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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)

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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Title Screen

A Hat in Time

Developer: Gears for Breakfast
Publisher: Gears for Breakfast
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: October 5, 2017

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

The story of a kid and A Hat in Time, on a quest to get back home in time for dinner and cookies.

To do:
Lots of meshes/textures/materials/etc. within the content packages of the game's editor.
A couple of Matinees/Cinematics within some of the games cooked maps.
Some HUD Elements have some functionality that isn't used.


Unused Animations
Darling, you moved! The picture is ruined! How could you?!
Hatintime thor.png
Unused Models
Buckle up, because this game has a bunch of these!

Unused Cutscene



An unused cutscene that would fit well as a post-credits cutscene. This area is part of the same map that contains Hat Kid's sleeping "The End" scene, after the credits. Changing the in-game lighting reveals that there is a rogue coat rack hiding just outside of the scene. The room design shows that this scene takes place within Mafia Town.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unseen Area

AHatinTime-HiddenTentFront.png AHatinTime-HiddenTentBack.png

Hidden away in the credits sequence away from the player's view is a tent with a blackboard inside like those seen in the Alpha and Beta builds of the game, it features the thank you from Mario at the end of Super Mario 64 and a few words of encouragement from W.T.N, that being William T. Nicholls, the Gears For Breakfast's art director and level designer.

Unused Cinematics

Unused cinematics from the Alpha trailer remain in the game. Within Mafia Town, there are four unused cinematics called cine1, cine2, cine3 and cine4. To see them, open the developer console and enter enablecheats. Then write ce <cinematic name>, and the cinematic will play.

In Mafia Town HQ has two strange unused cinematics called Bird and rs. The cinematic named Bird transforms the player into a rat. They can move and hit Hat Kid only if they are close to her. The other cinematic is in the kitchen. When it is played, the music stops and the camera zooms onto a Mafia cook working on some food. The cinematic's description calls it "Rhythm Segment". It might have been an introductory cutscene to a rhythm-based minigame of some sort.

Unused Music

Beta File Select

A leftover from the Beta build of the game. It played on the title screen and file select screen.

Guard Caught Jingle

A variation of the jingle that plays upon selecting who the murderer is in the act "Murder on the Owl Express". Judging by the filename, it would have played upon being caught in the stealth segment.

Hub World Secret Pillow Hideout Variation Intro

A variation of the tune that plays every time the player enters Hat Kid's Spaceship. As there is never an instance where the intro plays from within the pillow fort, this variation is unused.

Sand 'n Sails Level Intro

The level introduction theme that would have played while starting the cut chapter "Sand 'n Sails".

Unused Text


trade_ties_intro0 = Hey child.
trade_ties_intro1 = You look like smart girl. Real clever.
trade_ties_intro2 = Are you clever?
trade_ties_intro_yes = The cleverest!
trade_ties_intro_no = Not in particular!
trade_ties_intro_a0 = Of course you are. Mafia can see it in eyes. You more clever than normal people.
trade_ties_intro_b0 = Maybe Mafia misjudged child. Maybe you not sharpest fish in freezer. But can change.
trade_ties_intro3 = Mafia sell ties. But also buy ties. You understand?
trade_ties_intro4 = Sell man a tie and he looks fine. Fine man don't buy ties.
trade_ties_intro5 = Man needs to lose tie to keep buying. But how tie disappear? Mafia not ask questions. You understand?
trade_ties_intro6 = Mafia buy ties from you. You give Mafia ties from fine man. Fine man comes back.
trade_ties_intro7 = You understand now, yes? You smart. Bring me [name]Mafia Ties[/name] and in return you get item

trade_ties_sale0 = Hey child. You came with ties, yes?
trade_ties_sale1 = Welcome back. You brought Mafia ties?
trade_ties_sale_noitem0 = Item for trade: No item. Out of stock.
trade_ties_sale_noitem1 = Mafia blame economy. Come back later and Mafia have item.
trade_ties_sale_badgepart0 = Item for trade: Badge part. Combine all to put on hat. Is cute.
trade_ties_sale_badgepart1 = Mafia not sure what combined badge do. Mafia not nosy, none of Mafia business.

An unused script about ties from the beta of the game.

cafe0 = ... and the lass drops us back down, just like that! Without so much as a goodbye.
cafe1 = We *were* hanging onto her spaceship, darling. Though that was... quite the fall.
cafe2 = Very long fall. Land straight in the water. Mafia hate this - none of us are good swimmers.
cafe3 = What a view, though! You could see every inch of our world from up there...
cafe4 = ...
cafe5 = So, are we splitting the bill, or...?
cafe6 = You know, that kid had quite the bill racked up when I first met her. I'm not sure how such a little thing could get in so much trouble!
cafe7 = Child did cause lots of trouble at first, that is true. Other, hooded, child was clearly bad influence.
cafe8 = Alright, I'm glad you all got along well. Now, the formality of the bi-
cafe9 = Got along well? She basically killed me! I'm a jar now!
cafe10 = But she did turn off lava faucets. Mafia Town warm and welcoming now, not just hot mess.
cafe11 = And I daresay she made even your silly action movies look good, [name]Conductor[/name].
cafe12 = Quite the little hero after all! I just hope she's getting some rest, wherever she is...

A script for the unused cafe scene in the section above.

linecounter0=One Line!
linecounter1=One Line![br]Two lines!
option0=Option A
option1=Option B

mumbletest=Eekum I am a mafia blah blah bleh!

Standard Mafia dialogue.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Diary Entries

Hat Kid's diary can be found in her bedroom by using the Ice Hat on the pile of pillows. Since both the Ice Hat and the first few Time Pieces are required to access this area, these diary entries are rendered inaccessible:

chapter1_tutorial_0 = So... I am stranded. A Mafia in an apron and suit knocked on my door, and decided to mess everything up.
chapter1_tutorial_1 = Apparently they're "Mafia Cooks". Why couldn't I have gotten stranded near a normal planet?

An entry for the prologue and Chapter 1, Act 1.

chapter1_barrelboss_0 = I'm not super sure what that was supposed to be? Some big loser stood around and threw barrels at me!
chatper1_barrelboss_1 = Some even had spikes on! Who has spiked barrels????

An entry for Chapter 1, Act 2.

chapter1_cannon_repair_0 = Wow. And I thought the regular Mafia were weirdos.
chapter1_cannon_repair_1 = At least he had a [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Piece[/timepiece] I could take! How do they keep finding these things...

An entry for Chapter 1, Act 3. Note that the words "Time Piece" are rendered with an icon and colorization.

One more is very difficult to see in-game, because you need to save and exit from Dead Bird Studios after getting the Ice Hat then get three more Time Pieces from Time Rifts:

chapter1_boss_0 = No wonder these guys are so dumb if that's who they put in charge!
chapter1_boss_1 = I guess nobody is the boss now though... whoops.

An entry for Chapter 1, Act 4.

Mu_Finale_0 = That got out of hand. As if this planet didn't have enough lava on it already!
Mu_Finale_1 = I'm sick of people here sneaking into my ship! It's rude! Time for me to go home.

An entry for Chapter 5, Act 1. The game never shows this entry due to a bug

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Mustache Girl Dialog

An unused cutscene in Subcon Forest featuring Mustache Girl and Snatcher.

intro0 = Ugh, travelling is a lot harder when you don't have a spaceship to fly around in.
intro1 = I bet the hat kid hasn't been here yet, though! I'll snatch all the [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece] before she gets here!
intro2 = Now... where to find some [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece]?
snatcher1_mu = Are you for real? This is so cliche.
snatcher2_sn = YOU STEPPED IN- I'm sorry, what now?
snatcher3_mu = I've seen this done a million times on TV. This isn't even close to original.
snatcher4_sn = Wow, okay. Not only do you intrude on my domain, but you also insult it.
snatcher5_sn = Do you even know what I do with small children? I eat them for lunch.
snatcher6_mu = Alright, whatever. Do your thing! I'm just here to snatch some [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece].
snatcher7_sn = Okay, EXCUSE ME. If anyone is snatching anything, it's me!
snatcher8_sn = My name is literally the Snatcher, and you, young lady, are not taking anything that belongs to me.
snatcher9_mu = What are you gonna do about it?
snatcher10_mu = Lemme guess, you're gonna make a deal with me that favors you way more than it favors me?
snatcher11_sn = ...
snatcher12_sn = NO. I have, uhm, something much cooler planned for you!
snatcher13_mu = Spit it out, what is it?
snatcher14_sn = It's, uhh...
snatcher15_sn = ...
snatcher16_sn = Okay fine, I was gonna make you sign a contract.
snatcher17_mu = Amazing. Can I go?
snatcher18_sn = ...
snatcher19_sn = Get out of my forest.
// Snatcher picks up Mu Girl by her cape
snatcher20_mu = Wha?! Hey!
// He throws her far away
snatcher21_sn = Children these days.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Graphics

A collectible birb. It can no longer be collected.

A-Hat-in-Time-Alpha-Timepiece.png A-Hat-in-Time-Alpha-Timepiece-Missing.png
Menu icons for collected and uncollected Time Pieces. These originated from the Alpha build.


UI relating to "Badge Points", a function removed for the final game. Badge Points were only available in the Alpha and Beta builds.

A texture for the now-removed Electro Badge. This badge appeared in pre-release builds of the game.

AHatInTime-Badge ice statue.png
A badge that went unused for the Ice mechanic. Being eventually replaced with the "Ice Hat" in the final game. It was formally known as the "Ice Statue Badge".

AHatInTime-Badge chemical.png
An early badge referred to as the "Owl's Brew Badge". It was eventually replaced with the "Brewing Hat" in the final game.

An unused UI image for Hover Yarn. The hover functionality was modified and delegated to a badge instead of a hat.

A placeholder UI icon for a water flask, using its 3D model. The water flask was not used for the final game, and was likely related to the "Sand 'n Sails" chapter before that chapter was turned into "Alpine Skyline".

Placeholder Final
A-Hat-in-Time-dweller-fox-UI.png A-Hat-in-Time-dweller-fox-final.png

A placeholder UI icon for the Dweller's Mask, using its 3D model.

A concept design of the game's title screen.

An additional concept design visualizing object paths. It contains some notes in yellow that are too small to read.

A watermark leftover from the previous speedrun event build.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Prototype/Alpha Build Graphics

To do:
Detail exactly which builds this content is found in. If it is not final, it goes on one of our lovely prototype pages.

Graphics found within the Alpha build of the game. Features leftover assets from the Prototype build.

AHatInTime-Mafia of cooks.png
UI originally used in the act: "'Barrel Battle'". It was modified in the Beta build of the game and removed completely in the final.

AHatInTime-Menu badges.png
Pretty self explanatory. Early UI for the Badge menu.

A collection of leftover icons and logos used in the prototype build.

Early icon and name for the act that eventually became both "'Welcome to Mafia Town'" and "'Barrel Battle'".

Early icon and name for the act "'Heating up Mafia Town'".

Early icon and name for an unknown act in the Subcon Forest.

Early icon and name for the act "'Queen Vanessa's Manor'".

This was used to obscure a couple of the icons listed above. This was used as a way to promote their Kickstarter page at the time.

Credits from the Alpha Build of the game.


(Source: Original TCRF research)

Texture Oddities

A-Hat-in-Time-dweller-bull-texture.png A-Hat-in-Time-dweller-bunny-texture.png A-Hat-in-Time-dweller-cat-texture.png
These textures for the Dweller's Mask variants all contain notes within the texture that signify the front and back of each mask.

The detective hat texture contains an art reference image.

Habster says hello.

(Source: Original TCRF research)