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Journal Entries

Someone uploaded all of the Journal entries to PasteBin: Does anyone know the earliest chapter that the Diary is accessible from? VmKid (talk) 02:02, 15 October 2017 (EDT)

It's accessible once Subcon Forest is unlocked, but after Mafia Town act 4 you can play time pieces in whatever order you want, so the first four acts of Mafia Town are the only ones where diary entries are always inaccessible. --Aruki (talk) 18:58, 16 October 2017 (EDT)
It's actually only the first three. Hourglasses from time rifts don't change it, so if you go get the ice hat out of Dead Bird Studios then exit to the hub, you can get hourglasses from the two time rifts in Mafia Town and the one in the art room on the ship. --Keiya (talk) 09:55, 13 May 2019 (EDT)

Model renders

Is there a better way to take images of the models? Screenshots taken in the mod tools turn out quite bad. --989Nintendo898 and his Talk page Nitrods marioheadanim.gif 13:08, 19 October 2017 (EDT)

Unused Sounds

There's a fair bit of unused voice clips in the games files. The conductor has voice lines for back when the express train was called the science train and you had to get your bird passport from him instead of DJ Grooves. There's also some unused dialog in Subcon Forest. There's also a few unused songs like the Moon Jumper's theme as well as some unused music variations. Blazingflare (talk) 04:13, 24 October 2017 (EDT)

I also noticed more unused sounds and music, including about thirteen variations of the "Stylish!" jingle from Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door. There are also placeholder lines for DJ Grooves, which sound like they might have been spoken by Cooking Cat's voice actor. Finally, there are lines spoken by the Mafia, which sound like they are from an unused mission where the player was supposed to deliver their neckties. Models and localization strings for these ties remain, as well. --Boctor (talk) 21:51, 16 November 2017 (EST)

Found some stuff

(EDIT: The race is apparently Act 5 and I just never unlocked it...)

I got some unused(?) text that I found while tinkering around with the .int files (my computer overheats from the cpu usage so I can't play). I got 20 Time Pieces already but I'm not sure about a lot of things... (i will keep adding stuff if I find more)

First off, these lines are found in the Conductor's code:

[GearPieces] story_intro0 = Nice place you've got here, lass! Not bad, not bad at all. story_intro1 = You know, back in me old days, I used to go on adventures, just like yerself! story_intro2 = Wanna hear old stories from an old man? It won't give yer a reward or nuthin'. story_intro3 = What kinda story do yer wanna hear? story_intro4 = That'll be [cost] pons for a new story! What, you thought me wisdom was gonna be free? Hah! story_intro5 = Alright, pick a story!

story_Jungle01 = Me 'n the Owl Express were heading to new territory, in search of the next Gear Piece! story_Jungle02 = I ventured to the deepest parts of the macaroni jungle, when suddenly, I was met with tribesmen! Lots of them! I was surrounded, kid! story_Jungle03 = But wait... they recognized me! They all bowed down in awe! They said I was the great bird of the west! They must've seen me movies or somethin'! story_Jungle04 = They brought me to their temple, and I saw the next Gear Piece in broad daylight. I knew I had to get me hands on it, but how? story_Jungle05 = As they led me to their worship chamber, my expectations got higher and higher, you know? I was awaiting seeing myself in golden statue form! story_Jungle06 = But lo and behold, you know what I saw, kiddo? A poster of [icon:djgrooves][name]DJ GROOVES[/name]! I was like, YER WHAT, PECK NECKS?! story_Jungle07 = And so I tore down the poster, stole their Gear Piece, 'n ran off! And that's how I got my 7th Gear Piece! Soon the Black Jewel Train will be mine!

At some point the Conductor was also meant to visit Hat Kid's ship and for some pons he would tell you stories about Gear Pieces. These sound an awful lot like Time Pieces, and I think they had the role of time pieces before they changed their plans. Or again, it's just the Conductor lying about stuff. Or a movie script.

Also side note, Chapter 2 is refereed to as Chapter 3 in the game. Chapter 3 is thus referred to as Chapter 2. Yes, Subcon Forest originally came before BOTB.

Another thing I found are two unused references to levels: beta_hero (don't exactly remember the name) and Blank_DayTime.

[TemplateMapMetadata.DisplayNames] AHIT_Template_Blank_DayTime = Blank Daytime (A noteworthy thing is that the two above lines are in a completely diffrent file -

I don't know a lot of things, so i'm not sure if those are used or not:

HolidayHatName = Holiday Hat HolidayHatDesc0 = A seasoned touch!

DinoHatName = Textile T-Rex DinoHatDesc0 = Hear me roar! Rawwwwwr!

HeadbandName = Lady Band HeadbandDesc0 = Float like a ladybug, sting like a ladybug. Peace out!

CatBeanieName = 1-Hit Hero CatBeanieDesc0 = You die in one hit. Only for the brave!

FuzzyHornHatName = Sleepy Sheep FuzzyHornHatDesc0 = Makes you feel like a lazy sheep, sitting in the sun, having a nap.

RaccoonHatName = Snoozy Raccoon RaccoonHatDesc0 = Sleeping on top of your head, what kind of monster would wake him up?

ThorHatName = Inventor's Cap ThorHatDesc0 = Grants a spin attack while airborne!

And finally, the icing on the cake:

KidHatBoyName = Kid's Hat KidHatBoyDesc0 = His pride and joy.

Yes, at some point you could pick if you were a boy or a girl. Or maybe earlier the kid was a boy. Or they were undecided.

Now badges (again, not sure if used or not) (if i'm not sure, i will mark with a *):

First off, text about Badge Points:

BadgeCollect3 = You've got enough Badge Points to activate it! BadgeCollect4 = You already have this badge, but you get +1 Badge Points anyway! BadgePart = Part

Most likely badges were like yarn at some point. This was scrapped for the Badge Dealer.

DamageToEnergyName = Teen Angst Badge DamageToEnergyFun0 = An angry little girl never runs out of energy! DamageToEnergyTech0 = Gain energy when attacking enemies!

TeleportName = Snatcher's Realm Badge* TeleportDescFun0 = Undo your mistakes! TeleportDescTech0 = Press [button:badge] to undo a jump!

MoreEnergyFromOrbsName = Explorer's Badge* MoreEnergyFromOrbsFun0 = Can't wait to go on adventures! MoreEnergyFromOrbsTech0 = Gain 4x more energy from orbs!

RocketJumpName = Rocket Jump Badge* RocketJumpFun0 = Fly to the skies! RocketJumpTech0 = Hold [button:jump] after a double jump to get shot upward!

MoreHealthName = More Health Badge MoreHealthFun0 = Take more punches! MoreHealthTech0 = Provides an additional heart slot!

MuddyName = Bucket of Mud Badge MuddyDescFun0 = The badge comes with a free bucket of mud! Yay? MuddyDescTech0 = Press [button:badge] to become muddy!

LungeAttackBadgeName = Lunge Attack Badge LungeAttackBadgeDesc0 = Lunge Attack Badge

Next up, with the same tagging mechanism: Items!

MafiaTieName = Mafia Tie* MafiaTieDesc0 = It's all sweaty and gross! Ew! MafiaTieGoldName = Golden Mafia Tie* MafiaTieGoldDesc0 = What?! This thing must be really heavy to wear. And expensive!

LevelTabletName = Ancient Tablet* LevelTabletDesc0 = It seems to spell out something... but it requires more pieces! LevelTabletDesc1 = It does look really rare, though. Better keep an eye out for more of those balloons!

TimePieceName = Time Piece TimePieceDesc0 = I want this. A lot.

On the end of the file there is this:

[ItemQuality] SupporterPrefix = Supporter GoldPrefix = Gold CompletionistPrefix = Completionist

Is that used?

Plural1 = An

TwoItemsAnd = and

I'm unsure about this double item collection one too.

[Objects] InterpTrackExpression="Expression Track" ParticleModuleColorOverTime = "Color Over Time" SoundNodeMixVariants="Mix Variants"

What's this stuff for?

Now: unused data for Mafia Town:

Population_MafiaTown_Less = Population: Less than before since I made them go boom

There was a "Blowing Up Mafia Town" stage most likely... what?

Mission_Race = Mission: Win legitima- pfffft hahaha

Here we have a "Race with the Mafia/Mustache Girl" stage leftover. The interpunction is broken.

Sweating_Nope = Perspiration: No chance

And probably the early version of "Perspiration: Hopefully not".

[placeholder] BetaHatSwapNotice0 = Press [button:badgeswitch] to swap your [icon:hat]![br]Press [button:badge] to use your Hat's ability.

I think that's used, but it's curiously listed as a beta placeholder.

I'm not sure if this one is used too:

[spaceship] visit0 = Why, hello fellow space travelling child. I am also a space travelling child. I do much space travel. visit1 = From one space travelling child to another, we can share details, yes? What's the secret of the [icon:timepiece][timepiece]Time Pieces[/timepiece]? visit2 = Why, yes, of course! And as a fellow space travelling child, I of course know what that means and entails. visit3 = As a token of appreciation, please take this item, which is surely of value for us space travelling children. visit4 = I must be off. Us space travelling children are always on the run. It was nice meeting a fellow space travelling child. Idle_mafiaboss0 = As a fellow space travelling child, I do not understand how a man in jar can live without organs and body parts. Idle_mafiaboss1 = It perplexes and confuses me, but I am enticed to figure out the answer. Such is the life of a space travelling child, such as myself. Idle_vault0 = Hello, fellow space travelling child. As a space travelling child myself, I am clumsy and forgetful. I seem to have forgotten the combination to this giant vault of ours. Idle_vault1 = I know, it is very clumsy of me. Can you remind me of the combination? No?

Next up, there is an empty file called

And now, from out ongoing series: The Hat Boy - we present: unused DJ Grooves line!

passport13b = We've gotta fix this ugly mugshot up with some old-fashioned photo doctoring! Here, take these markers and turn yourself into the most stylish, fashionable young boy!

And back to being unsure:

afraid_cherry0 = [scream][shake]GAHH!! W-who are you?[/shake][/scream] afraid_cherry1 = Oh, just some kid? Phew. For a minute I was worried you were that shadow guy. afraid_cherry2 = He's kinda rude. I wouldn't associate with that guy. He messes with us, like [hint]using the cherries to make us explode[/hint].

And now, ALL lines from the file (not sure which ones are used and which ones are not):

[bookstore] exit0 = Thank you!

[chapter1] freed_civ0 = You're free! freed_civ1 = All clear! freed_civ2 = Suckers! decline_offer0 = You suck! decline_offer1 = Bah! decline_offer2 = Nu-uh! hi_five0 = Yeah!!

Now we are going for a trip into Mafia Town (i do not know all dialogue, so i don't post some stuff):

clock0 = Mafia take clock tower from distant island. // Below needs voice acting clock1 = But Mafia not actually care about time, so tower is useless!

[bazaar] balloon_intro0 = This shop? Not open. balloon_intro1 = Shop only purchase rare ancient items, and no one seen rare items in years. balloon_intro2 = Ancient riddle says: "When balloons invented, look out for [clue]balloon in sky[/clue]." balloon_intro3 = But riddle too complicated for Mafia to understand. balloon_intro4 = If little child with hat see ancient balloon? Come here.

balloon_gotone0 = Wait, child has tablet? No way! balloon_gotone1 = It is said in ancient history: [clue]six tablets[/clue] needed for ancient magic. balloon_gotone2 = Child come back when child have six, and Mafia combine tablets for child.

[chapter1act4] intro0 = Weren't us, bub. We ain't done nothin'. intro1 = All we did was dump stuff into the water, boss orders. Said it cooled down the mountain. intro2 = But now that we aren't allowed in there no mo', we can't dump our stuff. beach1 = I tell you what, it's kinda nice here with the heat. beach2 = It's too bad about the beach being covered in boiling lava, though... sign0 = Now that we no longer work for boss, we got new job now. sign1 = We weather forecast. Today's weather: bad. Too warm. End of world? More at 11. sign2 = People want news in one word. People no time for small talk. sign3 = My bro running faulty business, he use two words. Too much. kickbad0 = Kicking us outta business was a bad move, child. This town needs a bully or everyone is too nice! kickbad1 = Ya know what a nice town wouldda be? Boring. No spice in the pasta. magic0 = This only water in town, and my magic illusion make it untouchable! What have I done! magic2 = Who knew that my weakness would be my own abilities! magic1 = [scream]NOOOOoooooo....[/scream] chef0 = Volcano lava good source for cooking! (note: act 4 in the final is "Down with the Mafia!")

vista0 = So picturesque! You can't quite decide what videogame it looks like, though.

Remember the unused old man? The file for the bizzare Mafia in the connected mission is still called! Speaking of changed names, the Express Owls are still Science Owls. And bizzarely, the intro for "Heating up Mafia Town" is called

Derp0 = This is how you look![br]You're an idiot! Derp1 = And you smell!

This does not seem to be used (i think...)

[sneakyhiddenstuff] book0 = It's a large heavy book, titled 'Proof of Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism'. book1 = The pages are all blank.

Where is this used?

[Decorations] DecorationPerfect = Combining the [decorations] made a [dreamworld] appear in [name][chaptername][/name]! Check the chapter's telescope to see where it's hiding!

Relics may have been called decorations and may have unlocked Time Rifts earlier on.

(question: is the stuff in used?)

And now, the entire lost script in

[Common] TellFriends = Tell your friends!

[Village.WaterFlaskShop] Intro0 = Excellent timing, Torrin! I just finished slapping together that free water bottle you wanted for your dog and- Intro1 = OH! A Tourist! Uh, did I say free? Ha ha, no! That's an old Sunburnt word meaning... uh... not free... Yeah. Intro2 = But for you, little lady, I would be happy to sell you this authentic, premium quality, handmade water bottle for the low, low price of 20 Orbs. Intro2b = But for you, little child, I would be happy to sell you this authentic, premium quality, handmade water bottle for the low, low price of 20 Orbs. Intro3 = You won't find a water bottle for this price in any of our other premium resorts! Buy now!

Revisit0 = Changed your mind, eh? Couldn't find a water bottle anywhere else, huh? Just enjoy my charming company, right? Revisit1 = So what do you say?

Purchase_Decline0 = Well, I hope you change your mind soon! Tell your friends!

Purchase_Accepted0 = Excellent choice, young tourist! I hope it serves you well amongst our beautiful sand dunes! Be sure to refill your bottle at any of our conveniently located water sources. Purchase_Accepted1 = And as us Sunburnt say: Tell your friends!

NoSell0 = Look, kiddo, I know my water bottles are a work of fine art, but art takes time! Plus, you don't want to be rude and deny someone else the privilege of buying their own, right? You're not a bad person, right?

[Village.ImportantNPCs] quickintro0 = Typical tourist. Just running out into the desert like you own the place. quickintro1 = Nothing against you personally, but all of our other guests just wander into the desert and we never see them, or their money, ever again. quickintro2 = Because of them we had to set up this red ring around the resort so that you tourists know where danger starts. quickintro3 = You'll need a [hint]water bottle[/hint] to even stand a chance past the ring. I think Sweltzo in town might have one of his free ones left. quickintro4 = See ya later, and as the old Sunburnt saying goes: Tell your friends!

quickintro_re0 = Hey, tiny tourist! You got yourself a [hint]water bottle[/hint] yet? It may be the smartest decision you ever make out here in the desert.

binocular0 = Oh wow! Beautiful! Amazing! This sure is a beautiful vacation get-away I would tell my friends about! binocular1 = Oh! I didn't see you there. I was just admiring the view of our beautiful desert and our other fantastic resort destinations. binocular2 = How about you give it a look? If you see a resort that you like, we can [hint]turn on their beacon to help you navigate[/hint] your way over there. binocular3 = Have fun and tell your friends!

binocular_re0 = Have you given our [hint]beacon navigation system[/hint] a try yet? It's really quite helpful! It works at any of our conveniently located [hint]binocular stations[/hint]!

[Village.RegularNPCs] vacation_destination = Can you believe that this bustling vacation destination used to be just a chain of poor desert villages?! Yep, totally not that anymore! visit_resorts = If you think this resort is nice you should see the other ones! They are just as amazing! Just remember to [hint]pack some water[/hint]! tourism = We learned some time ago that tourism is a good way to bring in some cash flow. So far it's been slow but business is looking up!

skeptism0 = Don't tell anyone, but I think this huge push to improve tourism is stupid. It's not working! You're the first tourist we've seen in ages, and we've already sunk what little money we had into all of this! skeptism1 = I don't see it ending anytime soon, though, so... tell your friends... please!

water0 = Our water has been voted "the least dirty water in the desert"! What an honor! water1 = Be sure to [hint]fill up your water bottle[/hint] for a refreshing pick-me-up out there in the sands!

beacon0 = Whenever I'm out for a stroll among the sand dunes, I can always count on those handy red beacons to keep me going in the right direction. beacon1 = Be sure to give it a try next time you come across one of our convenient [hint]binocular stations[/hint].

livehere0 = The glamor! The tranquility! The sun! I wish I could just live here! livehere1 = Well, I DO live here, but I bet you're wishing the same thing!

waterbottles0 = Sweltzo's [hint]water bottles[/hint] are genuinely handcrafted using age-old Sunburnt techniques. waterbottles1 = That doesn't mean they're any good. It just means they're made the same way they were made before modern tools were invented.

deadtourists0 = We've lost a lot of innocent tourists over the years... they wandered into the desert and were never seen again... deadtourists1 = If only they had water... they might have made it... deadtourists2 = Anyway, tell your friends!

safetyring = The resort's patented [hint]Red Safety Ring[/hint] technology makes sure that our distinguished guests know where safe resort property ends and the harsh wilderness of the desert wastes begin!

dressed0 = Hmm. You're not quite dressed for this kind of heat. Why don't you take a tip out of the Sunburnt guide to fashion and get yourself a nice hood? dressed1 = Oh, you prefer the hat, huh? That's fine, I guess. I don't judge.

cheapploy = Welcome to our 5-star vacation destination! It's totally not a cheap ploy to bring in tourists and get money out of them! No ma'am!

notamused0 = Huh? What? Oh yeah. Enjoy the facilities, and blah blah blah... notamused1 = No one ever believes that corny sales pitch anyway, so I doubt some little kid has enough money to make any difference. notamused2 = Tell your friends... for all I care.

binoculars_sand0 = Wow! With those binoculars you can see A LOT of sand! binoculars_sand1 = Look at all that sand! That is a whole bunch of sand! More sand than you could ever want! binoculars_sand_re0 = I still can't get over all this sand! binoculars_sand_re1 = And with those handy binoculars I can almost count the grains! HOW FUN!

tan0 = Being up here is the best way to get a tan. tan1 = What? My hood? What are you talking about? This is how Sunburnt tan. What other way is there? tan_re0 = Tanning fully clothed is the only way to tan! Try it sometime!

nostock0 = Hello, eager buyer! Looking to spend some of that precious cash today? nostock1 = Unfortunately, I have no stock because I... uh... sold out. Yeah. Totally not because I couldn't afford anything to fill my shelves with. nostock_re0 = I am still just as sold out of everything as the last time you asked, but thanks for checking up.

powerfulitem0 = Hello, valued customer! Would you like an incredibly powerful item to aid you in your trials ahead? powerfulitem1 = Well, too bad! I don't have any stock! Isn't that a bummer? HA HA! powerfulitem_re0 = Would you like a crazy powerful item to... aid your... ah, forget it! The joke isn't as funny the second time. I still got nothing in stock, kiddo.

rentcounter0 = Oh, me? I don't have a shop. I've never had one. I just rent this counter to look cool. rentcounter1 = Is it working? rentcounter_re0 = Do I look cool yet? I spent all my money on this empty shop and no one has even shot me a thumbs up yet.

fountain0 = You see this fountain? Yeah. We got water here. Pretty great right? fountain1 = But that's just the kind of place we run here. Only the best for guests like you! Be sure to fill up your water bottle before running out into the desert! fountain_re0 = The water's not even poisonous! Aren't we just the most hospitable resort you've ever been to?

waterdrink0 = Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! waterdrink1 = Well, actually, it's kind of the opposite of that. Water is almost nowhere, but all of it is drinkable! I was just trying to sound all smart-like. waterdrink2 = Fill up your bottle whenever you want! AND IT'S FREE! WOW! waterdrink_re0 = You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink! waterdrink_re1 = Well, actually, I doubt a horse would turn down a drink out here... I also have never actually seen a horse... I'm not good at metaphors...

[Events] thief0 = Ouch! Thief! thief1 = Hey![br]That's my money! thief2 = Ow![br]Come back here!

I also seem to have Hat Kid's spaceship theme in MP3 form in the HatinTime folder.

Snatcher Kid

The Modding Support update seems to have removed Snatcher Kid from Vanessa's Manor all together. What should be done with the information that's currently on the page? Clone5184 (talk) 00:58, 24 March 2018 (EDT)

Seal the deal

Should we look in the DLC for new unused things

Cut content text files

Hello, I'm sorry if I'm doing anything wrong, I'm new and not used to this kind of thing. I thought it was interesting to note here that it seems like the September 29th update (re?)added a bunch of text localization files that seem to be related to things such as the Sand n' Sails level that was cut, among other things.

All these files can be found in HatinTime\HatinTimeGame\Localization\INT. has a bunch of landmark names. I don't know much about the cut level, but I know there's something like villages in it... It was also replaced by Alpine Skyline, which does indeed have "Lava Cake", which maybe was based off this supposed "warm wedding cake".

starting_village = Starting Village
difficult_dive_island = Difficult Dive Resort
oasis = Oasis Resort
big_tower = Big Tower Resort
wedding_cake = Warm Wedding Cake
wills_tower = Pumping Pumpkin Factory, I'm not sure if it is actually unused content, as it's been a long while since I played AHIT and I haven't 100%'d the DLC content (and probably won't as I'm not interested). Though it mentions the same "mafia ties" from the unused mafia dialogue. I don't know about the restaurant (misspelled as "resturant" in the file)

None = No Description
Ch1HarborRest = Enter the Harbor Resturant
Ch1MafiaTie5 = Collect 5 Mafia Ties

In the sequences folder, there is, which mentions the hookshot as a upgrade (not yet an equip button), as well as the cut pogo upgrade.

Hookshot0 = You got the [name]HOOKSHOT UPGRADE[/name]![br]Press [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] near a hook point to swing!
pogo0 = You got the [name]POGO UPGRADE[/name]![br]Press [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] in the air to ground pound!
pogo1 = Keep holding [button]Right Mouse Button[/button] to bounce around and avoid harmful stuff on the floor!

sequences/ was already pasted in its entirety in this talk page and it's a very huge file with what looks like the dialogue of the cut level (including what is probably text from the "sandworm" character). I'm not sure if this file was removed at some point and re-added now? I don't know if it's new or not (but it's still not on the main article, so it's worth noting). Same goes for sequences/, which is already in the article and has not changed., also in the sequences folder. Again I'm not sure if this is unused.


learn0 = The problem with all the enemies in this world is that they never learn! Never!
learn1 = There are thousands of Mafia, but they all do the exact same attack! Every single one of them!
learn2 = I, on the other hand, know everything about you! Everything you've gone through!
learn3 = No attack will come as a surprise! Bring it on, I'm ready!!

intro0 = Aha!! Let me take care of this little thing for you!
intro1 = Oh what's that? You want it back? Hahahaha!!
intro2 = You're nothing without this thing! Give up!

Other files seem to concern the "murder" mission from the birbs level. I don't know at all if this is used, it may be from an earlier version of this act.


MurderPlaceholder0 = You have just found out that someone on this train was murdered... and the murderer is in this room!
MurderPlaceholder1 = Time to scoop him out! Use your magnifying glass to color suspects.

MurdererSelect = Are you sure this is the murderer?
MurdererSelect_yes = Yes! Lock him up!
MurdererSelect_no = No...

sequences/ Clues to the murder? Interrogation? I don't remember that being a thing. Or is it? My memory sucks when it comes to these things.

murder_knife0 = The knife used in the stabbing. The angle indicates that it went straight in the back, without the victim suspecting a thing.
murder_knife1 = It looks like it could originate from the cafeteria, but it could also not be from this train at all. Better ask someone who knows.

reddgraffiti0 = Someone wrote that Redd was in this room.
reddgraffiti1 = Was it Redd himself? Likely, but difficult to prove.

security_camera_machineroom0 = A security camera is mounted on the wall, looking directly at the scene.
security_camera_machineroom1 = It should be possible to retrieve the footage of what happened during the murder.

furnace0 = The furnace is burning right besides the body.
furnace1 = A bold move of the killer to leave the knife in clear sight. He could have easily thrown it in the furnace.

suspect0 = !!!
suspect1 = You get a cold sensation that something is not right with what you just heard. Maybe it's time to look at the clues and talk with this person again.

And that's it. I could have added these straight to the article, but I thought it might be better to discuss it here and see if someone more experienced knows if this is actually cut content or news, as I'm not exactly sure how much of this is unused, and if it's actually worthy of being in the article. Once again I apologize if I did something I shouldn't. StargazerG (talk) 04:29, 30 September 2018 (EDT)

Woah, it seems like the murder mystery episode had a removed L.A. Noire Homage. I gotta say I'm a little dissappointed. I decided to dig in some more:
sequences/ has this:
intro0 = Look at mess! This is terrible!
intro1 = Someone turn on all faucets in Mafia Town... same faucets that control the town volcano!
intro2 = Was it you, child? No? Mafia think he saw a [icon:mugirl][hint]little girl[/hint] turn on all faucets.
intro3 = Little hat kid, can you save Mafia Town by [hint]turning off all faucets[/hint]?
intro4 = If you close all, maybe water start flowing again!
Now, I'm fairly this is just the final dialogue from the scientist mafia at the start of the lava mafia town mission, but the filename indicates that it was originally slightly different text from Thor, the removed character.
reveal0 = OH. MY. GOD. I'm totally busted! How EMBARRASSING!
reveal1 = Wanna hear a story? When I was in kindergarten, I knew a girl who looked just like you...
reveal2 = And whenever I would talk to her, she would yell...
reveal3 = [big][scream]THE MURDERER'S IN HERE!![/scream][/big]
I have no idea what this could be. The text names indicate it was meant for a reveal, but it's the conclusion of the mission, where the player points out who did the murder. Based on the interrogation text and clues texts above, it seems like the mission originally was more detective work and less about exploration.
There's also a file called, but it's empty.
sequences/ is the file for the telephone dialogue in the murder mystery episode, but it has this line which I think is unused:
ending_revealed0 = Guess you got me good, huh, darling? It seems no one can stage a murder while you're around!
Seems to indicate that the murder was staged by DJ Grooves as an act of sabotage.
Also, is entirely used. It's the final dialogue from mafia town ch 1, the plan sequence from the spaceship and also the sequences leading up to the final boss. The rest of the files seem to be used.
--989Nintendo898 and his Talk page Nitrods marioheadanim.gif 05:14, 30 September 2018 (EDT)

Just as a little update, these unused files seem to have been removed in the October 18th update. There were more files that were removed, and may also be indicative of unused content:

Warning0 = Here lies the brave heroes who faced the wrath of the horned gods,[br]and banished them back to heaven.
Warning1 = The sound of brass bells and hooves no more.[br]The Tower of the Gods keeps them at bay.
Warning2 = For the eternal bridge between gods and men,[br]The Tower of the Gods stands guardian for mankind.

exit0 = Thank you!

freed_civ0 = You're free!
freed_civ1 = All clear!
freed_civ2 = Suckers!
decline_offer0 = You suck!
decline_offer1 = Bah!
decline_offer2 = Nu-uh!
hi_five0 = Yeah!!

lost0 = Oh, hello there. Are you lost, too?[br]I've been lost for as long as I can remember.

afraid_cherry0 = [scream][shake]GAHH!! W-who are you?[/shake][/scream]
afraid_cherry1 = Oh, just some kid? Phew. For a minute I was worried you were that shadow guy.
afraid_cherry2 = He's kinda rude. I wouldn't associate with that guy. He messes with us, like [hint]using the cherries to make us explode[/hint].

Well0 = I hid some REALLY neat stuff around the bushes at the base of the old well!
Well1 = Why don't you try and find it? You're not chicken, are you? - Your Friend, the Snatcher
Grave0 = Here lies a proud brother.
Grave1 = Here lies a wise brother.
Grave2 = Here lies a selfish brother.
Grave3 = My brothers...Truly we were all fools...[waitlong] but I was the selfish fool.
Grave4 = I couldn't control the power of the mask, and now you're both dead...[waitlong] forgive me...
Grave5 = If anyone finds this tomb...[waitlong] please...[waitlong] don't use the power of this mask. Let us rest so that no more harm may befall this world.

The I talked about was also removed. I realize now that I made a mistake in my first message; this file was not in the "sequences" folder, but in the "enemies" folder. Even worse, there is another file also called in the sequences folder, which probably is the one that's still used. I believe 989Nintendo898 was talking about this one.

Among the remaining files, there are some interesting ones from the DLC. One is called, which I can't really figure out what is supposed to mean.

smash0 = [scream]AGH![/scream] This timepiece is all busted! 
smash1 = Maybe you could stick it all back together if you find the [hint]missing pieces[/hint].
smash2 = You have a gut feeling there's one in each room.
smash3 = They seem to be panicking about not knowing where to sweep for glass.
smash4 = They seem to have calmed down now you picked up that shard!

speaker0 = All passengers, please check in at the lobby desk! 

checkin0 = You're all checked in!
checkin1 = Now to track down that timepiece...

This looks just like some of the dialogue in the arctic cruise's first act, and it is, however slightly different. The "real" dialogues are in another file called which contains all dialogue in the ship that is not tied to any character. What is particularly interesting here is smash3 and smash4, which are not present in at all (neither is speaker0). I don't remember seeing anyone panicked while sweeping for glass shards (I wonder to whom this "they" refers to). I thought maybe it was a death wish adding something new, but it would still be weird that for a single death wish the dialogue would be in a separate file. I don't think there's any other death wish like that. I don't know. Looking at the files, it doesn't even look like there is a death wish with this mission, though.

For reference, this is what these same strings look like in, which I'm fairly sure are the ones used in the game:

smash0 = Hmm... this damage is serious. It's in more pieces than one, which is terrible.
smash1 = Maybe you could stick it all back together if you find the [hint]missing shards[/hint].
smash2 = It looks like there's one in every room...

checkin0 = You're all checked in!
checkin1 = Now to track down that timepiece...

This is not the only file that has duplicate (and somewhat different) text. is a huge file with pretty much all the dialogue from every character in the ship together. The dialogues from each character in the ship that are actually used in the game (or so I think; sorry about my lack of certainty throughout this entire text, I'm just always terribly afraid of being wrong) are also in separate files for each character (for example: the captain's lines are in, the seals' are in, the crows' are in, so on). This is a pretty big file with over 200 lines and since it's ordered differently than each character's file, it takes some effort to compare which ones changed and which ones didn't. (Doesn't make much of a difference, but there's also a lot of lines that are not in this file, but are in each character's files; presumably lines that were added later) This is quite a lot of text already, and most of the changes are really small, but if anyone is actually interested in seeing a comparison of (probably) all strings in with the finished character dialogue files and what changed, I used a script to compare and the results are here in Pastebin. It's not the most beautifully formatted thing in the world, but I think it's at least legible. Also, in case someone wonders, there are not any lines that were entirely removed from ship_docks without being replaced.

That's it for now. StargazerG (talk) 06:08, 19 October 2018 (EDT)


This game has tons of really interesting prerelease information. We should make a page to document it.