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Night in the Woods (Windows)

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Title Screen

Night in the Woods

Developer: Infinite Fall
Publisher: Finji
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: February 21, 2017

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Night in the Woods is an indie adventure game following Mae, a 20-year-old college dropout who returns to her hometown and tries to reconnect with her friends and family. Also, everyone's a cute animal!

To do:
  • Germ's house, the event works, but the maps are unfinished.
  • Add the unused intro music.
  • A billion placeholder graphics (Knife fight, feeding the rats, and more).
  • Longest Night/ Lost Constellation has stuff from early builds!
  • Get full views of unused areas and make a sub-page for them.

Unused Areas

There are a few unused areas within the game.

Debug Menus

There are a couple of debug menus in the game. The first debug menu (Called DebugMenu) is accessible in normal builds of the game by pressing SHIFT+Q

Hidden Audio

"Oh My God It Works!" audio clip, only accessible from the hidden debug menu. Internally named "event:/test/omg_it_works".

Unused Graphics

An unused doodle for Mae's journal depicting her granddad. Its filename, "doodle_DadGrandDad.png", suggests that it was meant to show up in the same page as her doodle of her father.

NITW - Doodle DadGrandDad.png

Unused graphic which oddly features Smokey Bear. Considering its place in the files, this was likely used as a placeholder for the Astral Bear.

NITW 797 Smokey Bear.png

Unused Code

There are some unused actions for the laptop desktop icons. While these do have corresponding code, they don't actually work.


Unfinished Scripts

The file "TowneCentreEast.yarn" contains some unfinished and commented-out dialogue related to the "Janitor_A4D3" event visible during the epilogue.

Mae: See ya around. #line:cd3431
Janitor: Not if I see you first, Mae. #line:356aeb
Mae: ha ha #line:27078b
Janitor: *wheeze* haw haw haw! #line:e73167
//janitor walks offscreen to the left//
<<walk Janitor JanitorOffLeft wait>>
Mae: wait! How do you know my name? #line:0196c8
<<wait 2>>
//giant astral-god-looking bird flys up and into the sky in the bg//
//Mae: oh my god
//Mae: he was-
//Mae: finally some part of this makes sense.
//<<walk Janitor JanitorBackOn wait>>
//janitor walks back onscreen interrupting//
//Janitor: HO-LEE JA-MOLEY
//Janitor: you see that big bird?
//Janitor: That’s a Great Nor’Easter King Crane!
//Janitor: Must be late to the migratin’.
//Janitor: Haw! Wait til the fellers at Miller’s hear about this!
//Mae: Ha ha ha ha.
//Mae: oh my god. This week.
//<<walk Janitor JanitorOffLeft wait>>
//Janitor: You said it.
<<hide Janitor>>
//janitor walks offscreen to the left//
<<set $janitor_done to 1>>
<<unlockDoodle Janitor1>>

This seems to be poking fun at the Janitor's mysterious appearances throughout the game.

Unused Videos

The final version of the game has leftover placeholders from an abandoned experiment with prerendered cutscenes; the final game renders everything in-engine. These are present in the original release, and are still present as of the December 2017 "Weird Autumn Edition" update, despite the developers' stated intentions to remove them eight months earlier.

These are located in the StreamingAssets/PS4 directory, within the game's Unity game data folder.

(Source: https://twitter.com/NightInTheWoods/status/834574672285016064)

NITWIntro_c.mov and NITWIntro_shot1_c.mov

An unfinished intro cutscene. The first shot is more or less complete, but the remaining shots have obvious placeholder graphics and text describing what art assets should be used.


A placeholder for the credits sequence. Features a silhouette of Mae running over a solid colour background that shifts between colours.
Instead of the actual credits, there's just the text "NIGHT IN THE WOODS CREDITS SEQUENCE GOES HERE". Unlike the other two videos, this has music.