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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Version Differences

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X).

To do:
Document changes in the coding for objects and HUD, as well as general differences, like Ambient Occlusion and PBR.

This game has received quite a few patches, and has changed a lot since release. The most noticeable differences will be documented here.

AHatIntime options facebook.png
Changed or Removed Graphics
Who needs Facebook anyway?
AHatIntime hat kid crystal(Original).png
Model Revisions
A lot of time was spent polishing rocks
AHatIntime Item Act(Current).png
Text Revisions
Words are hard sometimes
AHatInTime Romanclock.png
Object Code Differences
What do you mean the Time Stop Hat doesn't use clocks anymore?
AHatInTime UI Deathwish Activated.png
Early Death Wish Localization
Hey, kiddo! I'm still setting up, here! No peeking!
AHatInTime-Mu plan06 console.png
Initial Console Builds
Cooking Cat has served his mission!
AHatIntime room pool Older.png
Special Builds
Sometimes things slip through your fingers...

Early Spaceship Death Wish Music

Found in the files of Modding Beta builds between January 6 2018 and January 9 2018 is an early version of the music that plays in the spaceship when near Snatcher:

January 3 2018 January 9 2018

This version is less than half the length of the finished version, falling very short of the length to match other spaceship variants. To an untrained ear, the early version may sound the same as the final, but it's actually slightly different. The early version was imported on January 3 2018, while the final version was imported late on January 9 2018. This version was actually used for a secret on the A Hat in Time website, where clicking on a certain part of the page would lead to a page with Snatcher smiling over an image of the Death Wish map while playing this music.

Early Rift Collapse Combined Music

Found in the March 22 2018 Modding Beta Build and the Aquarium Rift in the DLC 1 Leak Build is an earlier version of the Rift Collapse music used in the final game.

March 10 2018 July 31 2018

The two versions are identical in composition except that the final's was made to loop more within the track, to prevent it from awkwardly looping in the final game. It didn't work.

Early Nintendo Switch Release Localization

Early localization found only on the initial release of the Nintendo Switch version, prior to any patches, is present for Nyakuza Metro and Online Party!


PlayerJoin = [name][playername][/name] has joined the ghost party
PlayerLeave = [name][playername][/name] has left the ghost party


PlayerJoin = [name][playername][/name] has joined the online party!
PlayerLeave = [name][playername][/name] has left the online party...

Some extra details were added for the joining and leaving messages. The early text also calls it 'ghost party' instead of 'online party'.

LobbyPrompt = Group Name
PublicInfo = If entered, you will only see other players who are in this group.


LobbyPrompt = Party Name
PublicInfo = If entered, you will only see other players who are in this party.

"Group" was changed to "Party".



OnlineInfo = This will allow you to see and interact with other players, including friends and random visitors.

A rather hilarious placeholder line is present for the description of the Online Party machine.



Tutorial0 = Welcome to [wave][hint]Online Party[/hint][/wave]! Collapse dimesions together and see your friends!
Tutorial1 = Turn it on to journey alongside players from other worlds!
Tutorial2 = Or enter a party name to just play with your friends!

More funny placeholder lines. The first line refers to the mode as "Ghost Party", which is what Online Party is called internally. It's possible that at this point in development that "Ghost Party" was the current official name for the mode.


Category_Filters = Filters


Category_Filters = Style

The 'Filters' section of the new DLC 2 camera was changed to 'Style'.

Item_HatKidPose = Pose
Pose_None = None
Pose_1 = Pose 1
Pose_2 = Pose 2
Pose_3 = Pose 3
Pose_4 = Pose 4
Pose_5 = Pose 5
Pose_6 = Pose 6
Pose_7 = Pose 7
Pose_8 = Pose 8
Pose_9 = Pose 9
Pose_10 = Pose 10
Pose_11 = Pose 11
Item_HatKidExpression = Face
Expression_None = None
Expression_1 = Face 1
Expression_2 = Face 2
Expression_3 = Face 3
Expression_4 = Face 4
Expression_5 = Face 5
Expression_6 = Face 6
Expression_7 = Face 7
Expression_8 = Face 8


Item_HatKidPose = Pose
Pose_None = None
Pose_1 = The Big Cheese
Pose_2 = Crouched Bleph
Pose_3 = Peace and Tranquility
Pose_4 = Shocked
Pose_5 = Steppin'
Pose_6 = Balance
Pose_7 = Casual Walk
Pose_8 = Zoomin' By
Pose_9 = Finger Gun
Pose_10 = Hmmm
Pose_11 = Yessir
Item_HatKidExpression = Face
Expression_None = None
Expression_1 = Angery
Expression_2 = Happy
Expression_3 = Surprised
Expression_4 = Hurtin'
Expression_5 = Nervous
Expression_6 = Bleph
Expression_7 = Nostalgic
Expression_8 = Hewwo
Expression_9 = Fed Up

The generic names of the poses and faces Hat Kid can make in the camera mode were given proper names for the final version. A 9th expression was also added for the final, called "Fed Up".

PingName = Ping
OverHereName = Over here!
HiName = Hi!
WatchOutName = Watch out!
JoinMeName = Join me!

Online Party emotes are present in this file instead of the 'ghostparty.int' file. Included is localization for the unused and removed "Join me!" emote found in the December 4 2018 build.


MetroTicketName = Metro Ticket
MetroTicketName0 = Route A Ticket
MetroTicketName1 = Route B Ticket
MetroTicketName2 = Route C Ticket
MetroTicketName3 = Route D Ticket
MetroTicketDesc0 = Grants Access to stations in the Metro


MetroTicketName = Metro Ticket
MetroTicketNameA = Yellow Ticket
MetroTicketNameB = Green Ticket
MetroTicketNameC = Bluefin Ticket
MetroTicketNameD = Pink Ticket
MetroTicketDesc0 = Grants Access to stations in the Metro

The metro ticket items only have generic names at this point, and match up with the map file names found in the September 29 2018 build that leaked the very early version of DLC 2.

StickerName = Photo Sticker
StickerDesc0 = A new photo sticker has been unlocked
StickerDesc1 = for your [icon:camerabadge][name]Camera Badge[/name]!


StickerName = Sticker
StickerDesc0 = A new sticker has been unlocked,
StickerDesc1 = use with [button:emote] and [icon:camerabadge]!

Stickers were originally called "Photo Stickers".


photo_cat0 = Want to be a helpful little kid, nya? We're updating our website, nya, but the photos are all old.
photo_cat1 = Could you do me a favour, nya? Could you take some new press photos with your [hint]camera[/hint]?
photo_cat2 = I need, nya... one of the [hint]jewellery store[/hint], one of the [hint]big sushi restaraunt[/hint], the [hint]subway entrance[/hint]...
photo_cat3 = One from [hint]the balcony at the top of the Metro[/hint], nya.... oh, and one of the [hint]coffee shop[/hint].
photo_cat4 = We want nice clear photos, nya. Make sure you're close enough, and that the subject is centered.

Localization is present for the Metro Cats at this point, but this is all there is inside the file. The text describes a scrapped scenario where Hat Kid has to take pictures of certain areas of the metro for a cat, although to what end is unknown. The text also depicts an early way the Metro Cats once spoke, often ending sentences with "nya". No Metro Cats speak this way in the final version at all.


empress_finale0 = I should have known you'd betray me, child. You look the type.
empress_finale1 = Your little trinkets are all locked up. I told you - they belong to me.
empress_finale2 = She's stolen one back! Stop her taking the other three, you fools!
empress_finale3 = What do you mean there's only half left? What do I pay you useless cats for?
empress_finale4 = A million dollars to whoever brings me that little brat!
empress_finale5 = She has all of them? Catch her! Don't let her leave my metro!

Two localization files for Empress, one of which (empress_metro.int) does not exist in the final version. The contents of both files is the same: early dialogue for Rush Hour. At this point in development, there were only four Time Pieces to collect in the level prior to the finale, instead of eight. The manholes for the level were found to exist as early as December 2018, indicating that all of this localization is leftover from sometime before December 2018, but after September 29 2018. It also appears that Hat Kid would've stolen them back one by one during the level, instead of snatching them all up at once before the Act began.