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Hey there. You may or may not know me from other wikis. No matter. I'm here to add content, help translate, and overall, try my best to make this site the best that it can be. Outside of game content, you can kinda call me the guy who created the guidelines. If it weren't for some scuffles, which are all in the past now, the TCRF guidelines mightn't have been created. I also came up with the idea for the guides.

What else is there to say? I'm from Portugal, and I am developing a Pikmin fan engine, Pikifen.

To do

Some unused stuff I noticed that needs to be added eventually. Some of the items on this list might be too small to warrant their own page, but may be added if the page is created beforehand. This is different from Content to expand in that these things are really minor, or already on a page's ToDo; I just keep them here because I'm familiar with these games, and I won't forget to contribute to the pages at some point.

  • Leisure Suit Larry - Love for Sail's autorun dialog has unused stuff, and it has a debug menu.
  • Not my discovery, but when the corresponding article is created, this needs to be added.
  • In Cool Spot (Gen), the second-to-last sound effect, "Twinklies" is played when you hit your friend's cage and finish the act. When you hit the cage, Parade Tune - the "end of level theme" - starts playing almost immediately after. All this to say that "Twinklies" only plays for like 1/3 of a second. There are also regional differences regarding the name Uncola, and 7-Up in general. Finally, there is a debug menu.
  • The "You Win" theme in Jurassic Park (Gen) never plays anywhere... If I recall correctly... There is also a debug menu.
  • There is an unused track in Quackshot.
  • Rocket Knight Adventures has regional differences regarding the level selection cheat (and level introduction screens).
  • There has been speculation that Beyond Oasis has a debug menu somewhere. This is because, in the attraction mode demos, you can see Ali's inventory has some impossible weapon sets. Of course, it could've just been set that way for the demos, but a debug menu could exist regardless. If not, maybe some of the weapon sets in the demos are unused in the final game.
    • Wait a minute, what? As I was searching around GameFAQs for the forum post where I read that, I found a few topics that might be of interest (particularly about the Japanese version giving a gift), and a guide that mentions a DEBUG MENU? I'd read it right away, but I need to take care of some stuff now.
  • This article reminded me that unused icons are unused things too. So... I'll eventually take a look at some of my Windows games to see if I can find anything.
    • Also I need to mention this info on the finding graphics tutorial.
    • And this article reminded me that some fullscreen-only games can also have titles while windowed. That too needs to be added to some tutorial here.
  • Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament's Garden Jumps has a glitch where you can end up out of bounds, and parts of some of the obstacles there have collision detection. Video
  • I'm like 90% sure there are rooms in Waldo's Starship that cannot be reached, but have content, in Bubba 'n' Stix.

Cross-game content

Sometimes, games have content inside from other games. The reasons can range from leftover porting material, like when the two games share engines, to... who in the world knows. They're interesting scenarios, and I hope one day a page is made that compiles a list. Until then, I'll keep a quick list with me.

Beyond Oasis shenanigans

Every once in a while, I find myself rethinking of – or referring to a friend of mine about – the insane relations between Beyond Oasis (Story of Thor) and a few other Mega Drive games. This is just a simple diagram I made that connects everything.

Crusader of Centy
(Nextech, June 1994)

has menus and graphics from
Beyond Oasis proto
(Ancient, July 1994)
Beyond Oasis
(Ancient, December 1994)

has early music from
Streets of Rage 3
(Sega, March 1994)

has graphics and sound from

has sounds from
Streets of Rage 2
(Sega, January 1993)