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Notes:Proto:Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES)

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This page contains notes for the game Proto:Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES).

Dafukyouwantmetodo's Notes

Here's a bunch of notes copied by Dafukyouwantmetodo. Most of it comes from the the release page, but there's some comments from IRC, too.

~ Jo Li (Info|Chat|Edits)

General Notes

  • Each character slot on the select screen has 4 bytes that determine which slot to move to when pressing a direction on the D-pad, and some of the unfinished characters are "still there", sort of, in that they will skip over other adjacent characters if you are actually able to select them- if that makes any sense. So it seems like more characters may have been planned to/close to actually being included on the select screen.
  • Devin Acker [12:41 AM]:
that sfz2 proto has a dummied 6th option on the stage select to play on zangief's stage
it doesn't have background animation though
all(?) of the character themes are there, not sure about other music
  • Devin Acker [1:44 AM]
6 working stages, 9 working characters
all characters' theme music seems to be intact, may go back later and see if any of the music is actually different (aside from the char select music which seems broken)

Pro Action Replay Codes

9FA6C1xx - char select music modifier
C0367005 + C0368C06 = add zangief stage to menu
(invisible + displays glitched banner but otherwise works)
DFA7EFxx - ryu stage modifier
    00 = ryu
    02 = akuma
    05 = adon
    0a = bison
    0c = dan
    10 = zangief
    other stages up through 10 have music but no background
C031A4xx - replace ryu with character on menu
    00 - ryu
    01 - ken
    03 - charlie
    04 - chun li
    0a - bison
    0d - sakura
    0e - rolento
    0f - dhalsim
    10 - zangief
    (values are actually the same as stage values above, but usable ones differ)
    other characters use wrong sprites/portrait, but possibly correct palette?
    (i.e. 02 is akuma, and appears to still use his palette)
    not sure how any of the missing characters actually behave if selected
7E0492 - p1 char ingame
7E0712 - p2 char ingame
7E00C7 = 08 -> character debug
C0201608 - enable during match (uses current p1 character)
7E00C4 = 04 -> stage debug
C01DF504 - enable on boot
    for some reason, loads stage number from address normally used for p1 input
    so holding down R button (value $10) goes to zangief stage.
    only values of $10, $20, $30 etc. can be entered this way, so most stages can't be
    but if button X ($40) is held down it will specifically load $05 (adon stage) instead
C03B5800 + C03B5Axx - debug stage modifier

Sprite Debug Controls

 Controller 1:
   Y: Step Pose Frame
   X: Animate Pose Infinite
   B: Reset Pose
   A: Animate Pose to End
   Start: Change Table
 Controller 2:
   L: Previous Palette
   R: Next Palette
   X: Previous Pose
   Y: Hold to orient sprite / hitbox
   B: Next Pose
   A: Hold to orient sprite / hitbox
   Start: Toggle Hit Boxes

Music Modifier Values

Using that code listed above, I decided to go ahead and rip the entire SPC soundtrack from the game. I also found out a bunch of songs got converted from the arcade version, but didn't get used even in the final game! A rudimentary poke-around tells me that the music addresses are the same as in the prototype, but I couldn't figure out how to do a "replace X music with Y" code and rip the final game's complete SPC soundtrack. Very sad.

Regardless, here's the complete list of hex addresses for the prototype's soundtrack. Curiously, in the final game, 1e, 24, and 32 are used in place of the proper songs (1d, 23, 31). Given that each value is only one off from what it should be, I genuinely wonder if someone just didn't make a programming error in assigning values.

~ Jo Li (Info|Chat|Edits)

(*UNUSED*) = Unused in final version of game.
00 - Ranking (Arcade)                  1e - Ken Ending, Ryu Ending 2
01 - Ryu Stage                         1f - Chun-Li Ending
02 - Ken Stage                         20 - Sagat Ending
03 - Chun-Li Stage                     21 - Sodom Ending
04 - Sagat Stage                       22 - Adon Ending 1
05 - Sodom Stage                       23 - Adon Ending 2 (*UNUSED*)
06 - Adon Stage                        24 - Birdie Ending, Adon Ending 2
07 - Birdie Stage                      25 - Guy Ending
08 - Guy Stage                         26 - Nash Ending 1
09 - Nash Stage                        27 - Rose Ending
0a - Rose Stage                        28 - Gouki Ending 1
0b - Gouki Stage                       29 - Vega Ending
0c - Vega Stage                        2a - Dan Ending
0d - Dan Stage                         2b - Dhalsim Ending
0e - Dhalsim Stage                     2c - Zangief Ending
0f - Zangief Stage                     2d - Gen Ending 1
10 - Gen Stage                         2e - Gen Ending 2 (*UNUSED*)
11 - Rolento Stage                     2f - Rolento Ending
12 - Sakura Stage                      30 - Sakura Ending 2
13 - Opening                           31 - Sakura Ending 1 (*UNUSED*)
14 - Player Select                     32 - Staff Roll 1, Sakura Ending 1
15 - Versus                            33 - Staff Roll 2
16 - Stage End                         34 - Conversation
17 - Continue                          35 - Sagat vs Ryu Special Stage
18 - Here Comes a New Challenger       36 - Nash Ending 2 (*UNUSED*)
19 - Game Over                         37 - Gouki Ending 2 (*UNUSED*)
1a - Ranking (Versus)                  38 - Zangief Ending 2 (*UNUSED*)
1b - Ranking (Arcade)                  39 - Staff Roll 3
1c - Ryu Ending 1                      3a - Sagat vs Ryu Conversation
1d - Ryu Ending 2 (*UNUSED*)