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Proto:Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

To do:
There are a few more builds somewhere out there IIRC.

January 27, 2012 build (1.66.0033.0)

To do:
Are there any more differences?

This build is from a few days before the second build.

MCxb360-20120127 TitleScreen.png

General Differences

  • There is an option to refresh the online games list in the world menu. However, doing this will crash the game.


  • The Gamma slider is stuck at 0.

MCxb360-20120127 GraphicSettings.png

February 1, 2012 build (1.66.0035.0)

To do:
The Tutorial World has some differences as well.

This build predates the 1st official Title Update by about 3 months.

General Differences

Title Screen

  • Different logo and panorama. The panorama is the same one used in the Minecon 2011 build.
  • The panorama goes back and forth, unlike the final version where it endlessly loops.
  • The text is a lot blurrier.
  • The currently selected button doesn't turn the text yellow.
  • No music or sounds play on the menu screen.
  • The Pulse effect on the Splash text is more linear, and the Splash Text is not bold.
Early TU1
MC360-20120201 TitleScr.png MC360-TU1 TitleScr.png

World Select, Player and Games list

  • The overall design is a lot more simplistic.
  • When you select a world, it does not give you the option to change the difficulty.
  • When you select a game, the player's nickname will be displayed in the center, not on the left
  • There is a "Refresh Online Games List" button that refreshes the list of available online games.
  • When you need to view a player's game card, you had to press the left bumper instead of the Y button.
  • There is no "Invite Only" option.
  • The player list design was smaller
Early TU1
MC360-20120201 WorldandgameSelect.png.png MC360-TU1 WorldandgameSelect.png.png
MC360-20120201 NewWorld.png MC360-TU1 NewWorld.png
MC360-20120201 Playerlist.png MC360-TU1 Playerlist.png

Loading Screen

  • The loading screen was a lot more simplistic.
  • Loading tips were added in a March build shown off at GDC 2012.
Early TU1
MCxb360-20120201 Loading.png MCxb360-TU1 Loading.png


  • The options are split in two pages in this build. The 2nd page is under the Settings menu. Most of the options on this page were combined together for TU1.
  • There are 2 identical controls menus instead of one.
Early TU1
MC360-20120201 Options.png
MC360-20120201 OptionsSettings.png
MC360-TU1 Options.png

Controller Options

  • As before, the design is somewhat different.
  • The build number is visible on this page. This build's version is 1.66.0035.0, and TU1's version is 0.66.0086.0.
  • Although it does not say in the controls menu, you can change the camera mode and open the players in game list.
Early TU1
MC360-20120201 Controls.png MC360-TU1 Controls.png

Other Settings

  • Everything from the three pages is combined together in one in TU1.
Early TU1
MC360-20120201 SoundSettings.png
MC360-20120201 VideoSettings.png
MC360-20120201 DifficultySettings.png
MC360-TU1 AllSettings.png

Crafting Menu

  • The early crafting menu had an additional category called Weapons.
Early TU1
MC360-20120201 CraftingMenu.png MC360-TU1 CraftingMenu.png

Debug Menu

  • The early debug menu has fewer options.
  • The buttons for toggle rain and toggle thunder are greyed out, unlike the release.
Debug Options Debug Overlay
MCxb360-20120201 Debug.png MCxb360-20120201 DebugMenu.png

Changed Graphics

The logo uses the Java Edition variant.

MC360-20120201 default.xex-MenuTitle.png
MC360-TU1 default.xex-MenuTitle.png

The title screen's background panorama is also different.

  • The early panorama is a higher resolution.
MC360-20120201 default.xex-Panorama Background S.png
MC360-TU1 default.xex-Panorama Background S.png

The screenshot that displays after you finish the tutorial is different.


Tutorial World

To do:
Find more differences, and add screenshots.

In the tutorial world, the Minecraft logo is behind the tutorial area and higher than in the release version. There is also more trees in the tutorial.

MCxb360-20120201 TutorialWorldLogo.png

Unused Graphics

There are a bunch of textures of country flags in the executable that aren't used. These are not present in the final version.

There is also an unused graphic found with the other crafting panels. It has the text "This is just a debug menu" at the top right corner.

Some weird Minecraft-style menu buttons. They could possibly be placeholder graphics.

Some odd-looking crafting buttons that aren't used in the game. As before, they could be placeholder graphics.

Unused Text

There is unused placeholder text for the crafting table item description.

This is some placeholder description text about the craftable item.

March 23, 2012 build (Minecraft XDK Edition 0.66.0054.0)

To do:
Find more differences.

This build looks almost exactly like the final build.

MCxb360 0.66.0054.0 Controls.png MCxb360-0.66.0054.0 Title-scr.png

General Differences

  • Menu scroll sound is lower pitched.
  • Tooltip for unlocking the game states "Unlock the Full Game" instead of "Unlock Full Game".

MCxb360 0.66.0054.0 ExitGame.png

Pause Menu

  • Pause Menu is higher.
Early TU1
MCxb360 0.66.0054.0 Pause.png MCxb360 TU1 Pause.png

March 30, 2012 build (0.66.0062.0) Base Game

  • This is the base game without any updates, but it dates to about a month before release.
  • When the game was released, it received the TU1 day one patch.


  • Different crafting icons from TU1.
  • Blurry font.
  • Menu scroll sound was changed to a higher pitch.