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Proto:South Park Rally (Dreamcast)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of South Park Rally (Dreamcast).

A total of 16 builds of the Dreamcast version of South Park Rally were released on March 13th, 2022 as part of the "Duffy's Dreamcast Collection" release by Sega Dreamcast Info. An additional build was released a few years prior.

(Source: Sega Dreamcast Info)


SouthParkRallyDC May17 CarnieBalltoss.png
May 17, 2000 Build
Earliest available build, and the one with the most differences.


Version (Written on disc) Date Notes
DRPRE015 May 17, 2000 Debug enabled.
001 May 19, 2000 (PAL) Debug enabled.
DRPRE017 May 23, 2000 Debug enabled.
002 May 23, 2000 (PAL) Debug enabled. Disc title is "SPIRIT OF SPEED".
18 May 24, 2000 Debug enabled. Adds Scuzzlebutt, Ms. Carman and Mrs. Broflovski.
26 May 31, 2000
DRPRE027 June 1, 2000
28 June 6, 2000
16 June 8, 2000
31 June 9, 2000
n/a June 9, 2000 Earlier release.
DRPRE032 June 13, 2000 (17h 33)
DRPRE018 June 13, 2000 (17h 41)
DRPRE019 June 14, 2000 (PAL) Same build date as US final.
DRPRE034 June 15, 2000 Postdates US final by a day.
DRPRE022 June 17, 2000 Postdates US final by three days.
23 June 18, 2000 (PAL) Predates EU final by a day.