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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)

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Title Screen

A Hat in Time

Developer: Gears for Breakfast[1]
Publisher: Gears for Breakfast[1]
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: October 5, 2017[1]

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The story of a kid and A Hat in Time, on a quest to get back home in time for dinner and cookies.


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Unused Graphics
Why Mafia never finish any-
Unused Animations
Darling, you moved! The picture is ruined! How could you?! (Warning: this page contains a lot of animated GIFs.)
Hatintime thor.png
Unused Models
Buckle up, because this game has a bunch of these!
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Unused Text
So much to say and so little time!
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Unused Objects
Hat Kid forgot to pack all of her maps for the final game.
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Unused Object Code
Hat Kid isn't allowed to be stylish anymore.
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Unused Audio
Awww, but we've come all the way here to see you!

Oddities & Hidden Details

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Hidden Cubemap Details
The secrets lay within the mirror...
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Level Oddities & Secrets
Happily Ever After?
Texture Oddities
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Version Differences
Remember when Peace and Tranquility cost yarn?
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Modding Tools Content
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Unseen Area

AHatinTime-HiddenTentFront.png AHatinTime-HiddenTentBack.png

Hidden away in the credits sequence away from the player's view is a tent with a blackboard inside like those seen in the Alpha and Beta builds of the game. It features a reference to the thank you message from Mario at the end of Super Mario 64 and a few words of encouragement from W.T.N, referring to William T. Nicholls, the Gears For Breakfast art director and level designer.

Unused Leftover Gamescom Beta Mode

Leftovers from the Gamescom demo, which was presumably a show floor demo playable at Gamescom 2017 (which took place from August 22nd to the 26th) are unused in the final game, accessible through minor hex editing or upon initial release via the config option IsGamescomBeta.

Upon starting the game up, the main menu will load two level options instead of save files. The unused alarm option for enabling and disabling a time limit also appears on the loadout bar at the bottom left. The player can pick between two levels: Dead Bird Studio and Murder on the Owl Express. Murder is listed as Normal difficulty and Dead Bird is listed as Hard difficulty. Note that the coding for this part of the menu was removed in the March 13 2018 update for the game, and no longer works. After playing a level for roughly fifteen minutes, a timer countdown will appear at the top right of the screen. When it reaches zero, "Demo Over!" appears in the middle of the screen, the level fades to black, and it boots the player back to the title screen. If the player succeeds in collecting a Time Piece before the timer ends (or if the timer is turned off) it also returns the player to the main menu.

If the player somehow makes their way into the spaceship in a new save file while this mode is active, a textbox will trigger just before the player leaves the bedroom, instructing the player on how to swap and use their hats.

Unused Act

In the initial release of the game, there existed an entire unused Act for Chapter 2. As can be seen in the video, the player can enter it by inputting certain commands into the developer console while on the Moon. This Act is actually the remnants of an Act called 'Moon Stars', which was an Act in the Chapter's original version, 'Trainwreck of Science'. Judging from DJ Grooves being present next to the player at the start of the Act, it's likely it was in the process of being repurposed for Battle of the Birds. Internally, this Act is referred to as Act 7 of the Chapter.

At the start of the Act, the player is softlocked in cinematic mode and cannot move. This is likely due to incomplete or disabled Kismet programming in the map. By firing a certain console command related to The Big Parade, cinematic mode for the player can be disabled, allowing access to the level. Moon Kittens, an otherwise unused enemy, populate this Act, with some carrying little egg characters that don't appear anywhere else. (These are a skeletal mesh, not a static mesh. Their static mesh version is used a few times in the game.) Collecting all of the egg characters, and then speaking to DJ Grooves will spawn an otherwise unused Time Piece. This Act does not have any ChapterActInfo data, and thus does not appear on the act select menu for the Chapter after collecting it. Interestingly, however, it does increase your Time Piece total.

The level intro for the Act actually gets cut off before the full version is shown. The video here shows the full intro:

Unused Kismet Programming

Unused Lab Transport Tube Functionality

In the initial release of the game, before the tube got replaced with the Online Party machine in DLC 2, there was unused and disabled Kismet Programming for entering this tube. This also had functionality in the Beta builds, but no longer worked and softlocked the game. In the final, however, there is much more leftover. As it turns out, this tube was originally how the player was going to access the lab onboard the spaceship hub. Enabling the Kismet and entering the tube makes the doors move, using an otherwise unused matinee. However, it seems the matinee expected the doors to be open by default, which they are not. Thus, the doors will move and clip into each other, as the matinee is trying to 'close' the already closed doors. The screen fades to black and fades back in, but the player doesn't get teleported anywhere even though there's Kismet for it. This is because the object that served as the location for the player to get teleported to no longer exists in the map.

Leftover Alpha and Beta Jump Recovery Volumes

In the Alpha and Beta builds, when following Mustache Girl through Mafia Town in Act 1, there were volumes placed below the gaps at the first bridge that would respawn the player back up on a nearby building if they fell. These were disabled in the final game, with the volumes and Kismet programming all still being present in the initial release, albeit disabled. Upon re-enabling it, it turns out it works flawlessly. The Kismet can be seen in action here.

Beta Train Rush Leftovers

Kismet programming still exists in the final game for the Conductor's interactions and dialogue for the beginning of Train Rush in the Beta builds. The Kismet is disabled, but re-enabling it through console commands is very easy. Simply set all SequenceEvents to be enabled to re-enable the fence that appears in front of the door. The Conductor will still block the player's way into the train until they talk to him, at which point his final conversation triggers and his Beta conversation triggers immediately after that. The dialogue was updated when the Chapter changed themes in 2016, but the newly recorded lines for it were never implemented into the conversation tree and it still uses the old Beta lines. The level proceeds as normal after entering the train; none of the Kismet for the ending sequence at the front of the train exists. As an additional note, there is an unused recovery function over the very last lava pit in the final carriage that respawns you on the ledge before it if you land in it. This is also leftover from the Beta builds.

Unused Forest Fire Smoke Post Process Effect

There is a trigger volume placed in Subcon Forest in all versions of the final game that encompasses the entirety of the fiery area of the forest. The volume is disabled, meaning any coding it's linked to will not trigger if the player touches it. As it turns out, this volume was intended to toggle an unused post process effect for the player, making brown smoke appear on the player's screen while inside the volume. This post process effect was in the player's post process chain when the game launched, but was eventually taken out of it in an update. For the video demonstration on the right, it was added back in using a mod. The volume is linked to Kismet programming that triggers an otherwise unused Kismet node specifically made for toggling this post process effect. In the final game, the effect was removed and smoke for the fiery area of the level was relegated to particles instead.

Unused Wandering Dweller Matinee

There exists an unused matinee in the Kismet programming for Subcon Forest in an otherwise unused Sequence called "Wandering". This matinee is the only Kismet programming inside the Sequence. The matinee has no object; the original object for it has long since been deleted, but the matinee data calls the object a "Dweller", which would be a Forest Dweller.

The video on the right shows the matinee in editor in action after adding a Forest Dweller to the map and assigning it to the matinee. The path it takes clips through the ground most of the time, indicating an old leftover that was made with different Subcon Forest level geometry in mind. The only known versions of Subcon Forest that had noticeably different terrain from the final game's were versions of the level that were seen before the Alpha builds.

Leftover Subcon Well Beta Build Restrictions

Leftover in the final game are the original changes made to the level for its appearance in the Beta builds, including having an intro cutscene and having the Time Piece at the end of the caves instead of back out in Subcon Forest. Note that only this Kismet programming still exists; any Beta build object layouts do not exist in any way in the final game. When the level is loaded, it checks if the game is running in a "beta mode", and if it isn't, it destroys the Time Piece, skips the intro cutscene, and changes how the level ends (water comes gushing out and you return to the main forest). If the game detects you are in a "beta mode", then it plays out exactly as it did in the Beta builds.

Unused Mustache Girl Boss Phase

In all builds of the final game, there exists a minimal amount of Kismet programming leftover from a scrapped phase of the final boss that involved the Crow Agents and Tourist. All that remains of it is a camera angle and one line of dialogue, the localization for which can only be found in the initial releases of the console builds. Once the player proceeds past the Crow Agent's dialogue, the game softlocks. It's unknown what this part of the boss fight would've entailed but leftover localization for this cutscene for the Tourist suggests he was to use his camera in some way, possibly to blind Mustache Girl by taking pictures. An unused Crow Agent Actor present in the initial release of the game that appears to have been made for the boss fight also existed, which followed the player around while keeping a certain distance away from Mustache Girl.

Unused Cinematics

Mafia Town

Unused cinematics from the Alpha trailer remain in the game. Within Mafia Town, there are four unused cinematics called cine1, cine2, cine3 and cine4. To see them, open the developer console and enter enablecheats. Then write ce <cinematic name>, and the cinematic will play.

In Mafia Town HQ has two strange unused cinematics called Bird and rs. The cinematic named Bird transforms the player into a rat. They can move and hit Hat Kid only if they are close to her. The other cinematic is in the kitchen. When it is played, the music stops and the camera zooms onto a Mafia cook working on some food. The cinematic's description calls it "Rhythm Segment". This was an introductory cutscene to the rhythm-based minigame that was discovered in the Beta builds.

Subcon Forest

In Subcon Forest, if one fires off the command ce levelcinematic in the developer console, an unused camera cinematic will begin, switching to a few different cameras that slowly look through a few areas of the forest. The camera paths seem to be fairly old, as they often clip through objects and level geometry. The cinematic loops indefinitely, requiring a restart on the player's end to continue playing. It's unknown what the cinematic was made for.

Credits Cutscene



An unused cutscene that would fit well as a post-credits cutscene, as this area is part of the same map that contains Hat Kid's sleeping "The End" scene, after the credits. Changing the in-game lighting reveals that there is a rogue coat rack hiding just outside of the scene. The room design shows that this scene takes place within Mafia Town. There's also an interaction point inside the room that begins the conversation, with each character talking and camera angles for some parts. A video showcasing the cutscene in action is shown below:

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Alpine Skyline Birdhouse Cutscene

In all builds of the final game, there exists an unused cutscene in the Birdhouse that was meant to trigger after the second Egg Shromb enemy in the area blows up. It cuts to a camera angle of Fatty Bird, who proceeds to turn over in his sleep. It then cuts back to Hat Kid a couple seconds later. According to Habboi in his developer playthrough of the game, the Birdhouse was originally intended to have stealth gameplay, where the player would have to navigate through the level without waking Fatty Bird up. This would explain why the Egg Shromb enemies make alarm clock noises while active. The reason this cutscene does not trigger in-game normally is because its event is disabled, which can be fixed by a simple command from the developer console.

Unused Virtual Kid Shader

AHatIntime VirtualKidPS1VertexShader.gif

There exists a shader in all Virtual costumes and cosmetics, which is called the "PS1 Vertex Shader", and is disabled by default. Enabling it makes the materials for the Virtual Costume mimic the distinctive jitter of 3D models in PlayStation games (owed to the console's lack of a z-buffer). It's unknown why it wasn't used, although there's reports that Jonas felt that it 'wasn't cute'.

In the GIF, left is with the shader applied, right is the normal appearance.


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