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Proto:South Park Rally (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of South Park Rally (PlayStation).

Two prototypes of the PlayStation version of South Park Rally were released on March 13th, 2022 as part of the "Duffy's Dreamcast Collection" release by Sega Dreamcast Info.

(Source: Sega Dreamcast Info)

November 2, 1999 Build

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

To do:
The credits are different. Any further differences?

This build contains some debug features as well as a variety of minor differences.

General Differences

  • A Tantalus Interactive watermark is on screen at all times.
  • The menu sounds are different.
  • All of the female characters voices use Cartman's lines as placeholders.
  • The pause menu has an option to stop/resume the race at any time.
  • The copyright screen is a bit more verbose and has the version number on the bottom.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 .png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final Copyright.png
  • The Tantalus logo screen is different.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 Tantalus.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final Tantalus.png
  • The intro cinematic lacks the letterbox.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 Intro.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final Intro.png
  • The demo mode loading screens lack the hints.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 DemoLoad.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final DemoLoad.png
  • The Select Dude menu isn't centered as it is in the final and lacks the outline on the selection.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 SelectDude.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final SelectDude.png
  • The Select Race menu used a completely different layout.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 SelectRace.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final SelectRace.png
  • The multiplayer Select Dude menu was differently laid out as well.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 SelectDudeMulti.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final SelectDudeMulti.png
  • The Save/Load options were renamed.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 Options.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final Options.png
  • The CPU cars in multiplayer option is missing.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 GameOptions.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final GameOptions.png
  • The prototype lacks the Mayor's voiceover and the rules are printed on screen instead of holding Circle to view them all at once.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 RaceStart.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final RaceStart.png
  • The HUD has several minor changes; the countdown is a different color, the checkmarks are different, the arrow on the map is a different shape and the information on the bottom left is formatted and colored differently.
Prototype Final
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 HUD.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Final HUD.png

Debug Features

SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 Menu.png

Cheat Debug

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Is there anything else that it can do?

Allows you to toggle cheat(s) on or off. Interestingly the default cheat shown on screen is Mrs. Crabtree who isn't available in this build or the final game by normal means.

SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 CheatDebug.png

Soak Test

Starts a self-playing game with a timer on the screen. Presumably used to check for any issues when played for an extended period of time.

SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 Soak.png

Driver and Free Camera

Two extra camera modes are available by pressing Triangle during gameplay. A first person Driver View and Free View.

Driver View Free View
SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 DriverView.png SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov2-99 FreeView.png

November 20, 1999 Build

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Closer to final, many of the differences seen in the previous build have been changed.

SouthParkRallyPS1 Nov20-99.png