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South Park: Phone Destroyer

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Title Screen

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Developer: Ubisoft Redlynx
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: November 23, 2017

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Revealed at Ubisoft's E3 2017 is a clone of Clash Royale in 2.5D with the cast of the South Park characters where you destroy other's phones. Despite taking place of The Stick of Truth, the developers proved that it's its "own creation" according to the game's FAQ. Wow!

Unused Graphics

Ability Icons

SouthParkPhoneDestroyer PlaceholderChargeIcon.png SPPD ButtersSupBubble.png SPPD FathermaxiMysBubble.png SPPD JimmyAdvBubble.png SPPD PeteGenBubble.png SPPD RedFanBubble.png

In South Park: Phone Destroyer, some cards have activated abilities that are indicated with Ability Icons. In the files, several unused icons for characters that don't have activated abilities can be found. These include: Professor Chaos, Priest Maxi, Storyteller Jimmy, Pete, Dragonslayer Red and a placeholder icon. It's also worth noting that 2 duplicates of the placeholder icon exist that would've belonged to Mr Mackey and the Alien Drone.

Unused Cards

A ton of art for unused cards can be found in the files. Most of them have been present since launch.

Early Final
SPPD Scott.png SPPD ScottmalkinsonFanCard.png

Scott Malkinson, as he appeared in The Stick Of Truth. It's worth noting that he was released, albeit with a complete redesign.

SPPD Annie.png

Annie Knitts in her warrior outfit, also from The Stick Of Truth. She would've been in the Fantasy theme.

SPPD Chiefrunswithpremise.png

Chief Runs With Premise from the episode Red Man's Greed. He would've been in the Adventure theme.

SPPD Premiserunningthin.png

Premise Running Thin, also from the episode Red Man's Greed. He would've also been in the Adventure theme.

SPPD Spelldarkresurrection.png

Card art for a 5-cost rare Mystical spell named Dark Resurrection. This spell would've revived the most recently killed unit with +1 level added. The card's data also contains a note from the developers, which mentions a glitch about it damaging the New Kid.

SouthParkPhoneDestroyer Di4mJx5.png

Placeholder card graphic.

SouthParkPhoneDestroyer 0OINAkH.png

Angel Wendy's card, except it's tinted red and has the word "test" on it.

SouthParkPhoneDestroyer MissingCardThumbnailIcon.png

A placeholder texture for a missing card thumbnail. What appears to be an early version of Sheriff Cartman's card can be seen in the image.

Developer Text

Internal Code

Gave player Random amounts of {0}. Item ids: {1}
Gave player {0} of {1}. Item ids: {2}
Loading progress requires restarting the game. Are you sure?
Create new category with name
Delete progress with name
Delete category with name
Create new save with name
Save to Category:
Save progress failed:
Requested giving {0} {1} event core
Request resetting locker limit.
Requested unlock all cards from server.
<color=red>Error</color> Couldn't unlock all card as you're not online.
Requested go to previous season
mmr was too high/low, it was dragged up/down to match the set arena
Request Cheating pvp arena to
Set first <b>13</b> to beaten <b>once</b> and PVP arena to <b>3</b> if it was less than 3.
That means all buildings are unlocked.
Requested unlock all gear from server.
Couldn't unlock all gear as you're not online.
Start Requesting all cheats in the super button
Requested get all cards to server.
Requested get all Gears to server.
Requested get all Colors to server.
Requested set PVP arena to {0} and mmr to {1} to server.
Requested set Child Experience to
Requested all cards upgrades to server.
Request updateing player statistics
Couldn't cheat card levels to max as you're not online.
Report Achivement id
Please enter a achievement step for unlocking
Request Achievement Reset
Achievement cheat only works on device.
Show Achievement
Leader board will show if the player has social login
This is local notification message.
Generating random card pack
Set target fps to
Request disable pvp practice(bot)
Super Cheat shoudl be successfull!
Failed to cheat event score:
MMR and arena cheat successfully
MMR and arena cheat failed:
EXITING PLAY MODE : Asset list not found from Resources folder! Run 'Generate Asset List' from the AssetBundles menu
Alternatively, turn off 'Use editor bundles' from the same menu (requires a local copy of AssetBundles).

External Files

Don't remove this file. Used to label ui/avatarpieces to FirstDownload label.

Present in assets\bundledassets\characters\hero\avatarparts\AvatarPiecesFirstDownload.txt.

Not-So-Internal Name

The game is referred to as DragonFire according to internal scripting and codebases, however was referred as that externally. South Park would be another.