tactical flashlight attachment that isn't seen anywhere during regular gameplay. While the model itself is in the folder for the player's pistol, it isn't loaded as an attachment for it at all; instead, it is loaded for the holstered pistol in the Legion System's human soldier models where it is flagged as hidden so it doesn't appear.

Sam4 Flashlight.png

Hidden Graphics

Typing prj_strCustomOccasion="E3Demo2018" in Breakfast in France (06_Countryside) will turn on the pre-alpha text in the HUD.

Sam4 DemoPreAlphaHud.png

The Legion System's human soldier uses a different assault rifle model that has the unfolded iron sights seen in the E3 2018 footage loaded as an attachment but it cannot be seen during regular gameplay because it's improperly placed and obscured by the assault rifle model as a result.

Sam4 SoldiersAssaultRifle.png Sam4 UnfoldedSights.png

The inside of General Brand's shorts cannot be seen in-game through regular methods. Removing the polygons for his shorts using the Serious Editor reveals a big surprise.

Sam4 BrandUntaped.png