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Mega Man Maker

It should be noted that this a fan game which isn't approved by Capcom for sale or download, thus it isn't allowed to have the article hosted here. I can have this game on my own wiki instead, but it doesn't have its own host. --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 20:39, 9 March 2018 (EST)

Well, three things.
Firstly, while I appreciate the concern, I'm already aware of da rulez – specifically Rule 15, which states that fan games are not allowed on this Wiki. I'm also aware of the existence of at least two pages for games which were created before that rule was added, so there's no confusion, there.
That being said, secondly, please, read this Tweet from Xkeeper, and my reply. This tweet is also linked on the main page for this game, though it probably wouldn't kill me to add that notice to all the other pages.
And, lastly, because I knew there would be some… "issues…" with putting a fan game into the main space of the wiki – which, regardless of "special permissions," is still generally not allowed – I've decided to keep the game page under my user space until the rules change, if ever a time comes to pass.
I hope this clears up everything. Sorry, for the scare!
~ Joseph Lithius (Info|Chat|Edits) 21:51, 9 March 2018 (EST)

Might and Magic demos

Not sure where you found those demos. I'm trying to find them myself right now to no luck. --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 15:43, 16 March 2018 (EDT)

You can find the Darkside of Xeen one on Archive.org. Maybe, I should upload the Clouds of Xeen one, there? I'm not when or where I picked up the Clouds of Xeen one, myself… but, I recently found out that both of those demos, as well as one for Might and Magic III, can be found on the CD-ROM version of World of Xeen. Incidentally, I've recently discovered that a demo for World of Xeen, itself, exists. It seems to specifically be for the CD-ROM version, too. I was hoping it was actually on the World of Xeen CD, but it's probably on a later New World Computing release from around the same time.
I also remember a different demo for Might and Magic III being on the SelectWare Classic Collection Adventure/Fantasy CD… but, I might be mis-remembering.
Edit: Oh! Hey, look what I stumbled over! The Clouds of Xeen demo! Right on!
~ Joseph Lithius (Info|Chat|Edits) 16:34, 16 March 2018 (EDT), 16:55, 16 March 2018 (EDT)

Japanese Anti-Piracy Warnings

This really became a widespread feature in games in 2010, when Japanese copyright law was modified. Check any major game released these days in both JP and EN, and you'll almost always find a JP exclusive copyright warning screen. In addition to this, our guidelines state that regional changes/differences related to copyright are not to be documented (#6 under "Don't Add This Stuff". -Ehm (talk) 08:57, 22 January 2019 (EST)


Please do no use ZSNES. It's obsolete for the purposes of this wiki and while it's optimized, it's highly inaccurate for so many games. Use SNES9x or BSNES. --From: CounterDiving (talk) 12:24, 1 September 2019 (EDT)

As my hero, Burt Gummer, says: "I feel I was denied… critical… need-to-know… information."
What's this in relation to, exactly? Don't keep me in the dark, mate!
~ Jo Li (Info|Chat|Edits) 16:50, 6 September 2019 (EDT)
Your anecdote hidden in the Mega Man X2 proto article ("I go this through ZSNES using the "fixed" ROM.") --From: CounterDiving (talk) 22:21, 6 September 2019 (EDT)
Alright, I sorted that out. Sorry. I'm not sure why I didn't try it in SNES9X…
(Amusingly, SNES9X is my primary Super NES emulator, these days.)
~ Jo Li (Info|Chat|Edits) 11:57, 7 September 2019 (EDT)

Ragnarok Online

Heyǃ I just wanted to thank you for that Apartment note. I did not know that they revisited those particular aspects in the mobile version. Do you know of any other unimplemented features talked about in the PC version that made it into MːEternal Love? --Kienna (talk) 19:14, 5 February 2021 (UTC)

You're very welcome! The apartment thing kinda surprised me, to be honest! As for other stuff they revisited in the mobile game? Well, let's see…
  • The entire game is in 3D (aside from emotes), so I don't think 3D Bosses count?
  • Hair styles animate, and they use skyboxes, but again, that's kind of expected from a fully 3D game.
  • Shoes don't change – though for some reason, they decided not to implement visible shields/bucklers in Ragnarök M at all! Weapons (and head/face/nose/tail accessories!) are still visible, though.
  • I think one of the early quests has a Kafra Associate walk around, but I don't know if it was specifically Blossom (the raven-haired one).
  • I don't think there's dynamic terrain, though some cutscenes might temporarily warp terrain.
That's about all I can think of. Oh! They do use the weather/buff system in Ragnarök M," though! (I've already added it to the article.) I'll keep an eye out for other stuff!
~ Jo Li (Info|Chat|Edits) 20:18, 5 February 2021 (UTC)

World of Warcraft title screen

i have dragonflights beta access and the title screen has finally updated, should we update the wow page's title screen now, and if so, how would i go about doing that? i am rather new to editing pages, and i have the help talk open. did somebody ring the dinkster? (talk) 08:51, 23 September 2022 (UTC)

Honestly? For the moment, I'd say a screen capture of the current expansion, Shadowlands would be more appropriate. Dragonflight isn't due out until December and there's something of a policy against "unreleased content" on this wiki. (,:
As far as updating the title screen image, there's two ways you can do it:
  • One way is to go to the existing image (in this case, File:World of Warcraft-Title.png) and click "Upload a new version of this file".
    • You can also just upload a new image with that exact title ("World of Warcraft-Title.png") and it'll ask if you want to update or override the file, if I remember right.
  • The other way is to just upload a new screenshot on its own with its own unique, appropriate filename (such as "World of Warcraft 9.2.5 - Title Screen").
For consistency, I'd say take a screenshot at 1024 pixels x 768 pixels, like the current image, or maybe at 1280 x 720, for that "720p Glow"™. It's up to you~
~ Jo Li (U, T, C) 04:32, 27 September 2022 (UTC)
I think im going to wait until dragonflights releases then, its only a few months anyways. also, when i take the screenshot, do i just use the ingame screenshot button, or is there something else i should do?--did somebody ring the dinkster? (talk) 03:36, 10 October 2022 (UTC)
Yep! Just use the normal, in-game screenshot button, grab the screenshot file (usually found at Program Files (x86) > World of Warcraft > _retail_ > Screenshots), rename it appropriately, then pop it up! Simple as that~
~ Jo Li (U, T, C) 20:18, 10 October 2022 (UTC)
now that the prepatch is out and the log in screen is updated, i tried to screenshot it with the ingame button, but it didnt work so i just used snip and sketch to take a screenshot of the window, will that be okay? also could we take this to discord? --did somebody ring the dinkster? (talk) 14:41, 25 October 2022 (UTC)
If the screenshot button doesn't work on the title screen, then a clipboard screenshot should work just as well, yes. I'm sure you've already done this, but if you need detailed instructions:
  • Open the game, hit Print Screen (or "System Request")
  • Close the game (optional), open an art program like Microsoft Paint or GIMP, hit Ctrl-V or open the "Edit" menu and select Paste
  • Save the new image as a PNG file
As for Discord, I'm… not the "social" type. Sorry.
~ Jo Li (U, T, C) 02:40, 26 October 2022 (UTC)

Mega Man 9 & Mega Man 10 WiiWare title screens

I had a question about these titles screens and how they were taken:
MM9 Title.PNG
"Correct-est resolution, taken in Dolphin at the actual internal 16:15 aspect ratio and 1x size."

Mega Man 10-title.png
"Uploaded a 16:15 ratio (internal size) screenshot captured from Dolphin."

How did you set up a 16:15 ratio in Dolphin? Was it a Game Config setting?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! --Eisnerguy1 (talk) 04:14, 1 February 2023 (UTC)

Oh, I wish it was as simple as a toggle! No, I manually resized the window until it was exactly right. And, I think I disabled screen ratio or something? I honestly forget… So, while I can't be of much help, I know someone who can.
A cool person named MᴀʀᴋTʜᴇʀᴇɴᴄᴇ made a video detailing how to make Mega Man 9 / 10 be pixel-perfect in Dolphin 5.0 and (presumably) higher. I haven't tired this exact setup, but it looks right! (:
~ Jo Li (U, T, C) 19:18, 1 February 2023 (UTC)
Ah, gotcha. I messed around with it for a bit. Automator on macOS is a Godsend :D I can auto switch between the pixel-perfect mode and the "normal" mode when I actually want to play the games.
MM9 Intro.png MM9 Title test.png
MM10 Intro.png MM10 Title.png
Thanks for clarifying it for me, I really appreciate it! --Eisnerguy1 (talk) 22:03, 1 February 2023 (UTC)