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Proto:Minecraft (Bedrock)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Minecraft (Bedrock).

To do:
Check for more missing blocks/items as well as changed textures. Also, reaearch the other alpha builds, such as v0.1.0 and so on. Info on those can be seen at https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Pocket_Edition_Alpha
MCPEtest title.png

The Test Build of Minecraft: Pocket Edition Alpha v0.8.0 is a development build that predates the earliest public pre-release by 3 days and the final release by 23. It can be retrieved by inputting its version code into a Google Play Store client such as Aurora Store, so it was likely made available by accident.

Compared to the subsequent Build 2 [sic] which was released publicly, this one is very rough around the edges. The old creative inventory is still present, and much of the new additions are either incomplete or buggy. This article will compare to Build 2 unless specified.

(Note that there's two versions of this build: one is dated two hours earlier and only has an 8-byte difference. They are functionally entirely identical.)

General Differences

  • This build contains no special identifier and thus refers to itself as simply "v0.8.0 alpha".
  • The file structure of the assets folder within the APK has not yet been reorganized.
  • Cloud translucency breaks when viewed from the inside.

Game Options

Test Build Build 2 onwards
MCPEtest options.png MCPEtest optionsfinal.png
  • Exclusive to this build is a toggle to display craftable recipes at the top of the crafting menu. It is enabled by default in subsequent builds.
  • The Realms Alpha login button is absent.

Graphics Options

Test Build Build 2 onwards
MCPEtest graphics.png MCPEtest graphicsfinal.png

The ability to disable smooth lighting is still present. However, doing this causes the texture rotation effect to break in a rather amusing way:

MCPEtest smoothlightingoff.png

Gameplay Differences

MCPEtest buggeditems.png
  • Many of the new blocks as well as logs have placeholder names.
  • Despite both types of rails having been implemented, minecarts are not available in this build.


  • The old creative inventory without tabs is still present.
  • The inventory icons for the clock and compass display garbage data. This doesn't happen in the hotbar.
  • Both leaves and grass blocks show different hues of green when being held as well as within the inventory and hotbar.


  • Horizontal logs drop in their horizontal form. Tapping on the block in your hotbar will crash the game.
  • Block of coal has an additional crafting recipe that consists of four nether bricks.
  • The leather armor inventory icons are hueless and, apart from the tunic, still use their old textures.