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Touhou Kaikidan: Mystic Square

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Title Screen

Touhou Kaikidan ~ Mystic Square

Developer: ZUN Soft
Publisher: Amusement Makers
Platform: PC-98
Released in JP: December 30, 1998

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Mystic Square is the 5th and final PC-98 game in the Touhou series.

Unused Graphics

Th05-unused congratulation screen.png Th05-statistics screen.png

CONG1.PI can be found inside the 怪綺談1.DAT, and is almost visually similar to UDE.PI (which is used in the game). May or may not be unused.

Revisional Differences

To do:
Version 1.01 fixed a bug with the staff roll, figure out how to cause the bug to occur and what does it do.
Version 1.00 Version 1.01
Touhou Kaikidan- Mystic Square v100-title.png Touhou Kaikidan- Mystic Square-title.png

A Version 1.01 update patch was issued in February 11, 1999 that added version info. to the title screen, fixed a typo regarding the total number of collected point item bonus in the manual, and more:

  • A bug that occurred in the staff roll was fixed.
  • Point items going over 256 turning to 0 was fixed.
  • The maximum amount of point items was lifted from 256 to 999.

The following text can be found in UPDATE.TXT in KAIKI101.LZH.

Original Translation
              東方怪綺談  変更点

99/02/04 Version 1.01
    さらに、総得点アイテム回収数 × 5000 も加算されます。
   ->さらに、総得点アイテム回収数 × 2500 も加算されます。

              Touhou Mystic Square    Change Points

99/02/04 Version 1.01
  ・Corrected the anomality of point items turning into 0 from going over 256 in one stage
  Also, a limit of 999 was implemented for that timeframe.
  ・Corrected a mistake in the manual.
   (Regarding the "* 7. Clear Bonus" section)
  It is,
   "Furthermore, Total Point Items also adds 5000 more."
  ->"Furthermore, Total Point Items also adds 2500 more."
  ・Staff roll bugfix
  ・Clear bonus bugfix

(Translation: Gmestanley)