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South Park: The Fractured But Whole

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Title Screen

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

Developer: Ubisoft San Francisco
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: October 17, 2017 (Windows/Xbox One/PS4), April 24, 2018 (Switch)

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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The sequel to South Park: The Stick of Truth, this time starring the kids as superheroes striving to earn billions of dollars on their franchise. The game is notable for its departure from the traditional role-playing style of the previous game in favor of a more strategic grid-based style for combat.


Power enemy placeholder.png
Unused Graphics
Fidget Spinners and a TON of placeholders.
TFBW Supercraig zerofucksgiven.png
Early Ability Icons
Basic Power galore!
TFBW placeholder pip.png
Early and Unused Cutscenes
Silent sketch slideshows.
TFBW E3 icon.png
E3 Demo
Turns out that the whole E3 demo is inside the files!
TFBW Vampkids bite.png
Unused & Early Powers
A lot of stuff here.

Internal Project Name

The game's internal name is Camel, given by the directory going by the name and many other references in the directory in files.

Doctor Timothy Text Strings

There are numerous texts found in menus.locpack that are related to Doctor Timothy, including a character sheet, strategy description, and powers. These suggest that Timmy was going to be a playable character at some point before being reserved for an NPC role in the final game. Interestingly, his character sheet can still be obtained in the final, but it cannot be viewed.

Doctor Timothy Character Sheet

Alias: Timothy “Timmy“ Burch
Class: Psychic
Race/Ethnicity: Post-human
Sex/Gender: Straight Cis Male
Alignment: Lawful
Religion: Transhumanism
Power Source: The mind
Kryptonite: Stairs
"As mastermind and leader of The Freedom Pals, Doctor Timothy relies on his impressive mental powers to control the field of battle – and dominate the psyches of his foes."
Psychic Scream: This blast of pure psychic energy damages and knocks back all enemies in a row.
Mind Rape: Doctor Timothy fucks an enemy's mind, Charming the foe and convincing them to temporarily change allegiance.
Brain Bomb: The Doctor stupifies his enemies. All foes in the affected zone are Confused.
The Timmy Whisperer: Doctor Timothy, in full recruitment mode, damages and Charms multiple foes from range.
"The Doctor controls the battle with multiple Charm moves and Ego Whip, which inflicts Confused. Keep him safe and use Psychic Scream to knock back encroaching foes."

Doctor Timothy Power Graphics

SouthParkFBW doctortimothy power1.png SouthParkFBW doctortimothy power2.png SouthParkFBW doctortimothy power3.png SouthParkFBW doctortimothy power4.png
SouthParkFBW doctortimothy power1tmp.png SouthParkFBW doctortimothy power2tmp.png SouthParkFBW doctortimothy power3tmp.png SouthParkFBW doctortimothy power4tmp.png

Icons of Timmy's powers, as well as temporary icons demonstrating his powers' range on the grid. Found in camel\baked\assets\ui\power selection\buddy and camel\ui\temp assets\power selection\buddy folders in the game's files respectively.

TFBW Portrait timmy.png

His unused portrait can be found in camel\ui\temp assets\combat\entryexit\portraits.

Debug Menu

There are debug menus left over in the game, through game modding they can be accessed by replacing an app in the New Kid's phone.

TFBW DebugMenuMain.jpg

Download: https://www.nexusmods.com/southparkthefracturedbutwhole/mods/7

Unused Status Effects

In the game files, multiple unused status effects can be found:

This effect was overhauled into Boost!. It is not exactly known what Energized did but the E3 version of Speedster's power2 mentions applying it to allies.

Seems to be early Defense Down.

This effect is one of the 2 Attack Ups in the final game. It is not exactly known what it originally did.

It can be assumed this effect would have an opponent skip their turn. Some enemies have immunity to this effect.

Rage Meter Lock
This effect would stop the Ultimate meter from charging. There is no icon for this effect.
It was going to be applied by Mintberry Crunch's ultimate for 1 round. The power's detailed description still mentions this.

Enemy Thorn
Unfinished status effect, functions as Burning. Can be assumed to be intended to be a thorns effect where damaging the opponent would have the user also take damage.
File name for this effect is "dlc3test_enemy_thorn"

Unfinished status effect, functions as Bleeding. Can be assumed to be intended to be a thorns effect where the attacker takes damage when attacking someone with it.
File name for this effect is "dlc3test_thorn"

Not much is known about this effect except that it would have been used by Professor Chaos and would damage the character when expired.
The damage area is a 1x1 cardinal cross.
Its filename is "professorchaosbomb"

  • Energized Energized
  • Focused Focused
  • Distracted FBW Distracted.png
  • Bomb FBW Bomb.png
  • Marked FBW Marked.png
  • Deathmark FBW Deathmark.png

Alternate Text

In the game files, there are alternate descriptions for characters and powers. It can be assumed that the language files overwrite the text.

The New Kid

 "South Park’s newest New Kid. A wildcard with a nebulous past. Conveys profound emotion through intense eye contact and eyebrow angle. Great and terrible flatulence. Dad fucked mom."   found in player.mplayer

Hammer of Heavenly Reign

 Is called "Royal Fisting" in the file of the power  

Morgan Freeman

 "Possesses godlike immunities, perplexing speed, and mesmerizing freckles. Will charm you with his award-winning narration." This description is overwritten in-game though Morgan Freeman's unused variants don't have it changed.  


 Both the descriptions of this power are: "The King's tactical nuke" in the file of the power

Glistening Freckles

 Inside of the .mpower file, the power is called "The Word of God Almighty"

Unused Classes


Several assets for an unused class named Mystic can be found in the files. Given its semi-complete state and its appearance in an early cutscene, it's safe to say that it was cut late in development.
TFBW Cp mystic.png TFBWFullClassportrait mystic.png

Class description: The Mystic calls on the farts of the Ancient Ones to Gross Out foes and heal allies.
TFBWMysticPower1IngameIcon.png TFBW Mystic power1.png

1st power: Fragrant Violation

Description: The Mystic cups a noxious fart and lobs it onto unfortunate foes for damage, Gross Out, and chance of pink-eye infection.

Short description: Broken wind that inflicts Gross Out.

TFBWMysticPower2IngameIcon.png TFBW Mystic power2.png

2nd power: Power Word: Fart

Description: A phantom fart that appears behind a nearby enemy, pulling the victim to the Mystic's side and dealing damage.

Short description: Teleporting fart pushes a foe toward you

This ability resembles the Plantmancer's ability, Sweet Scent.

TFBWMysticPower3IngameIcon.png TFBW Mystic power3.png

3rd power: Probiotic Portal

Description: Rip an anal fissure in fart-time and swap places with any target. Foes take damage and gain Gross Out. Allies are healed and cleansed.

Short description: Heal an ally or Gross Out a foe.

This ability resembles Tupperware's ability Hot Swap.

TFBWMysticPower4IngameIcon.png.png TFBW Mystic power4.png

4th power: Golgothan

Description: Your greatest trick. Summon an excremental to fight by your side. This shit demon Grosses Out enemies and ultimately explodes in a filth shower.

Short description: Summon a shit demon to battle.

TFBW Power - butthole - shitghost.png TFBW Power - shitghost - explode.png TFBW Power - shitghost - shitslap.png

Present in camel/ui/temp assets/power selection are 3 ability icons for an entity called "shitghost" who would be summoned via the Mystic class' super.

TFBW Early class lineup.png

The Mystic class can also be seen in an early cutscene, along with the costume being made into the Arcane one in retail.

Demon Child/Netherborn
Several assets and early cinematic-based gameplay also hint that this class was cut last minute. The costume design went to the Mummy set and was reworked into the one from From Dusk till Casa Bonita.
TFBW-Cp demonchild.png TFBW-Classportrait DemonChildFullPortrait.png

Class Description: "For heroes with an affinity for black eyeliner, the Netherborn deals damage and potent debuffs, like Charm and Lifesteal."

Short Description: "Netherborn class, dealing damage and potent debuffs."

TFBW-Demonchild power1.png TFBW-Demonchild power1 tempgrid.png

Power 1: Bewitched Beckoning

Description: Pull an enemy to your side and whisper sweet eldritch hexes into their ear. Inflicts damage and Charm.

Short Description: Pull a foe to your side and Charm

TFBW-Demonchild power2.png TFBW-Demonchild power2 Temp.png

Power 2: Life Hack

Description: "The Netherborn dabbles in blood magic, damaging a nearby enemy and inflicting lifesteal."

Short Description: "Weird trick inflicts damage and lifesteal."

TFBW-Demonchild power3.png TFBW-Demonchild power3 Temp.png

Power 3: Hands of the Hoar

Description: "Call in a favor from the netherworld as the undead claw at your enemy, dealing damage and inflicting Chilled. Now we're square, Pazuzu!"

Description 2: "Call in a favor from the netherworld as unholy tendrils grasp and pull your enemy, dealing damage and inflicting Chilled. Now we're square, Pazuzu!"

Short Description: "Unholy tendrils pull and Chill your foe."

TFBW-Demonchild power4.png TFBW-Demonchild power4 Temp.png

Power 4: Vile Transfusion

Description: "When only the most potent blood magic will do, Vile Transfusion damages your foes and fully heals all allies."

Short Description: "Heal your friends and damage your foes."

Unused Battle Music

A piece of Jewish-sounding music that was originally intended to play during the fight against the Broflovskis. The track was later changed to an arrangement of the "Kyle's Mom" song from the movie.

(Source: Jamie Dunlap)

Unused Enemies

Jewish People - These enemies were going to appear in a cut side mission where the New Kid would've fought Human Kite from an Alternate Universe. As the starting cutscene ends, then the New Kid would've had to fight them.

Grenadier: FBWJewishFemaleGrenadierA.png FBWJewishFemaleGrenadierB.png FBWJewishFemaleGrenadierC.png Swarmer: Tb jew male swarmera.png Tb jew male swarmerb.png Tb jew male swarmerc.png Tb jew male swarmerd.png Tb jew male swarmere.png

Nicole - Unknown as to what the purpose for her was, while still being a character the New Kid could add as a friend, she was never used for any combat situation. An icon still does exist, as most likely part of the mission Operation: Just 'Cause.
Tb nicole.png

Vampire Kids - The Vamp Kids are cut enemies who would've appeared at the end of the Blue is the New Black mission, a cut Mysterion side mission. They would've also followed the New Kid around in the overworld. Interestingly the Unnamed Black Vampire includes the original Twilight logo on his shirt and his class is Bruiser. The other classes for the Vamp Kids are Leader, Priest, Swarmer, and Wizard. Karen McCormick's design also seems to have been reused for the DLC.

Bruiser: Tb vampbruiser blackvamp.png

Leader: Tb vampkid leader.png

Priest: Tb vampkid priest.png Tb vampkid priesta.png Tb vampkid priestc.png

Swarmer: Tb vampswarmer a.png Tb vampswarmer b.png Tb vampswarmer c.png Tb vampswarmer d.png Tb vampswarmer e.png

Wizard: Tb vampwizard a.png Tb vampwizard b.png Tb vampwizard c.png Tb vampwizard d.png

Karen McCormick: Tb gothkennyssister.png

Wesley - Not much is known about the character in-game, besides him working for Mitch Conner. He can be seen next to Mitch Conner in several TV cutscenes. His appearance in an unused cutscene suggests that he was supposed to play a bigger role in the story.
Tb wesley normal.png

Unused Minigame

TFBW shooting bullet.png TFBW shooting tries.png

In the files, some references for a cut shooting range minigame can be found. The minigame itself would've taken place in The Thin White Line segment of the game, after defeating Jared. In the minigame, you had to shoot random people on the street. Two icons (one for ammo and one for lives) and items relating to this minigame were left in the files. These two items are; tickets, for entering the minigame, and a key, which would've been obtained after completing the minigame.

Unused Voices

To do:
There's much, much more. Refer to this transcribed list of voice clips (WIP)
Audio Transcript Notes
Kenny: You and I should talk. I've been watching you, New Kid. Your wish to be a superhero may have led you into the wrong hands, but your powers are unquestionable. You might be of service to me. This is my little sister. Her name is Karen. She's in mortal danger. Last week she was visited by vampires. They wish to turn her into one of them. Some do not believe in vampires, but they are very real- and very dorky. What appear to be remnants of a cut mission involving the New Kid helping Mysterion (Kenny) save his sister Karen McCormick from the Vampire Kids. Kenny's last line also suggests that the player could find and fight the Vamp Kids around the world map the same way they can do Sixth Graders, Policemen etc.
Kenny: I know that you and I are on opposite sides… but saving a little girl from vampires is beyond our Civil War. If you wish to help stop the vampires from turning my sister, then meet me at the cemetery. It's on your map. Until next time, kid.
Kenny: I knew you would come. Thank you. The vampires have my little sister inside. If she has been bitten, then we are already too late.
Vamp Kid: My mom is such a poser. She said I couldn't wear my vampire teeth in the house.
Vamp Kid: That's ridiculous. She should let you be yourself.
Vamp Kid: I know, right?
Kenny: Karen McCormick! Where is she?!
Vamp Kid: Huh?
Vamp Kid: Who is that??
Kenny: There's a little girl you've been trying to have join your stupid little club.
Vamp Kid: Says the kid wearing underwear outside his pants.
Kenny: Take me to Karen before things get ugly!
Vamp Kid: She's being initiated right now, buttmunch. No non-vamp kids allowed.
Mike "Vampir" Makowski: OK, fellow vampires, tonight we are welcoming a new member, per se. Karen McCormick has finished her vampiric merit tasks and is ready to drink the clamato juice.
Vamp Kids: *hiss*
Kenny: You are NOT turning Karen into one of you!
Karen: Guardian angel! What are you doing here?
Kenny: This girl is NOT going to be a douchy little Twilight club member. Do you understand?!
Vamp Kid: Hey, kid, we're just trying to be friends with her.
Kenny: You don't understand what you're getting involved with, Karen! Vamp kids are totally lame. I can't let you become one of them!
Vamp Kid: She has a right to be herself, kid! We just like expressing ourselves!
Kenny: See what I mean?!
Karen: But they're nice, guardian angel.
Kenny: Vamp kids are not 'nice', Karen! They are douchebags!
Vamp Kid: Hold up. Did this purple pajama wearing muthafucka just call us "douchebags?" If you ask me- a nigga wearing underwear on the outside of his jammies doesn't reserve the right to call anyone a douchebag- especially us Vamp kids because we are some cool, trill ass niggas. Ain't that right, Mike?
Mike "Vampir" Makowski: Yeah. We ARE some trill ass N-words.
Vamp Kid: Come on, Vamp kids! Let's fuck these bitches up!
Kenny: Go home, Karen. You're safe.
Karen: Why did you hurt my new friends?!
Kenny: To protect you! They were bad people. Trust me.
Karen: I do trust you, guardian angel. If you say they were bad, I believe you. You're always protecting me. I love you.
Kenny: I love you, too. Now get home before your parents wake up from their drug binge.
Karen: Ok.
Kenny: *sigh* As long as there are vamp kids in this town my sister isn't safe. Thank you for your help tonight… but I fear our work is far from over. From now on wipe out any vamp kids you find, New Kid… And I'll be forever in your debt.

Compilation Logs

The Nintendo Switch version has a few compilation logs for the base game data from internal development.

Download.png Download South Park TFBW (Switch) DLC Compilation Logs
File: SPTFBW_NX_BaseGameLogFiles.zip (8,675 KB) (info)