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Minecraft Dungeons

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Title Screen

Minecraft Dungeons

Developers: Mojang AB, Double Eleven
Publisher: Mojang AB
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: May 26, 2020

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

To do:
  • There are a lot more unused sound effects.
  • Document things that are out of bounds in the maps.
  • Add the unused Sound Cues.
  • Cover the leaked dev build from 2019.

A spinoff to the ever popular game Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons takes the series into a new direction and turns it into a Diablo-like dungeon crawler. Definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'Minecraft Spinoff,' but it's decent for what it is, at least.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
MCD AncientMobIcon HoveringInferno.png
Unused Graphics
Unused Animations
Unused Text
MCD EndIllagerCutscene.png
An End Illager?

Unused Mobs

Passive Mobs


Chickens from the original Minecraft! They do appear in the final game, but only as hostile mobs (yes, you read that right.) These versions were to be completely passive, much like how they were in the original game. It would've appeared alongside the equally unused Enchantsmith.

Unemployed Villager

A normal villager without a profession. They appear in the Creeper Woods loading screen, but since that is pre-rendered their assets go unused as they do not appear anywhere else.

Wandering Trader

A villager that gave the player random Artifacts based on their power level. They were replaced by the Village Merchant in update
Strangely, the Wandering Trader still appears in the loading screens for the Camp, which was even updated in, as well as the Echoing Void DLC ending cinematic, but since those are pre-rendered their assets currently go unused.
They would have appeared alongside the Trader Llama.


A type of villager that would've increase the power level of the player's current gear using the also unused Diamond Dust item. They were most likely replaced by the Blacksmith.
The location of their stall in the camp was later taken by the Gift Wrapper in update

Retired Adventurer

A villager who would've given quests to the player, similar to the Mission Map in the camp. They were added in the Creeping Winter DLC, but have yet to be implemented in the game.
In the game files, they are referred to as the Quest Giver.

Hostile Mobs


An unused hostile mob that was found in the Dungeons Beta, but went unused in the final game. Regardless, it still existed in the files of the game until being removed in the update. The Mage was capable of levitating the player up and then smashing them back down, stunning and damaging the hero, similar to an Iceologer. The player couldn't attack when it is lifted by the Mage. Despite not appearing in this game, they do appear fully functional and used in Minecraft Dungeons: Arcade.

Jack O' Lantern

Also referred to as the Jack O' Lantern Trap. They would've blended in as a regular pumpkin before revealing themself and firing pumpkin seeds at the player. They appeared in the Dungeons Beta, but have yet to be implemented in the final game.
Interestingly, the Jack O' Lantern's audio is marked as item SFX, despite it being a mob.

Web Spider

A variant of the Spider enemy who appeared in the Dungeons Beta. It was removed in the update, however. This mobs texture seems to be taken directly from the Minecraft mod Twilight Forest, as it is pretty much identical to the Hedge Spider from Twilight Forest.

Minecraft Dungeons Twilight Forest
Web Spider Hedge Spider

Unused Items


Diamond Dust

An unused consumable item, which would've been used to upgrade the power level of a piece of gear or artifacts. Although it appears in the Minecraft Dungeons Guide Book, this item has yet to be implemented.


The Monkey Motivator

A variant of the Pickaxe item. It is unknown what it would've done, as although it can be equipped via hacking, attempting to use it will crash the game. There's no official sprite for it, though one of the developers stated that it looked exactly like a banana on a stick.


Totem of Soul Protection

An artifact that would've been used to revive dead players within its vicinity, similar to the Totem of Undying from the base game.
It had the description of This totem radiates powerful protective magic.

Unknown Totem of Shielding Unique

An unimplemented artifact that would have been a Unique variant for the Totem of Shielding.
All that exists of it is the explosion particle.

Caller's Bane

An artifact with an unknown function. Only exists in the form of texture and model files.
Uses the "Blank Amulet Rectangle" model, indicating that it wasn't fully finished before being scrapped.

Soul Totem of Casting

An artifact that was originally intended to be obtained as a reward from the Luminous Night Seasonal Adventure. Only exists in the form of text.
It had the description of All artifacts in the zone get 1 second cooldown.


Ender Armor

Previously known as Curious Armor, Ender Armor was an armor set that like the cut Mage enemy, appeared in the Dungeons Beta. However, it was unable to be acquired. When equipped, it had a 5% chance to teleport players when they took damage. Also like the Mage enemy, it is fully functional and able to be acquired in Minecraft Dungeons: Arcade.
It had the description of No one knows where this strange armor came from but it seems familiar to you.

Soul Mage Robes

An armor that was originally intended to be obtained as a reward from the Luminous Night Seasonal Adventure. Only exists in the form of text.
Judging by the name, it was likely a Unique rarity item for the Soul Robes.
It had the description of Armour property that lets most applicable artifacts have two charges that can be used without cooldown in between, like how the multiroll/multidodge enchantment works.


Scroll of Heroism

An unimplemented item with an unknown function.
All that remains of it are two particle effects; one for the receiver and one for the user, hinting that it was meant to be a multiplayer item.

Void Shard

An unused item that has a textured model and some related Sound Cues.
It's unknown what it's function was, however it was seen and named in concept art.

Unused Enchantments


An enchantment meant for melee attacks. This would've given the player a chance to knock back enemies after a melee attack. The chance increases with each tier.

  • Tier 1: 10% chance to trigger (costs 1 enchantment point)
  • Tier 2: 20% chance to trigger (costs 2 enchantment points)
  • Tier 3: 30% chance to trigger (costs 3 enchantment points)

Bow's Boon

This enchantment was meant for ranged weapons, as the name implies. Any ranged weapon enchanted with Bow's Boon grants the player and their allies a damage boost for every arrow that passes through them. This has no graphics associated with it, and it's tiers are unknown.


An enchantment known as the Barrier, having a Powerful rarity. It has a similar effect to Thrive Under Pressure, which indicates that it was repurposed, though it still exists as a separate Enchantment.
It had the description of Your damage resistance increase with the number of nearby enemies.

  • Tier 1: +3+ resisted damage per enemy (costs 2 enchantment point)
  • Tier 2: +6% resisted damage per enemy (costs 3 enchantment points)
  • Tier 3: +10% resisted damage per enemy (costs 4 enchantment points)

(Source: Minecraft Wiki)

Armor-exclusive enchantments

To do:
Does Thrive Under Pressure and Shared Pain have any different effect when enchanted?

Enchantments that are built into armors, but can't exist as their own Enchantments.

Thrive Under Pressure

An enchantment built into the Shulker Armor and Sturdy Shulker Armor. It halves the damage the player takes when they're surrounded by mobs.
It had a slightly differently worded description when hacked as a normal enchantment of Take 50% less damage when closely surrounded by at least 4 mobs.
No descriptions for Upgrade Tiers exist.

Shared Pain

An enchantment built into the Starless Night. It makes excess damage hit nearby mobs.
It doesn't have a description when hacked as a normal enchantment and doesn't have any descriptions for Upgrade Tiers.

Mob-exclusive enchantments

While mobs can use these enchantments, the player cannot, leaving the icons for them unused.
Noteː while Withering also cannot be obtained by the player, it doesn't have an icon and can't be applied as a normal Enchantment.

Heals Allies

An enchantment with a Powerful rarity that would have healed allies when the player takes damage. It had the description of Whenever you take damage you heal your allies.

  • Tier 1: 25% of damage becomes healing (costs 2 enchantment point)
  • Tier 2: 50% of damage becomes healing (costs 3 enchantment points)
  • Tier 3: 75% of damage becomes healing (costs 4 enchantment points)


An enchantment that would have healed the player every 10 seconds if they don't take damage. Despite what the description and Enchantments say, it will only restore 1HP rather than a percentage and also only heal 1HP per 10 seconds rather than each second.
It had the description of If you avoid taking damage for 10 seconds, you will start regenerating health.

  • Tier 1: 0.8% health per second (costs 1 enchantment point)
  • Tier 2: 1.0% health per second (costs 2 enchantment points)
  • Tier 3: 1.2% health per second (costs 3 enchantment points)


An enchantment that would give you damage resistance to you and nearby allies.
It had the description of Adds damage resistance to you and nearby allies.

  • Tier 1: -5% damage (costs 1 enchantment point)
  • Tier 2: -10% damage (costs 2 enchantment points)
  • Tier 3: -14% damage (costs 3 enchantment points)

Unobtainable Cosmetics


End Rogue

A scrapped hero most likely planned for the Echoing Void DLC. It was added to the game files in the update, but was left unobtainable.
It can still be readded to the game via modding as it is still listed in the Skins DataSheet, but has the IsReleased tag set to False.


Red Royal Cape

Original design for the Hero Cape that lacks the Redstone Monstrosity face.
Has no associated Blueprint file, so one would need to be made for this cape to function.

Hammer Cape

An unobtainable cape that has a hammer on the back.
It had the description of This cape is the mark of blacksmiths and soldiers.

Iron Golem Cape

An unobtainable cape that resembles the Minecon 2015 cape with an Iron Golem's face on the back.
It had the description of The Iron Golem Cape, made to honor the mighty protectors of Villagers, now belongs to you.

Mystery Cape

An unobtainable cape that was added in update The runes on the back translate to 5/26, which is the release date of Minecraft Dungeons.
It had the description of While no one can decipher its cryptic message, the Mystery Cape seems made for you.
Strangely, if modded back into the game, the player will not rotate when equipping it and it will have the origin listed as Included in the Hero Edition, Hero Pass, Ultimate Edition, and the Ultimate DLC bundle.


Small Spider

An unused pet that was meant to be obtained in the Luminous Night Seasonal Adventure. All that remains of it is the Info Blueprint file and the text that was added into the files in the update.
It is also listed in the Cosmetics Data Table, which if modded back in would slot it between the Gold Axolotl and Mole pets in the Cosmetics UI.
It had the description of Never fear, the teeniest little spider is here.

Unused Areas

Andesite Hills

An unused area referred to in the resource packs. Not much is known about it outside of the block textures and the name.

Slimy Sewers

An unused area/mission that appeared in the files of the Dungeons Beta. It has a mission description relating to it, which is all that remains of it.

SLIMY SITUATION – The only way to enter Highblock Keep undetected is to crawl through the slimy sewers. Disgusting, dangerous, and a bit smelly, it is sadly the safest way into the heavily guarded Illager keep.

Netherwart Forest

An area that was likely to be added in the Flames of the Nether DLC. All that's left of it is a few files referencing it.

Scorched Crags

Another area likely planned for the Flames of the Nether DLC, which all that remains are files for it.

Sub Endcity

A sub dungeon that would've likely been used in the Echoing Void DLC, first appearing in the files in the update, but was later removed in the update. The files contained no information other than the filenames.

Unused Models

Blank Amulet

Used as placeholder models while Amulets were being developed. Has Rectangle and Square versions.
The Caller's Bane also uses the Rectangle Blank Amulet model.

Temporary Potions

Used as placeholders while Potions were being developed.
Includes Rectangle, Square, Skewed models as well as a Square Potion Decal model meant to be used on top of the Square Potions.

Unused Sounds

Jack O' Lantern

Sound for the Jack O' Lantern activating

Sounds for the Jack O' Lantern shooting

Totem of Soul Protection

Sounds for the Totem of Soul Protection activating.

Sound for equipping the Totem of Soul Protection.

Ender Armor

Sounds for equipping the Ender Armor.

Unused Music

Title Screen Excerpt

An excerpt of the title screen music. This theme is present in the Original Game Soundtrack as part of the Opening Cinematic (Extended) track.

Enderman Victory Theme

An unused theme that would have originally played when the player defeated an Enderman. This theme is present in the Original Game Soundtrack as the third part of the Enderman track.

Nameless One Theme

A shorter version of the Nameless One's boss theme. It is not called by any SoundCues so it goes unused.

Jukebox Music

Two music tracks that were intended for a Jukebox. They originate from Vanilla Minecraft, where they are Stal and Blocks respectively.

Rero Theme

A pair of unknown heroic-sounding tracks marked with the rero prefix, not much is known about what they were intended for.

Credits Theme

A second part of the credits theme that isn't used in-game. This theme is present in the Original Game Soundtrack as part of the Ending Cinematic (Extended) track.

Abyssal Monument Test Music

An earlier version of the song Sunken Megalith, labelled as a test track for the Abyssal Monument.
Interestingly, the song does not appear in the Abyssal Monument in the final game, but rather plays in the Radiant Ravine stage.

Vengeful Heart of Ender Defeat

An alternate end part of the Vengeful Heart of Ender boss theme. Defeating the boss goes straight to a cutscene, rendering this unused.

Differently Pitched Music

There are a number of music tracks that are pitched differently in-game compared to the files, due to using a pitch multiplier in their SoundCues.

Music Name File Pitch In-game Pitch Pitch Multiplier

0.9 (Balcony)
0.4 (Staff Only Room)