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Mission: Impossible (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Mission: Impossible

Developer: X-Ample Architectures
Publisher: Infogrames
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: November 23, 1999
Released in EU: 2000

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
Regional differences between the US and the European versions of the game. One of them being the cutscenes in the US one being altered compared to the European version that is a closer match of the N64 version. There are also script changes, especially with the German ending.

Unused Item Text

Starting at offset 0x05117E in the file MENU.DAT, there is text for an unused set of items: the communicator, .45 caliber, M16, and... condoms.

English German Translation

Communicator device, used to send and receive messages to other team members.

A reference to Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt.[1]
.45 caliber gun

A powerful handgun that stops even the fattest villains around. A must-have for every gun fanatic.
Fette .45er

Macht grosse Löcher.
Makes big holes.
M16 assault rifle

Assault rifle, standard weapon of the US Army. Can fire high-speed bursts of 5.56mm bullets. 
If you're looking for fun, seek no further.
M16 Sturmgewehr

Ist nur noch geil.
It's just awesome.

Once the mission is over and Candice awaits, there's no better choice than the ribbed black ones. 
For extra pleasure. You don't want to save the world, evade enemy armies, only to get AIDS but some dumb hooker?

Für Candice.
For Candice.

Unlike the item text that's actually used (available in four languages), this one is only in English and German (the latter of which is bizarrely succinct, considering that it's the development team's native language).

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Developer Message

Also, near the end of MENU.DAT, there is a lengthy message from the development team.

These messages can be viewed in-game by typing TTOPFSECRETT as a password.


You are now accessing data
that is of national importance.
Handle with utmost discretion.

X-Ample Architectures Productions proudly present you...


Welcome to the greetings page.


Numwaan und Fam. Limchailai, Brigitte + Ralf + Stefan Berndt, Reinhold + Juljane + Tim Heinrich, Karsten + Sylvia Schibilla, Fam. Werth, Carsten Ullrich


Thanks to just a few people:

Ingrid Hamacher and her Mum (for years of a good friendship and single moments of great support)

Helge Sascha Anders Kozielek (for being my best friend)

Thomas Detert & Mike Griesheimer (my charming brother and a very good friend of him)
Markus and Melanie Zachzial (still have much to learn...)

Evelyn Keiner (make your way)
Si-Suk Oliver Hage (always honest and a very friendly man)

Si-Hing Konrad and Si-Hing Torsten

Michael Endres (not only a good friend of mine also my favorite schoolmate in WT)

All the other WT-Students (Sven, Boris, Uwe, Rolf, Alexander, Christian, Markus, Andre, David, Henry and some more - keep smiling)

special thanks and lots of love to

Janina Satzer (for your love and everything you gave to me and those countless moments putting a smile on my face)


Greetings go to:

Anke, Tom, Joe, Wonz, FGAD-Headmaster Kai, Michi, Uko, Kauschi and all those, who supported me on my mission.


Greetings and stuff:

Debagel, Rose, Def, Pio und so, Alex, Hanna, Shubato-san, Ariane, Strogg, Marc, Sarah, Flo, Greg, Visual Concepts, Kleps, Helg, Spender, Oyo, Kai, everybody from RK Hochtaunus, Soular Eclipse aka Grain, the Black Zone, my Si-Suk, Si-Hing Thomas, Konrad and Andreas and all the other fellows from WT, and if you got any questions about video games, go ask Jan Grashof. He knows everything.

Special thanks to Tom and Gil from SN systems who helped us a great deal making the best Mission: Impossible that you can get.

BTW, how come nobody ever noticed that MARS TAXI has 23 cheats? I'm insulted!!

Thanks for reading.

See you in our next game.

(Source: Original TCRF research)