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Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem

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Title Screen

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem

Developers: Croteam, Timelock Studio
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: January 25, 2022

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
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Initially known as Serious Sam 4 RDLC due to its sudden appearance on the Steam Depot in April 2021, Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem is a standalone expansion pack for Serious Sam 4 that expands on the rushed third act of the base game with five new levels. Notable for being the first non-Croteam-developed Serious Sam FPS since Climax Studio's Serious Sam: Next Encounter in 2004 as well as being the first Serious Sam FPS on Steam to not have the words "Serious Sam" in the name of its steamapps game folder.

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Unused Weapons

Tommy Gun

Every weapon from Serious Sam 4 that didn't appear in Siberian Mayhem has been added in Patch 1.03 for modders to use. This includes the Tommy Gun skin for the Assault Rifle, but it is inaccessible in-game because the option to turn on the Tommy Gun skin is absent.

FRPCL Test Weapon

The FRPCL "Chainsaw Launcher" from Serious Sam 4 is still present in the game and is fully functional. The weapon can be acquired by enabling developer cheats (typing cht_bEnableCheats=3 in the console) and using the give all command. It was used for testing purposes and was not intended to be an acquirable weapon. The Netrisca entry for the FRPCL is still present and can be accessed as well.
SS4SM screenshot ChainsawLauncher.png SS4SM screenshot ChainsawLauncherNetrisca.png

Hidden Graphics

To do:
There are textures for the face.

The Lazer Pyro's mesh has part of a head inside that's not visible during regular gameplay. This mesh appears identical to a render present in the Art Book. Unfortunately, the face polygons appear to have been deleted.

In-Game Model Art Book Render
SamSM PyroInnerHead.png

Developer Message

Someone grew very tired hearing about Ivan eating all the beans. Found in 00_All.gro\Content\SeriousSamSM\Scripts\Levels\Siberia\VoiceoverControl_b.lua

-- do not start the dialogue in editor, unless the player actually spawned near the chapter. BECAUSE I HEARD THIS CONVERSATION SEVERAL THOUSNADS TIMES ALREADY, I AM SO SO SO SO SICK OF IT, HAVE A MERCY IVAN, STOP! EATING! GOD! DAMN! BEANS!!!!