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Brawl Stars

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Title Screen

Brawl Stars

Developer: Supercell
Publisher: Supercell
Platforms: Android, IOS
Released internationally: December 12, 2018
Released in CA: June 14, 2017 (Softlaunch)
Released in CN: June 9, 2020

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

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To do:
  • Add more unused/removed sounds.
  • Document Hoverboard, Animal and Homer (unfinished concept brawlers that were the original concepts for Tick, Bea and Rosa(?)).
  • Document unused static and normal animations for brawlers, found in some updates.
  • Add more unused text, either removed from texts.csv entirely or still left unused.
  • Document unused third starpowers.
  • There may be more unused models.
  • Document Debug menu.
  • Document Deleted1, Deleted2 and ProtectKing gamemodes (not much code is left from del1 and del2 but it would be interesting to cover them)

Brawl Stars is a MOBA-type mobile game developed by Supercell. It currently has over 60 characters, including a vest-wearing cactus, grave-digging bats and a killer biker crow.

Oh, and if I'd stop to explain... I'd be a goner.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
BS China App Icon.png
Regional and Language Differences
Did someone say "daily Mega Box limit"?
Brawl Stars Anniversary Skin Icon.png
Version Differences
Over 5 years of balance changes, remodels and one Bea texture change for some reason.
BS Debug button.png
Debugging Material
Cool stuff here!

Unused Graphics

Smiling Pin

Default diffuse(1).png
An image of an old pin from older versions, with a poorly drawn yellow smiley face on it, found inside assets/badge under the name default_diffuse. According to one of the developers in a Q&A, this is an easter egg for dataminers to find.

Debug Font

A Debug font located in assets/font. This appears in every Supercell game.

Kakao game sdk watermark img.png
An odd image of a title screen for what seems to be a Korean racing game called "Friends Racing". Oddly enough, this image seems to be removed from the files.

Sweating Sad Pin

Brawl Stars Sweating Sad Pin.png
An unused Pin graphic found in an older ui_tex.sc file. Consists of a default sad Pin with extra sweat added.

Skin Donation Banners

Star Shelly Banner Wizard Barley Banner Brawl Stars Support Banner
BrawlStarsPreregShellyBanner.png BrawlStarsSCIDBarleyBanner.png BrawlStarsSupportGraphic.png

These three banners were used in older versions for the following purposes:

  • The Star Shelly banner was displayed when the player played Brawl Stars before 2019. It also displayed a messsage reading "You have unlocked a new skin! Thank you for playing Brawl Stars in 2018".
  • The Wizard Barley banner was displayed when the player connected their Brawl Stars account to Supercell ID. It also displayed a message reading "You have unlocked a new skin as reward for connecting your account to Supercell ID".
  • The Brawl Stars Support banner was displayed when the player received a Skin or item from the Brawl Stars Support team.

These banners were used until the Retropolis update, which added an Inbox system which made these graphics (and their respective messages) redundant. Oddly enough, these graphics are still floating around in the game's ui_tex.sc file today.

World Finals Lobby Background

Brawl Stars World Finals BG.png

A neat looking yellow background that was only sadly used for about an hour during Season 4 and then never again.

Unused Textures

Old Surge Texture

Old Texture New Texture
BS Surge OldTex.png BS Surge NewTex.png

Surge's old texture, which can be seen in his update's Brawl Talk. Some differences include smaller and more rotated eyes, a more drawn on mouth, his face is lower and parts of the texture are more united. It was accidentally given out to the public in the following major update, where it replaced his normal texture. This was fixed in an optional patch.

Old G-Force Janet Texture

Old Texture New Texture
BS G-Force Janet OLD.png BS G-Force Janet.png

G-Force Janet old texture, was never shown in any Brawl Talk. Some differences include darker colors, less detailed helmet & gun texture and parts of the texture are more united. The texture was added in version 46 and can still be found laying around the files in current versions of the game.

Unused Models

Egg Pam

Front view Back view Side view #1 Side view #2 Top view Bottom view Isometric view
BSEggPamFrontview.png BSEggPamBackview.png BSEggPamSidev1.png BSEggPamSidev2.png BSEggPamTopview.png BSEggPamBottomview.png BSEggPamIsometricview.png

Found in the Version 27 files, there is a SCW model of Egg Pam (blandly named eggpam_geo.scw), alongside a winning animation of some sorts. These were included by the developers as a joke in a Tweet on April Fools' 2020 on the official Brawl Stars Twitter account, made after the popularity of the "EGGBO" submission on the Brawl Stars "The BO-Nanza" campaign on Supercell Make, consisting of users modeling and creating Skins for Bo in hopes that they'll get implemented in the game.

The model does not have a texture in the files. This is most probably because Pam received a remodel in this version.

Unused Animations


This animation consists of Shotgun Shelly wiping something off her cheek, cocking her shotgun and looking both ways. The animation was introduced in Version 43.

Unused Files


This file is a leftover from Project Laser, the original idea for Brawl Stars (see prerelease page for more information). The file itself contains information about all the stages in the game and what enemies appear in said stages.


This file is a leftover from Project Laser, the original idea for Brawl Stars (see prerelease page for more information). The file itself contains information about all the bosses in the game and on which planet they appear. It also shows the internal names for the characters from prerelease footage: Trooper, Techie, Vanguard, Sniper, PoisonDude and Healer.

Unused Environments


This environment can be found in beta versions of the game and is quite small compared to the others.

BS Town Level.png

Unused Text

Text strings that are either unfinished or unused.

Brawl Pass-related strings

Text ID/TID String Intended purpose
TID_BRAWL_PASS_CANNOT_PURCHASE_BRAWL_PASS_FOR_PAST_SEASON (no text, since the TID does not exist in texts.csv) Intended to inform the player that they cannot purchase a past season's Brawl Pass. String appears when tapping the Past Season and the Activate button at the same time in the Brawl Pass menu.
TID_BRAWLPASS_PURCHASE_ERROR_4 "Sorry, this Brawl Pass is no longer available!" Intended to inform the player that a Brawl Pass is no longer available for purchase, however this string goes entirely unused due to the string above being "used" instead.
TID_BRAWL_PASS_BUY_PROGRESS_LABEL BUY A TIER Possibly a title for confirmation of buying a Brawl Pass tier. The string that is used instead reads "ADVANCE TIER?".
TID_QUEST_PLAYAGAIN_CONDITION \nWITH A TEAM MATE Possibly an early Quest description for the "PLAY <NUM> MATCHES IN A TEAM" Quest, which is used instead.

Tutorial related strings

Text ID/TID String Intended purpose
TID_TUTORIAL_7 Good job! We've got the <ce662f9>GEMS</c>, let's head towards the exit! Most likely meant to show up after you collect all the gems in the Tutorial. A similar string did get used around 2018 for the same purpose, however by the time 2019 came around, it never went used.
TID_TUTORIAL_8 Hitting enemies charges your Super. Use the <cff9900>yellow control</c> to attack the enemies with your Super! A string intended to inform the player that attacking enemies charges up your Super. This never goes used, since TID_TUTORIAL_GOOD_JOB_3 is the actual text shown. It doesn't seem to be a leftover from any old Tutorial.
TID_TUTORIAL_10 Attacking targets charges up the Super attack meter. My Super is ready now!\nTap the Super button! Same case as TID_TUTORIAL_8.
TID_TUTORIAL_11 The <cff6633>orange bars</c> show your ammo. I'll reload as fast as I can! A string informing the player what your ammo is represented by. This never goes used, and TID_TUTORIAL_GOOD_JOB_2 is used instead.
TID_TUTORIAL_12 We've got the GEMS, let's head towards the exit! Same case as TID_TUTORIAL_7.
TID_TUTORIAL_555 Nice, keep going! Pretty bland string. No purpose for it seems to exist.

Brawl Stars Beta strings

Text ID/TID String Intended purpose
TID_ERROR_POP_UP_LOGIN_NOT_ALLOWED Brawl Stars Beta is not yet available in your country. Check back later! Old string that informed the player that Brawl Stars' Beta was not available in their country. Since the beta ended, it has remained in texts.csv, unused. It's supposed to be accompanied by TID_ERROR_POP_UP_LOGIN_NOT_ALLOWED_TITLE and TID_ERROR_POP_UP_LOGIN_NOT_ALLOWED_BUTTON, saying "Login Failed" and "Okay" respectively.
TID_ERROR_POP_UP_LOGIN_NOT_ALLOWED_ANDROID You must download Brawl Stars Beta from Google Play Store (only available in selected countries). Rooted devices are not currently supported. Check back later! A string intended to inform the player that Brawl Stars' Beta can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store and that rooted devices aren't yet supported.

Unused Brawler strings

Text ID/TID String Intended purpose
TID_BONE_THROWER Bone Thrower Name for a Brawler named "Bone Thrower". Related to this name, there were some mechanics for a bone-throwing Brawler, with a pet that would follow its projectiles.
TID_BONE_THROWER_DESC "There's nothing mini about this gunner! Handy with his massive machine gun, the Minigunner can mow down almost any number of bad guys. (Movement speed slow, immune to pushback)" Description intended for a minigun-wielding Brawler. Oddly enough, this string was used for an early Pam prototype in the first ever version of the game.
TID_BONE_THROWER_WEAPON MINIGUN Name for an attack named "MINIGUN". Again, used for an early Pam prototype.
TID_BONE_THROWER_WEAPON_DESC The Minigunner makes wielding this massive machine gun easy. He can even walk while firing it full auto! Description for a generic minigun attack. Again, used for an early Pam prototype.
TID_BONE_THROWER_ULTI BANDAGE DISPENSER Name for a Super named "BANDAGE DISPENSER". Again, used for an early Pam prototype.
TID_BONE_THROWER_ULTI_DESC Sometimes you get scratches and flesh wounds in a high-intensity firefight. The Bandage Dispenser helps keep your whole team in fighting shape! Description for a turret that would heal you inside its AoE. Again, used for an early Pam prototype.
TID_ROBOT DEPUTY IRONS Name for a Brawler named "Deputy Irons".
TID_ROBOT_DESC Built to serve. Deputized to destroy. A very cryptic and straight-forward description. Usually, in older versions, Brawler descriptions would offer info on their lore and such, so this may have been used in a prototype.
TID_ROBOT_WEAPON ROCKET SNIPE Name for an attack named "ROCKET SNIPE". Might have been used for a Brock prototype.
TID_ROBOT_WEAPON_DESC Deputy Irons shoots an explosive rocket at extreme ranges with mechanical precision. Describes an attack which would shoot a long-range projectile with splash damage. Might have been used for a Brock prototype.
TID_ROBOT_ULTI CROWD CONTROL Name for a Super named "CROWD CONTROL". Might have been used for a Brock prototype.
TID_ROBOT_ULTI_DESC "When extreme measures are called for, Deputy Irons can rain down a barrage of rockets on the unruly crowd." Describes a Super which would launch rockets in a certain area. Might have been used for a Brock prototype.

Leftover Power Play strings

For context, Power Play was a competitive mode in Brawl Stars which consisted of short seasons for big Star Point prizes (depending on you playing well or not). It was eventually replaced by Power League, for better or for worse.

Text ID/TID String Intended purpose
TID_TEAM_ERROR_123 Cannot start battle. The selected Brawler is excluded from POWER PLAY and Challenges this season. String intended to inform the player that the Brawler they are trying to play is not playable in Power Play or Challenges such as the Championship Challenge. Eventually went unused as Power Play was removed.
TID_MATCHMAKE_FAILED_14 POWER PLAY can be played only with Brawlers that have a Star Power String intended to inform the player that they can only play Power Play with Brawlers that have Star Powers.
TID_MATCHMAKE_FAILED_15 You have run out of POWER PLAY games today String intended to inform the player that they ran out of daily Power Play matches. For context, you could only play 3 matches a day.
TID_MATCHMAKE_FAILED_19 The selected Brawler is excluded from POWER PLAY and in Challenges this season Same purpose as TID_TEAM_ERROR_123.
TID_PLAYER_STAT_13 HIGHEST POWER PLAY POINTS A statistic on a player's profile counting the highest Power Play points reached.
TID_PLAYER_STAT_14 HIGHEST POWER PLAY RANK A statistic on a player's profile counting the highest Power Play rank reached in a season.
TID_EVENT_SLOT_NAME_9 POWER PLAY Event slot title for Power Play.
TID_HINT_44 "When playing POWER PLAY, matchmaking is based on the Points you currently have in the POWER PLAY season." Hint which informs the player about Power Play's point-based matchmaking system.
TID_POWER_PLAY_NOTIFICATION POWER PLAY has <PARAM> map open! App notification which informs the player about which map is available that day.
TID_SECTION_SHORTCUT_4 POWER PLAY Event screen tab for Power Play. Last used when Power Play's last matches occured.
TID_SECTION_HEADER_4 POWER PLAY Header for Power Play on the Event selection screen. This was introduced when said screen was changed, being horizontal instead of vertical.
TID_PRO_LEAGUE_INFO_POPUP_TITLE POWER PLAY League Rewards Title for Power Play season rewards.
TID_PRO_LEAGUE_POPUP_INFO "Put your skills to the test in POWER PLAY! Compete in three daily matches to climb up the League Table. When the League ends, you will get Star Points based on your Points and Ranking on the global League Table." Describes how rankings and rewards work in Power Play.
TID_PRO_LEAGUE_LABEL POWER PLAY Yet another label for Power Play.
TID_TEAM_ERROR_38 Pick a Power level 10 Brawler! Intended to inform the player to pick a Power Level 10 Brawler, as that was the minimum requirement for playing a Power Play match. As of the Gears update, this text entry would be inaccurate.
TID_TEAM_ERROR_39 No more POWER PLAY games left today! Intended to inform the player that they ran out of Power Play matches for the day.
TID_PRO_LEAGUE_GAMES <GAMESLEFT>/<MAXGAMES> BATTLES LEFT A counter for matches remaining for the day in Power Play.
TID_PRO_LEAGUE_SEASON_END_POPUP_FINAL_POINTS Your Points Counter for Power Play points earned in the season.
TID_PRO_LEAGUE_SEASON_END_POPUP_FINAL_RANK Your Ranking Counter for final Power Play rank in the season.
TID_PRO_LEAGUE_SEASON_END_POPUP_STAR_POINTS Star Point Reward Counter for the Star Point reward in the season.
TID_PRO_LEAGUE_SEASON_END_INFO_SHORT POWER PLAY REWARD: <AMOUNT> <cff00ff>Star Points</c> gained! Inbox message informing the player of their Star Point gain in a Power Play season. Still remained as an Inbox message for some players, however with the passage of time the message has now evaporated from players' Inboxes.
TID_BATTLE_LOG_PRO_LEAGUE POWER PLAY Power Play title for the battle log.

Unused Sounds

There are a ton of unused sounds left in the files.

Unused Menu Sounds

Sounds meant to be used in menus, that went unused for a reason or another.


Classic loading sound, isn't it? The filename is reminiscent of Project Laser, the original codename for Brawl Stars. laser_load_01 was used up until the March update in 2020. While it was used again in the May update, it was an accident on the developers' part (see brawzaar_load_01). Later versions would use their respective Brawl Pass season's loading sound.


Found in Version 27, which introduced the Brawl Pass. While this sound was planned to be used for the rest of Season 1, the default loading sound (laser_load_01.ogg) was used instead.


An unused gunshot sound. This sound was played when selecting a Brawler in 2017 beta versions.


Sound meant for leaving lobbies.


A noise that comes from the first ever version of the game. This sound was used when receiving Chips from a duplicate Brawler in the early beta versions of the game.


A sound effect possibly meant for the sliding UI parts of the match results screen, as a similarly named sound effect, blink_01v2, is used for said purpose.


A rather interesting sound. There is another sound similarly called get_pickup_06, which is the sound for picking up a Power Cube, however they don't seem to be related, as sounds.csv lists this sound as ui_dust_gain, which doesn't go used anywhere, but implies it was somehow supposed to be used in the menus.

Unused In-Game Sounds

Sounds meant to be used in gameplay, that went unused for another reason or another.


An apparent looping version of the power cube pick-up sound (as indicated in sounds.csv). There's no reason the power cube sound should loop in the first place, so this is possibly why it wasn't used.

Unused Brawler Sounds

Sounds meant to be used for brawlers, that go unused either from mistake or intentionally.

Unused Sandy voice lines






Voice lines that were left unused for the Brawler Sandy. These consist of him taking damage and taking down enemies.

Unused Colt Super voiceline


An unused Colt voiceline for use when he uses his super move. It was previously used in earlier iOS beta versions of the game, but was removed from the game's files altogether later on. Interestingly, this voiceline uses a different voice actor.

Leftover Sounds

Sound effects that were supposed to be deleted, but weren't.





Before the Brawl Pass update in May of 2020, Special Events could only be played with Tickets. These tickets could be obtained from Brawl Boxes before the March update in 2020. After their removal, their sound effects still remained in the files.

Star Tokens



Star Tokens suffered the same fate as Tickets. Their files are named "starkey" due to being named as such in 2018 beta versions.


A sound which was played after purchasing the Brawl Pass. Was used only once in Version 27, and was completely replaced and left over in Version 28.

Leftover Project Laser Sounds

To do:
There are more leftovers, however at the time of writing, we don't currently have them all. Please add more if you can.

Sounds leftover from Project Laser from version 1 of the game. (check the prerelease article for more details).

Robot brawler sounds

To do:
Editor Note: I'm in a rush right now, adding the missing sound effects later.


The voice of an unused brawler from Project Laser (which is most likely the Fast Melee Bot seen in Robo Rumble and at the top of the training cave we know today, seen in prototype footage), alongside them shooting rockets.


A firing noise. Based on how it sounds and it's filename, it may have been used for firing some sort of cannon.

Planet Whooshing




A few unused whooshing noises, meant for ambience. Originally, the game was set to take place in space, explaining the filename.

Male_1_death, Male_2_death and Female_1_death

To do:
Editor Note: I'm in a rush right now, adding the sound effects later.

While these may be used in sounds.csv's entries for the normal death sound today, they were previously used in Project Laser, and had unique sound effects for them too.


Based on the sounds.csv entry name and filename, this sound was meant for some sort of grenade. No brawlers use any sort of grenade, so this is most likely a leftover from Project Laser.

Alien and Squid Alien Noises

To do:
Editor Note: I'm in a rush right now, adding the sound effects later.

A bunch of noises most likely meant for aliens and squid alien enemies or a brawler. While some filenames may indicate that this wasn't meant for a squid alien hybrid, sounds.csv states otherwise, as alien_shot_01 and alien_die_02 were reffered to as Squiddy_fire and Squiddy_die respectively.

Miscellaneous Sounds

Unused sounds that don't seem to have any connection to things already in the game, that are possibly used for testing.


There is a sound file just called 'dummy', possibly used to test playing sounds. It has no audio. Interestingly, it seems to be used in an unused sound slot in sounds.csv titled Rhinocharge, which based on the name, was supposed to be used when Bull uses his super ability.


A loud beep, possibly just a test sound. This file also appears in res/raw. Just like the debug font, this appears in every Supercell game.

Internal Brawler Naming Oddities

The internal names for Brawlers are pretty interesting. They seem to stem from the idea or basic mechanics of a brawler, and are most likely used before the final name is settled. The only exception to this is Ruffs, as he was previously planned way before the game became what it is today (check prerelease article for more details), and as such his internal name is the same as it is in-game.

Internal Names In-Game Names
ShotgunGirl Shelly
Gunslinger Colt
RocketGirl Brock
Mechanic Jessie
Shaman Nita
TntDude Dynamike
Luchador El Primo
BullDude Bull
TrickshotDude Rico
Barkeep Barley
DeadMariachi Poco
Undertaker Mortis
BowDude Bo
Cactus Spike
MinigunDude Pam
Sniper Piper
BlackHole Tara
BarrelBot Darryl
ArtilleryDude Penny
HammerDude Frank
Ninja Leon
HookDude Gene
Whirlwind Carl
Baseball Bibi
ClusterBombDude Tick
Arcade 8-bit
Sandstorm Sandy
Mummy Emz
BeeSniper Bea
Speedy Max
SpawnerDude Mr.P
Driller Jacky
Wally Sprout
Blower Gale
Controller Nani
PowerLeveler Surge
Percenter Colette
FireDude Amber
IceDude Lou
SnakeOil Byron
Enrager Edgar
Roller Stu
ElectroSniper Belle
StickyBomb Squeak
RopeDude Buzz
AssaultShotgun Griff
Knight Ash
MechaDude Meg
Duplicator Lola
CrossBomber Grom
KickerDude Fang
Flea Eve
JetpackGirl Janet
CannonGirl Bonnie
Silencer Otis
WeaponThrower Sam
SoulCollector Gus
ShieldTank Buster
Jester Chester
DoorMan Gray
Beamer Mandy
Splitter R-T
Puppeteer Willow
Maisie Maisie
FishTank Hank
Duelist Cordelius
Reviver Doug