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WIP stuff

DK64 Prerelease To-do

Not entirely sure if I can use this page for storage for things to be written up/for somebody to look through, but worth a shot anyway

Taken from my comments on the youtube video "E3 1999 (RARE JET FORCE GEMINI & DK64 BETA FOOTAGE!)"

-The "WorkShop" sign in Funky's store uses a placeholder font.. Lanky also turns around to leave the store, as opposed to it just fading out once Funky finishes speaking like in the final game

-Funky has unused text, since you weren't meant to buy anything from him yet. "Hey dude, I've almost finished gathering those super cool weapons you asked for! But Cranky's spoiling all the fun, and says you'll have to wait until Christmas time before you can try them out. Between you and me, I think the old dude's completely lost his banana this time, if you dig what I'm meaning! Anyway, I'll see you at Christmas, Kong dude."

-Text indicating which location you're currently in appears every time you enter an area, as evidenced by "Crystal Cave" appearing once Lanky exits Funky's store. Crystal Cave is also referred to as the final name, Crystal Caves, on its level select door

-The level select "world" is labeled "E3 '99", and seemingly uses an altered version of the barrel DK stands on after the title screen in the final game, with text on top of it reading "DK 64 E3 '99". The "world" seems to use the music of one of the Crystal Caves cabins, and the doors are labeled as follows: Crystal Caves, Toy Factory, Boss I, Boss II, Minecart I, Minecart II, Tempy Temple (?), Light House, Jungle, and Race

-Squawks may have different text upon failing Chunky's minecart challenge, I can't remember if the text is the same in the final game. "What's this, Chunky? You need at least 50 coins to get this Golden Banana"

-Diddy still has his realistic pistols, and Donkey Kong still has his realistic shotgun. Shooting the Klobbers seems to freeze them in place, as opposed to the final version where it does absolutely nothing.

-Krosshair's timer in Diddy's temple is only 10 seconds, much shorter than in the final game. It's possible that he was meant to shoot at you throughout the entire temple, as opposed to only after grabbing the Golden Banana

-The pause menu uses a different font and music. The save option is obviously nonexistent for the sake of the demo, and is replaced by a strange graphic.

-Frantic Factory is called "The Toy Factory" in this demo. The DK portal is missing, likely removed for the sake of the demo to prevent players from leaving the level prematurely, or more likely, to prevent them from gaining access to the lobby and the rest of the world.

-Bananaports are missing the numbers on them and are activated by default. The switch between the #1 and #2 bananaports in "The Toy Factory" was moved further upwards in the final game, to the room where the two Kritters are located in the demo. The Kritters were replaced by Robokritters in the final game. The final location of the switch is currently occupied by a Tiny barrel, for some reason

-Squawks uses a placeholder explanation for Bananaport pads and DK's Baboon Blast pads. "Press Z to use this pad"

-Chunky's bananas and coins surrounding the second #1 bananaport in "The Toy Factory" are missing, replaced with a single purple coin. The pad is also located closer to the door to the Production room, instead of being located underneath the pipe with the Lanky switch to free Chunky. There is also a Klobber in this room, which is an enemy that doesn't exist in Frantic Factory in the final game

-Cranky's Lab sports a seemingly different design, most likely the unused design from the Kiosk demo. Candy's Music Store, normally nearby Cranky's Lab in Frantic Factory, is nonexistent in this version of the level

-Lanky has access to the Lighthouse in Gloomy Galleon, which is an area he's not meant to be able to enter in the final game. Judging by the blue bananas located inside, as well as the Bonus Barrel at the top instead of the lever DK must pull to activate the lighthouse, it's likely this area was originally meant for Lanky, not DK

-Regular bananas make a different sound when collected, similar to the sound of collecting a Banana Coin in the final game.

-The Bonus Barrel at the top of the tower is an unused variant of Stealthy Snoop, one that's very similar to an unused version that still exists in the final game.

-The Bonus Stage is labeled "Banana Challenge", and the announcer says "Welcome to Bonus Stage" once the minigame explanation appears, as opposed to when the title of the minigame appears. The explanation for Stealthy Snoop also uses the British spelling "chequered flag", instead of the final version's "checkered flag"

-The "YOU WERE CAUGHT!" text uses a different font. There is also no option to retry Bonus Stages, you are kicked out immediately upon failing. Lanky also uses the full version of his versus losing animation, since he isn't interrupted by the "try again" screen

-Despite the gate to the beehive area of Jungle Japes being unlocked, the gates leading to Cranky and Rambi's area are both still locked. There may be no way to access these areas, unless they are unlocked by shooting the coconut switches above the gates, which is difficult to determine

-Both #3 bananaports in Jungle Japes have been replaced with other things. The one on the right side of the map has been replaced with a Bonus Barrel leading to a Kremling Kosh Bonus Stage, and the one on the left has been replaced with DK's Baboon Blast pad

-The Baboon Blast stage is called "Blast Barrel Blitz", and features a very noticeable tree that doesn't exist in the final game. DK also doesn't use his "blasted from a barrel" animation upon activating the pad, using his regular stationary animation as he flies into the sky. Despite this, the animation is still used when entering the Baboon Blast stage, and when he is shot from a barrel

-DK passes by a Banana Medal, which as shown from other footage of this stage, can be collected if DK happens to touch it. Normally, Banana Medals are only collectible in this manner in Hideout Helm, but it's likely this was the original plan for collecting them, finding them in random places throughout the levels, similar to DK Coins in DKC2 and 3

-There are one purple coin, one green coin, one red coin, and one blue coin surrounding the X platform in Jungle Japes. These were all replaced by green coins in the final version

-The Dogadon boss, the Army Dillo boss, and Diddy's minecart stages are all exactly the same as they are in the Kiosk demo. No other changes are present for these three stages

-Troff and Scoff's room seems to have an invisible wall present, only for the staircase though for some reason. There is also only one staircase, located where the portal back to the level and the tag barrel is located in the final game, as opposed to two like in the final version. The two staircases are currently occupied by two slopes serving the exact same purpose. Based on other footage, Scoff would also visibly grow in size as you fed him bananas, and the Kong needed to face the boss was always visible on the door. Because of this, the opening door cutscene is different and shorter than the song for it, since it doesn't need to play the "Kong roulette". There is also a door on the back wall, leading back to the level select. The room itself seems to be bigger than in the final game, and the collision seems to be broken for the slopes (or at least the left slope) leading up to Troff and Scoff, as evidenced by the player in this video easily clipping through it and entering the void underneath their stage.

-The beetle most likely has different text upon starting the race, but it's extremely difficult to see due to the quality of the video. If you fall off the track, you're instantly booted back to the level select room with no option to retry

-The N64 logo video is exactly the same as it is in the Kiosk demo

-The words in the DK rap don't pop out as they're spoken. DK and Diddy's guns also make different sounds, more fitting to their current realistic models. Otherwise, it's completely the same, besides Chunky's final verse (the one containing "one hell of a guy") being mostly cut out, although that may be the fault of the recording

-The game uses an entirely different logo, consisting of 3D "bubble" letters spelling out DK64 popping out onto the screen and rotating occasionally. The demo also features DK inside of Diddy's minecart area, somewhere he isn't able to access at all in the final game

-The camera is usable in this demo, and the icon for the banana film is completely different

-An extra life balloon can be seen floating around just out of reach at 40:18. If this balloon is collected, it makes the same noise used in the final game when flying through the idol's head ring in Angry Aztec, the one you need to fly through to free the Vulture as Diddy

-There is a Golden Banana where DK's Baboon Blast pad is in the final game

-Don't really consider it notable, since anyone who cares about this stuff has most likely seen it from the Kiosk demo, but I'll put it here anyway. When collecting a Golden Banana, the Golden Bananas collected by that Kong in the current level will be displayed on the left side of the screen, with ones currently not collected grayed out. There is also an unused Golden Banana Bunch icon used for your total amount

-DK can be seen playing a minigame similar to Mad Maze Maul, with a (totally unfair) timer of 25 seconds. For some reason, the first Kasplat he meets kills him instantly, which restarts the bonus stage. I don't think it's possible to die in this minigame in the final version, but I'm pretty sure the only variation of Mad Maze Maul in the final game doesn't have a Kasplat in it, and definitely not as the first enemy encountered.

-There appears to be two variations of Kremling Kosh in this demo, the one in Jungle Japes having 25 as the score requirement, and the second one requires at least 27 points. Teetering Turtle Trouble also appears, but the location of its Bonus Barrel in unknown

-Diddy is seen using the Sniper Scope, something that doesn't seem to exist in other recordings found either elsewhere or even in the other recordings in this video. There is also a Zinger in Candy's area of Angry Aztec, located above where the Tag Barrel should be, that doesn't exist in the final game. The Tag Barrel is also missing from this area, and the patch of dirt containing a rainbow coin is also replaced by what looks like a bananaport pad

-The Battle Arena footage is labeled "Battle Arena 2", with "Kremling Karnage" underneath it as a subtitle, in the same font as the pause menu and "you were caught" text in Stealthy Snoop. Donkey Kong is also fighting in this arena battle, something he can't do in the final game. There are also no Kasplats in the second arena battle in the final game

-Speaking of Kasplats, every single one in the game seems to have colored hair. The ones appearing in Mad Maze Maul had colored hair instead of the usual white, and the one Donkey Kong fights in the Battle Arena has red hair.

-Diddy collects a Banana Medal in the area leading up to the Jungle Japes Minecart minigame, further reinforcing the idea they were meant to be collectibles similar to DK Coins in the Country games, instead of just being obtained from collecting 75 regular bananas. The DK Coin counter also is in the corner before Diddy even enters the Minecart stage, for some reason

-Lanky uses a different voice clip for his running attack, and a Kritter is killed, but doesn't drop a watermelon slice for some reason. He also seems to have a different attack combo, which seems to be the case for Diddy and Chunky as well, based on other footage. It's not seen in this video, but there's footage of an earlier build of the game that uses a completely different voice clip for Lanky when activating Baboon Balloon, one that was apparently removed completely by the time this demo was made.

-The music for a Kasplat dropping a Blueprint and collecting a Blueprint are COMPLETELY different. The instrumentation is nowhere near what the final version uses, the Blueprint collected theme lasts much longer, having a different intro and ending with a similar sound to the final version.

-Lanky has a Bonus Barrel near where Cranky's hut should be that doesn't exist in the final game. It's another version of Stealthy Snoop, but it uses the Mad Maze Maul music, possibly because the theme for Stealthy Snoop wasn't finished yet.

-The shockwave seen after playing a Kong's instrument doesn't exist yet, or at least it doesn't for DK.

-Lanky uses a much more annoying voice clip for walking while doing a handstand.

Videos of interest are here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Quz8d_2Qug (LOTS of recorded footage from E3) and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wur1OxnYUzo (Gameplay trailer featuring several unused and early things, including level footage not seen in the E3 demo and Kongs in areas they can't access in the final game)