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Minecraft (Bedrock)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
Developer: Mojang AB
Publisher: Mojang AB
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: August 16, 2011 (Android), November 17, 2011 (iOS), July 29, 2015 (Windows), September 20, 2017 (XB1), June 21, 2018 (Switch), December 10, 2019 (PS4)

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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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This game is still under active development.
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Minecraft is a sister game of the Java version... except it includes micro-transactions, the ability to use your Xbox Live account, controller support, and to top it all off, has cross-platform support. Formerly Pocket Edition, this is now the main version of Minecraft, dropping the subtitle with the Better Together Update.

To do:
Leftover content from Education Edition.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Version Differences
There are a lot of differences between several versions.
A demo based on Alpha v2.1 was released to the iOS and Android markets alongside the actual Alpha v2.1.

Removed Content


This block reserved ID 456.

The Camera allowed players to take snapshots from wherever the item is placed. It was somewhat buggy, though, and the photos taken with it tend to be obscured by the camera's own smoke particles. The texture for its tripod and item texture were replaced with the "chirp" and "blocks" discs respectively in Alpha 0.2.0. It was made invisible with the icon changing to an egg in Alpha 0.8.0 and was removed altogether in Alpha 0.9.0. The item was brought back for 0.14.0 but then removed in 0.16.0, and it is now only used in Education Edition.

Cyan Flower

This flower was replaced with the Poppy in Alpha 0.9.0.

Unobtainable Items

There are several items in the game that can only be obtained with inventory editors.

Nether Reactor Core

The correctly-built structure in 3D at a 45-degree angle.

This block reserves ID 247.

Before the implementation of the actual Nether, this was the main block required to access a large nether-like tower (made out of netherrack). In order to activate it, you had to place certain blocks at certain areas.

When correctly activated, the time will immediately be set to night, the tower will be made, and Zombie Pigmen as well as other various items will spawn inside it.

It will also say the following in the player chat: Client message: Activate!

The following items are spawned inside the tower:

  • Glowstone Dust
  • Cactus
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Wheat Seeds
  • Melon Seeds
  • Sugar Cane
  • Nether Quartz
  • Red Mushroom
  • Brown Mushroom
  • Bowl
After a certain amount of time, the tower will start to decay as shown in this photo.

If the player attempts to use this block without using the proper block pattern, it will say the following in the player chat: Client message: Not the correct pattern!

For some reason, after the functionality of the block was removed from the game, the textures for the block were updated to use the texture for the Plastic Texture Pack.

Before 0.15.0 After 0.15.0
Minecraft Pocket Reactor Block.png MinecraftPocketEdition-NetherReactorCore-CompareRight.png
Before 0.15.0 After 0.15.0
MinecraftPocketEdition-NetherReactorCore-Active-CompareLeft.png MinecraftPocketEdition-NetherReactorCore-Active-CompareRight.png
Before 0.15.0 After 0.15.0
MinecraftPocketEdition-NetherReactorCore-Used-CompareLeft.png MinecraftPocketEdition-NetherReactorCore-Used-CompareRight.png

Glowing Obsidian

This block reserves ID 246.

Before the implementation of the actual nether, this was the block used after the Nether Reactor Core was correctly activated. The certain blocks placed at certain areas would become this block, and then when the tower started to decay, it became regular obsidian.

Update Game Block

The first block reserves ID 248. The second block reserves ID 249. The third block reserves ID 255.

A placeholder block added in Pocket Edition Alpha 0.1.3, which uses a modified dirt texture with "update!" written on it in a grass texture. There is also a similar placeholder block that appears to say "ate!upd" which has, since Alpha 0.8.0, been corrected to say "update!". To add to this, there is another variant of the block named "reserved6" that is just a copy of the normal block.


The Fire item in the player's hand.

This block reserves ID 51. When you place it down, the sound that plays is the sounds that wood blocks would make when they are being pressed.

Development Text

/* ============================================================

  - #rarity_bar_texture
  - #rarity_bar_visible
  - $item_binding_type
  - $item_collection_name

  - #rarity_bar_texture
      Texture to use for the rarity bar.
  - #rarity_bar_visible
      If the bar is visible or not

A note on configuring the rarity bar.

    - $content_size
    - $primary_collection_name
    - $primary_collection_prefix
    - $secondary_collection_name
    - $secondary_collection_prefix
    - $pressed_button_name
    - #is_skin_selected:
      Boolean to enable the selected border on a skin in the primary collection. Has primary
      and secondary collections.
    - #is_skin_equipped:
      Boolean to enable the equipped border on a skin in the primary collection. Has primary
      and secondary collections.
    - #classic_skin_index
      The skin setting binding. Has primary and secondary collections.
    - #is_skin_owned:
      Boolean to enable the locked icon on the skin in the primary collection. Has primary
      and secondary collections.
    - #is_skin_index_visible
      Boolean to disable the entire object but the object still must be present for grid
      sizes. Has primary and secondary collections.
    - #is_skin_not_equippable
      Boolean to enable the locked icon on the skin in the primary collection. Has primary
      and secondary collections.
    - #is_skin_realms_plus
      Boolean to enable the realms plus icon on the skin in the primary collection. Has primary
      and secondary collections.

    The size of the panel. In general, the y component should be "153%x".

    The name and prefix for the primary collection you want this skin to be in. Usually this is the 
    skin index collection for the skin, not the pack.

    The name and prefix for the secondary collection you want this skin to be in. Usually this is the
    pack collection, not the skin index.

    The button event handle that is called when the button is pressed

  $is_background_visible: (optional)
    Whether or not the background of the button is visible. Default is true

A note on configuring the skin selection screen.

Debugging Material

A ton of debugging material is released on every build of the game. Almost every single option does not work in retail builds which also hides their sections.


On a debug Windows 10 version, keypresses can be used to activate interesting things.

Key Function
CTRL-` Loads the developer console.
F3 ?
F4 ?
F9 Reloads the screen.
CTRL-u Opens the local Core UI docs.

Debug Section

To do:
List all these options.

The Debug section has many options.

Name Effect
Show dev console button Shows a button to call the developer console. Defaulted to off.
Assertions break in debugger ? Defaulted to off.
Assertions show a modal dialog ? Defaulted to off.
Enable Packet Profiling ? Defaulted to off.
Scoreboards ? Defaulted to on.
Functions ? Defaulted to on.
UI Async Loading and Screen Animations ? Defaulted to on.
Allow 3rd Party Server Splitscreen ? Defaulted to off.
Default new worlds to be experimental on Sets the Experimental Gameplay flag for new worlds. Defaulted to on.
New Scripting and UI Infrastructure (requires restart) Disables access to the three options below. Defaulted to on.
Enable Hummingbird Debugging (requires restart and the infrastructure) ? Defaulted to off.
Experimental UI (requires the infrastructure) ?
Experimental Scripting (requires restart and the infrastructure) ?
Realms Enabled ? Defaulted to on.
Realms Content ? Defaulted to on.
Enable Load Timers ? Defaulted to off.
External World Template Pack Sources ? Defaulted to on.
Enable Win10 subscriptions ? Defaulted to off.
Enable Player Renaming After Sign-in (requires restart) Allows you to rename your player after signing into Xbox live. Defaulted to off.
Enable PlayFab Insights (requires restart) ? Defaulted to on.
Enable Persona ? Defaulted to on.
Enable Persona Service ? Defaulted to off.
Enable Persona Testing Resource Pack ? Defaulted to off.
Enable Persona Features ? Defaulted to off.
Enable Store Test Layouts ? Defaulted to off.
Enables the use of test packs for base game versioning ? Defaulted to off.
Enable LevelStorage performance logs ? Defaulted to off.
Load true type fonts specified in font_metadata.json when booting the application ? Defaulted to on.
Enable ItemStackNetManager (requires server restart) ? Defaulted to on.
Show the pause menu screen upon the app losing focus ? Defaulted to on.
Enable Default Font Overrides ? Defaulted to on.
Enable debug HUD Can be set to the following:
Setting Function
Off Turns off the debug HUD.
Basic Draws a display that looks like this. On beta releases, this and future toggles hide the display.
Minecraft %s																OS: %s
Mode: %s (%s)																Mem: %2d%% %03d/%03dMB	
XYZ: %.3f / %.5f / %.3f															CPU: %s	
Camera XYZ: %.3f / %.5f / %.3f														
Camera Target XYZ: %.3f / %.5f / %.3f													Display: %s	
Player Forward Ref XYZ: %.3f / %.5f / %.3f												GPU: %s	
Camera Forward XYZ: %.3f / %.5f / %.3f													GPU Dedicated Memory: %u	
Block: %d %d %d																MSAA: %s	
Chunk: %d %d %d in %d %d %d														Render Distance: %d	
Facing: %s (%s) (%.1f / %.1f)														
Render Chunks: %d / %d															
Frame time: %f ms															
Frame rate: %f fps															Main Scene Stack	
Server Chunks Ticked: %d														[%s]	
Client Chunks Ticked: %d														
Server Entity Ticks: %d Players, %d Monsters, %d Animals, %d Villagers, %d Other							Client Scene Stack								
Client Entity Ticks: %d Players, %d Monsters, %d Animals, %d Villagers, %d Other							[%s]	
Sent (zip/raw): %.1f/%.1f KB/s (%d%%)													
Received (zip/raw): %.1f/%.1f KB/s (%d%%)												Router History	
																	--> [%s]
ImGui Draws a menu on the top of the screen off ImGui with the following menus:
Menu Content
Animation Has one option.
Option Header text
Open Editor... Opens the Animation Editor, allowing you to edit animation files on the fly.
Block Debug Has one option.
Option Function
Open Block Debug Window Opens a window displaying information of singular blocks detected first by the render distance in this format:


Block Pos: %d, %d, %d
Block: %s
Liquid Pos: %d, %d, %d
Liquid Block: %s
Serialization Data:
Debug Has one option, both only work if cheats are enabled in the world.
Option Header text
Build test pen Builds a pen.
Give everyone armor! Gives players and nearby mobs Gold Armor.

Flighting Debug