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Minecraft Legends

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Title Screen

Minecraft Legends

Developers: Mojang AB, Blackbird Interactive
Publisher: Mojang AB
Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: April 18, 2023

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Minecraft Legends sees the franchise throwing a hat into the real-time action strategy genre.

Unused Heroes


The only properly unused hero in the game is another Ranger reskin, named in the files as ranger_03.
Unlike other heroes, they do not have a face texture, only a body texture.

Unused Graphics

Locked Mount Icons

Icons for Mounts that have not been unlocked yet, intended for the Mount Skins menu. As you have access to customizing the mounts from the start of the game, these icons go unused.

Blank Hero Portraits

Portraits for a custom hero, in a similar style to the empty skin slots on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
Prerelease screenshots showed that there was a My Characters tab in the Switch Hero menu, which is likely where these would have been used.

Disabled Hero Portrait

A small portrait for a disabled hero, likely for if the game cannot verify a downloaded hero from the Marketplace, something that should not happen under normal circumstances.
It is unknown who the hero depicted in the silhouette is, as it does not match up with any of the currently available ones.

Marketplace Cosmetics

While these are technically not unused, numerous cosmetics that were released on the Marketplace have files in the base game. However due to how the file structures work, the files in the base game are never used, as downloaded Marketplace items use a different directory.

Forest Champion

Forest Magus

Forest Ranger

Carrot Commander Strike Team

Rabbit Hero


Unlike the Hero, the Mounts only have portraits in the base game files and not the model textures.
While they come in both large and small variants, only the large portraits are posted here as they're almost identical.

Portal Buster