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Proto:Touhou Gensoukyou: Lotus Land Story

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Touhou Gensoukyou: Lotus Land Story.

Download.png Download Touhou Gensoukyou: Lotus Land Story - Trial Version
File: Touhou_4_trial.rar‎ (1.76 MB) (info)

The trial version of Touhou Gensoukyou: Lotus Land Story has three stages which are no different than they are in the final, but some graphics and music are different.

The configuration file for the game can be edited freely (the final checks for edits), revealing some text in the options you can't normally see.

General Differences

  • You can't set the game to Slow Mode in the trial.
  • The trial lets you start with a maximum of three bombs, but does not award any upon clearing a stage; the final adds the latter and decreases the starting maximum to two.
  • When you get a Game Over, the game doesn't take you to the high score screen to let you type your name when you hit the no option on the continue menu; instead, the game lets you type your name directly,

Stage Differences

To do:
Take screenshots and write down the many stage differences as much as possible and etc.

Stage 1

Stage 2

  • Kurumi's midboss attack is missing her aimed shots in the trial; these were added in the final.
  • Despite being less in bullet count, the bullets she shoots in her first phase as a boss move quicker in the trial. The bullet count was increased in the final version, but the bullets were made slower.
Trial Final
Th04-kurumi-midboss-trial.png Th04-kurumi-midboss-final.png
Trial Final
320px Th04-kurumi-boss-final.png

Stage 3

  • Elly's infamous scythe is capable of following you when you move in the trial; the final lacks this.

Graphical Changes

The backgrounds used in both Reimu's and Marisa's bombs are completely different.

Reimu's Bomb

Trial Final
Just a sketch. Now it's colorful and different.

Marisa's Bomb

Trial Final
It's all blue... It's got lots of stars now.

Orange's Background

Orange (the boss of the first stage) got a different background in the final. Both change colors throughout the battle in the exact same way.

Trial Final
Purple circles. Just that one shiny circle.
Trial Final
Orange bgs trial.png Orange bgs.png

Music Changes


Bad Apple, the song used in the third stage, has a slightly lower pitch in the trial version.

The Music Room

The Music Room underwent a few changes, and the trial even lists some of the music that went unused.

Trial Final
Not all of the unused songs are here... Hm... 22 songs...

The unused songs Dreamy Pilot, Border Land, and Crescent Dream are listed in the trial but not playable. The three unused tracks that are missing from the list are Lotus Road, Incomplete Plot, and Magic Shop of Raspberry.

The 22nd song, 幻想の住人 (Those Who Live in Illusions), was added for the Name Registration menu in the final. The trial version does not use any music there.

Music Comments

Even though only the first eight songs are selectable in the music room, all 21 of them contain ZUN's commentary, including the three tracks which were later removed from the game. The commentary for these three tracks is different from that which appears in Mystic Square's music room. Lotus Love, the stage 5 theme, also has a different commentary compared to the commentary in the final's music room.

All commentary can be found in the file "_MUSIC.TXT", which is contained in the archive file "東方幻想.郷".

Dreamy Pilot

Japanese English


Stage 4's Theme

Isn't this the the single best work?
Well, it's a song with an uninteresting progression on a fixed rhythm.
Wait, I wonder if there's a melody hidden here...hm.

What is it with this song?

Border Land

Japanese English

これは、短い曲ですね(^^;;;; いわゆる、せっぱずまった感を出したかったんですよ。

Final Stage's Theme

This is a short tune (^^;;;;
As they say, giving the feeling of being at wit's end,
or something like that. But, the melody (what is it?)
is like a staff roll in a dream sky kind of feeling...

(But, that's my tune, I'm done. (^^;)

Crescent Dream

Japanese English


Staff Roll Music

As expected, the Staff Roll is awesome (Is that all you can say? (^^;)
But I wonder if this music isn't "Japanese" enough. Well, not like I really know what it means for something to be Japanese, though...

(Of course, don't get me wrong, it's not like I was trying for something like Samurai Shodown... more like Himekami, if anything.

Lotus Love

Japanese English


The Stage 5 theme.

Since I wanted the stage itself to be short, I tried my best to make the theme short, too.
I feel like it ended up quite the odd, though.

Would you say it's the Japanese kind of music?
(Source: Original TCRF research)
(Translations: Bast, divingkataetheweirdo, Esau, GlitterBerri, Popfan)

Miko.cfg & Options

By modifying miko.cfg within the game's files using a hex editor, you can reveal some options that you can't normally access.

MIDI Option

The unused MIDI option

Setting the value of the Music option to 03, which is the fourth value in miko.cfg, will reveal the "MIDI" option. Nothing special actually happens besides the option appearing, though, as it still plays the regular FM86 music. This could mean that Lotus Land Story was going to have MIDI music at some point, but the only PC-98 Touhou game that had MIDI music as an option was The Story of Eastern Wonderland.

Changing the music value to 03 in the final version of the game simply disables the music.

Extra Difficulty

The Extra difficulty, despite missing the stage, is "available" by modifying the first value in Miko.cfg to 04. It has its specific color palette for the loading screen that's in the final, but the difficulty is no different from Normal, and it's listed as FM(26) in the Options menu.