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Proto:South Park (Pinball)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of South Park (Pinball).

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Such as: Sound clips with uncensored swearing and details on a video mode involving a metaphor for lesbian sex (or something).
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The prototype ROM for the South Park pinball machine is infamous for its video mode, which Comedy Central demanded be disabled shortly after release (though ROMs with it enabled are available from private sellers). Aside from this controversial mode, there are a few other differences.

Carpet Racing Mode

This mode, activated by shooting Chef's hole when the mystery light is lit, has the player, as Stan, mash the flippers to beat Cartman at a carpet-munching race to impress Ms. Ellen as the bigger lesbian, based on the episode "Tom's Rhinoplasty". (Yes, really. Boys trying to be lesbian.) This mode is also present when adult speech is disabled, albeit without the sound clips referring to lesbianism, making the context of the mode somewhat vague.

Some of the voice clips pertaining to this mode can still be found in the final ROM.

Stan: I can't wait for Ms. Ellen to see what a raging lesbian I am!

Sheila: What what WHAT?

Cartman: I'm a bigger lesbian than you!

Chef: Say what?

Stan: Hey! That was easy!

Stan and Cartman make this rather gross slurping noise when moving.

Sound Changes

To do:
Rip the extra ball jingle from the prototype and the final.

The prototype contains sound clips with a lot more dirty language than the final.

To do:
List what works with final CPU+display ROMs and prototype sound ROMs.
File Transcription Notes
Ms. Crabtree: HOW'D YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY ASS? Ms. Crabtree's line when a credit has been added is censored in the final.
Kenny: (mumbles) Kenny's mumbling when hitting him on the playfield is longer that what's heard in the final (though the last part can still be heard in a separate sound clip).
Kyle: Assrammer...

Other Changes

  • The extra ball jingle is different in the prototype.
  • The music doesn't change when Mr. Hankey pops out of the toilet.

Other Changes

  • The default replay value is 150,000,000 points. The final dropped this to 120,000,000.
Proto Final
Misspelling names is bad, m'kay? That's okay, just don't let it happen again.
  • The intro for Mr. Mackey's mode is a lot simpler, along with misspelling his name as "Mackie" (it's spelled correctly in all other instances). The switch score was also upped from 400,000 to 500,000 in the final.