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Outlast 2

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Title Screen

Outlast 2

Developer: Red Barrels
Publisher: Red Barrels
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: April 24, 2017

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And you were just a scroll away from scaring everyone shitless, being fired, and possibly being arrested too...
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Outlast 2 is the sequel to Outlast, in which Blake Langermann must "run, hide, or die" to survive the Arizona desert and find his kidnapped wife Lynn. The game presents many questions the longer you play it, and not all of them are answered.

This is a delve into insanity.

"I know God doesn't hear dead men. But I expect He answers them."


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Area(s)

In the Judges subchapter "Blake Against The Machine", there's an unused area near the section where you are supposed to go down a slippery slope dropping onto Jessica's dead body triggering the next school scene: In the unused section, there's an unused Crank animation that Blake does. However, since the animation isn't complete, Blake's hand unnaturally turns the crank. This is the final animation that appears in-game (click to animate):

Outlast2 CrankAnimation.gif

Unused Audio

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  • There's a placeholder audio for any of the characters including Sullivan Knoth.

Present in the files is audio of Father Loutermilch and Jessica Grey that is not used. While having almost no dialogue, based on the sounds made and the context of the game's story, it appears to be Loutermilch raping Jessica, who is just a child.

Jessica 1

Jessica 2

Jessica 3

Jessica 4

Loutermilch 1

Loutermilch 2

Loutermilch 3

Loutermilch 4

Loutermilch 5

Unused Text

Gravel crusher objective

Crawl through the gravel crusher

This likely refers to the unused area of "Blake Against The Machine". The crank in this area, shown in a video on the right, lowers and raises the crusher.

Revisional Differences


Released May 5, 2018. The patch notes include "Global rebalancing of the game difficulty", removing three chase sections and a stealth section.

Church Chase

After the church scene and exiting the booth, two Christians will notice you after getting the checkpoint going out the door. The Christians have unique dialogue for this scene as they chase you:

He was in the chapel! Hey! Hey!
The outsider! He was in the chapel!
Son of a bitch is slicker'n owl shit.
He's climbing the water tower!
Hey! The outsider's over yon, heading into the corn!

"Blake Against The Machine" Chase

Blake traverses through a series of bookcases and staircases. Sliding open a metal door and looking around a bit, you can then find a intractable and movable cart which then can be used to give Blake a boost up into a cracked pathway.

After he climbs through it, he's surrounded by three Heretics who then give chase.

"Murder Before Suicide" Chase

The player is meant to crawl through bathroom stalls to juke/evade the (Cock) Demon. This section in the bathroom worked fine until the v1.03 update. Now whenever the player crawls under the stalls, the Demon disappears. Before the patch, whenever the player gets the next checkpoint after exiting the stall, the game produces a very loud sound effect in an attempt to scare the player.

Golgotha Nick and Laird Stealth Section

This section was removed due to difficulty balancing, but there's also another unique reason as to why: the game requires you to hit all checkpoints and triggers to progress the game. If you don't hit all the checkpoints and important triggers, the game will either softlock or straight-up kill you whenever you reach the next checkpoint.

The game expects the player to hide in a patch of grass until they get a checkpoint (indicated by the "Saving..." in the bottom-left corner), but the checkpoint can be skipped if the player runs past Nick and Laird. While the AI for Nick and Laird is some of the most unfair AI you'll see in a video game ever (he can shoot an arrow and insta-kill you before he even pulls out the bow!), his AI can fail sometimes.

This removed section also has unique dialogue:

Laird Byron:
Hurt them! Break their ignorant skulls!
How could you let our Savior escape? You whore's miscarriage.
You festering shits! Nobody gets saved! Nobody!
... There is no salvation outside the Way of Sorrows. It is the only way.
Ah- The gospels. He will try to retrieve his gospels.
Out of my way!