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Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Title Screen

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Developer: Monolith Soft
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: December 1, 2017

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
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Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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A boy, his Blade, and his landlord travel a dying world, where everyone is British, to reach Elysium. It's also the sequel to the beloved Wii JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles, if the title didn't tip you off already.

Think you can take it? You won't forget it.

To do:
  • There are a lot of unused files found within the bf2 files of the game. (source)
  • Voice clips with filenames of the form "xx660201.nop" might be unused. They're next to Merc Mission clips, and they sound like they might be used when disengaging (Ursula says "It's a break from all the fighting, at least,") but I've never heard them under any circumstances. Are they unused?


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
XC2 cmn mer symbol 0.png
Unused Graphics

Insta-kill Button Combination

Likely a leftover from development testing. Instantly kills the characters, with a shining beam of light shooting underneath the leader driver as it happens. To activate it, hold ZL + ZR + L + R + X + D-Pad Down for ~5 seconds (150 frames). Can be activated in the middle of cutscenes or while talking to NPCs. Interestingly, can be used to activate an effect similar to that of the "Zombie Hover" glitch encountered in Wind Waker speedrunning, as you can use it to negate all fall damage.

Internally, it is known as an "emergency escape" sequence.

(Source: @NoponDigi(?), .text+003267c8 in the base ROM)

Debug Camera

XB2 Debug Camera.png

By activating this, it draws a debug camera into the game.

(Source: BlockBuilder57)

Unused models

Cylinder drop

XC2 unused cylinder drop.png

All the models with names that start with oj20 are "drops": collectibles, money, potions, and so on. The model oj200034 is what appears to be a salvaging cylinder, modelled at a similar angle as other drops (rather than being axis-aligned). It is reasonable to assume that at one point, enemies or chests could contain cylinders that would drop, and this would be such model. It's currently unknown whether the model is still "hooked up" internally and thus able to appear if the game is modded for a cylinder drop to happen.

(Source: Sir Teatei Moonlight via XenoSeriesWiki)

Unused Enemies

Unique Enemies

Rambunctious Valcro

This unique enemy appeared in Gormott during an E3 2017 gameplay demo but is nowhere to be seen in-game. Unlike the other unused enemies, Valcro has a listing on the enemy population table under "ma05a_b01_e3_2", with the naming of his entry implying he may have solely existed for the E3 demo. Despite being flagged as a Unique Monster, he has no drop table.

Enemy Type/Model Number Attribute Level HP Arts
Ropl, en/en050311 Earth 8 2500
  • Cursed Cuisine
  • Komodo Fire
  • Fin of Fear
Strength Ether Dexterity Agility Luck
1050 650 880 520 800

Relentless Armatan

Another unused enemy intended for Gormott. Despite having a unique name, it is not flagged as a Unique Monster. Its name is very similar to the used Unique Monster Relentless Arduran, and they both happen to share the same level and are together on the enemy table.

Enemy Type/Model Number Attribute Level HP Arts Drop Table
Bunnit, en/en010101 None 99 1040
  • Leg Breaker
  • Raid Strike
  • Hard Dig
Affinity Max Evade V (60%), Tyrant Ring (100%), Physical Defense Up V (60%), Omega Drive (60%), Omega Drive (40%), Common Core Crystal (125%)
Strength Ether Dexterity Agility Luck
740 820 1100 680 720

Unused Bandits

Two generic Drivers who despite their names are not Ardanian Soldiers. They're both flagged as story bosses and judging from their low levels and placement on the enemy table, they were likely meant to have been encountered somewhere on Gormott.

Name Enemy Type/Model Number Attribute Level HP Arts Drop Table
Elite Soldier Lowes Humanoid Driver, np/np413101 None 10 1100
  • Charge Count
  • Spinning Boy
  • Fly Bash
Common Core Crystal (75%)

Rare Core Crystal (10%)

Strength Ether Dexterity Agility Luck
820 940 960 600 1500
Blade ID Blade Type Blade Weapon Blade Element Blade Arts Blade Specials
1092 Generic Male Megalance Ice
  • Accuracy Up
  • Back Attack Up
  • Lance of Harm
  • Round Break
  • Boomerang pear
  • Splash Lance
Name Enemy Type/Model Number Attribute Level HP Arts Drop Table
Elite Soldier Garmon Humanoid Driver, np/np413102 None 9 1600
  • Muscle Spark
  • Power Rays
  • Blaster
Common Core Crystal (100%)

Rare Core Crystal (30%)

Strength Ether Dexterity Agility Luck
980 800 920 540 1300
Blade ID Blade Type Blade Weapon Blade Element Blade Arts Blade Specials
1090 Generic Male Brute Greataxe Fire
  • Arts Plus
  • Critical Up
  • Turbine Axe
  • Axe Break
  • Ground Charge
  • War Swing

Unused Enemy Summons

These enemies are Sovereigns that are part of summon ID 16, and were intended to be summoned by a variant of the Transfer Gate art. As said variant goes unused, it leaves no way of encountering these Sovereigns in-game. Aside from their names and lack of drop table, these Sovereigns are mostly identical to their regular counterparts. One of these unused Sovereigns never had their name translated.

Name Enemy Type/Model Number Attribute Level HP Arts
Rom-Bol Sovereign (Phoebus), en/en070101 None 1 1530
  • Wild Beam
  • Security Kick
Strength Ether Dexterity Agility Luck
860 840 980 740 280
Name Enemy Type/Model Number Attribute Level HP Arts
ソウズ(仮) Sovereign (Kustal), en/en070501 None 1 2110
  • Topspin
  • Laser Round
  • Front Sensor
Strength Ether Dexterity Agility Luck
1200 900 960 790 1300
Name Enemy Type/Model Number Attribute Level HP Arts
Gog-Bol Sovereign (Radclyffe), en/en070601 None 1 1240
  • Laser
  • Backspin
  • Reverse Bolt
  • Self Destruct
Strength Ether Dexterity Agility Luck
720 1050 1100 730 210

Unused Items

ID Name Category Rarity Effect Price Notes
74 Alpha Scope Accessories Common Reduces enemy Topple resist. 7,900 Was intended to drop somewhere in the Cliffs of Morytha.
75 Gamma Scope Accessories Common Reduces enemy Launch resist. 16,500 Was intended to drop somewhere in the Kingdom of Tantal.
15209 Annul Defense I Aux Core Common Boosts resistance to defense annulling attacks by 25%. 300
15210 Annul Defense II Aux Core Common Boosts resistance to defense annulling attacks by 30%. 1000
15211 Annul Defense III Aux Core Rare Boosts resistance to defense annulling attacks by 35%. 1800
15212 Annul Defense IV Aux Core Rare Boosts resistance to defense annulling attacks by 40%. 2900
15213 Annul Defense V Aux Core Legendary Boosts resistance to defense annulling attacks by 50%. 3100
40295 Salted Brog Sauté Pouch Items (Meat) Rare
  • -5% physical dmg taken
  • +15% Party Gauge gain
840 The effect of this item lasts for 40 minutes. This item is listed as being from Gormott Province, and was likely intended to have been obtained there.
45014 Unnamed Core Crystal Core Crystals Rare - 0 Always generates a Wind-element common blade with an Ether Cannon.
45015 Unnamed Core Crystal Core Crystals Rare - 0 Always generates an Ice-element common blade with a Greataxe. Given this and the aforementioned unused core crystal always generate a set common blade, it's possible these were intended to have been given by Gramps, who gives the player a core crystal that always generates a Wind-element common blade with Knuckle Claws as an introduction to the Blade resonance mechanic.

Unused Text

Hidden Ending Captions

Mythra and Pyra

To do:
Remove the "[ML:undisp ]" tag and see which version of the text plays in-game.

In the game's ending cinematic, Mythra or Pyra, depending on which you choose, will say something to Rex, but no voice line is played, and nothing is captioned. However, in the captions for this scene, located in the file Game\RomFS\bf\bdat\gb\bf10480100_ms.bdat, one can see that there are subtitles for this scene. They are simply hidden with a special tag that marks them as undisplayed.

The bolded text is used, for reference to where the lines would be used in the scene had they not been marked as hidden.

The subtitles are shown below.

ID style (UInt16) name (String)
1 82 The rest is up to you... My children...
2 82 [ML:undisp ]Hello, Rex.
3 82 [ML:undisp ]Hello, Rex.
4 82 [ML:undisp ]Hello, I'm Pyra.
5 82 [ML:undisp ]Hello, I'm Mythra.
6 82 And thus, boy met girl.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

"One Last You" Lyrics

The lyrics to "One Last You" are written out in the game text itself and play during the ending cutscene. However, they are marked as hidden and do not actually show on-screen.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Pneuma Skill Descriptions

To do:
Check if this text was translated into all languages.

Pneuma (the "ascended state" of the Aegis) has flavor text for her specials and her unique skills. This text goes unused because Pneuma can only be accessed in battle, not in the menu.

Her specials:

  • Starburst - "Blast a merciless siren beam through enemies."
  • Radiant Flare - "Attack hostiles with a light-speed attack."
  • Genesis Saber - "Pierce enemies with countless light blades created by ether."
  • Infinity Blade - "Unleash energy and sever the enemy with a sword of light."

All of these have "Adds a 60% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack" as their additional effect, except for Infinity Blade, which is 100%. That chance could be higher at higher Affinity Chart levels, but those nodes go unused because Pneuma's chart cannot be developed.

Her skills:

  • A Dream of the Future - "Can initiate elemental combo at random."
  • The Chosen One - "Greatly enhances the Driver's abilities through the power of the Aegis."
  • The Aegis - "Greatly enhances the party's abilities through the power of the Aegis."
(Source: Datamined BDATs (1, 2, 3))

Inaccessible Weapon Names

Jin and pre-Aegis Rex are the two playable characters in the main story that fight without using Blades. Their weapons have names: Rex wields a Broadsword named Junk Sword, and Jin wields a Nodachi named Masamune. Due to implementation details, you can't see this information for Rex, and you can't open Jin's menu in the first place.

Malos and Sever in the Ancient Ship also wield a Sword Tonfa named Thanatos. You also can't open Malos' menu to see this, and this is a different Sever from the New Game Plus Sever that wields Bringer of the Winds.

(Source: Datamined BDATs)

Stunned Swallow Effect Description

Although you can't access Jin's menu in any of his playable appearances in the main game, and thus cannot enhance his arts, there is a description of Stunned Swallow's unique effect that would be used if you were to select it in the Enhance Arts menu:

"Counters Driver Arts with [100]% of physical damage and Blowdown."

No other playable character has a Driver Art with this effect, so this text goes unused.

(Source: Datamined BDATs)

Unused Enemy Arts

A lot of Arts (unique, variations, or clones) go completely unused.

Unique Unused Arts

  • Dark Force - A Wind-Element Ether art that inflicts Blowdown. Judging by its placement in the arts table, it was intended to be used for Eks enemies, as it is a slightly stronger variation of the already-used "Force of Nature".

Unused Art Variations

All arts listed are identical to used variants except for the listed effect. Unused unnamed arts are not listed, as most of them appear to be auto-attacks.

  • Horn Dive - Inflicts Knockback.
  • Rock Dunk - Has half the damage ratio and inflicts Knockback.
  • Earthy Tackle - Lower damage ratio.
  • Pitfall - Earth-element.
  • King Crawler - Force-inflicts Launch.
  • Back Tail - Lower damage ratio. Strangely is listed as having a Range Type of "One Target", instead of "Behind", like the used variation.
  • Transfer Gate - Summons three enemies: a Rom-Bol, a Gog-Bol, and an enemy that only has a debug name that translates to "Sowz (Provisional)", indicating it is some kind of test enemy. None of these three enemies are ever seen in-game, and are only listed in the Summon ID for this variant of Transfer Gate, leaving them unused. However, all three enemies are Sovereigns, indicating they may be unused variations of existing Sovereign enemies found in the World Tree.
  • Security Kick - Higher chance to inflict Knockback, higher damage ratio.
  • Emergence - This variant summons Svarm Appix. Judging by the name, it was meant to be used by the Svarm Nest in its quest battle, but the Nest has no arts assigned for it to use, leaving this variant unused. Svarm Appix are still used as part of the quest battle.
  • Cold Era - Inflicts Driver Shackle. All Twin-Rings driver enemies use one of the two variants of this art, which resets the aggro they have towards party members. The Unique Monster Skyfist Remington uses a unique variant that inflicts Nullify Heal, but this variant goes unused.
  • Ultra Bang-Bang - An unused variant that acts identically to the ones used by Rosa and Giga Rosa. Judging by its placement, it was meant to be used by True Rosa in her respective challenge battle. There is also another variant that does not have a Summon ID assigned to it.
  • Elemental Copy - An unused Variant of the art used by Guldos that drains a full section of the party gauge.

There are also full unused movesets for Artifice Colossi and Ardainian Soldiers that are listed with arts for enemies found in the "Torna: The Golden Country" DLC.

Unused Sounds


In Rex's blade callout lines, a voiceline for Pneuma exists. Presumably this would have been used as the callout name for the third Aegis forme before their real name was revealed, had the option of choosing between Pyra and Mythra not been implemented. Note that it is pronounced differently here than in the cutscene at the beginning of Chapter 8.

Unused Poppi α Intonations

To do:
There are also recordings in both intonations for the trash talk in the Chapter 10 illusion fight. Which one gets used?

The events of Chapter 4 give Poppi the ability to switch between her original α form and the new QT form. Additionally, although this is never acknowledged by the characters, Poppi begins to speak in a less robotic tone of voice after this point, even when she remains in Poppi α form. To implement this, the game has two recordings for every one of Poppi α's voice clips: an "a" take that is spoken in a monotone, and a "b" take that is spoken in an expressive, girly tone.

This includes the clips used for engaging Poppi α in the Engage Blades menu, and those used for switching to Poppi α. But since the tone change happens at the same time as Poppi QT becomes available, the monotone versions of these clips are never used.

"Poppi, powering up."

"Alpha by name, alpha by nature."

"Alpha mode activated."

On the flip side, there is an expressive take of Poppi's post-battle conversation with Vandham, which goes unused due to Vandham's departing before the tone change.

"Poppi is shaped like girl, but if Vandham *happy*, then Poppi is happy."

Callouts for Unusable Blade Arts

Every Blade has a clip recorded for calling out every possible Blade Art, except for Draw Aggro. Most of these clips for rare/legendary Blades go unused, as each of these blades can only have certain Blade Arts.

As a representative sample, consider these clips of Pyra saying "Armor Veil" even though she cannot use Absorb Damage, and Dromarch saying "Focus" even though he cannot use Critical Up.

Pyra: "Armor Veil!"

Dromarch: "Focus!"

Even Poppi has unused callouts. Poppi α can't equip AC Recharge Boost, and thus will never say "Quicken Arts" in either of her intonations, and Poppi QT can't equip AC Damage Absorb, and therefore will never say "Armor Veil".

Poppi α: "Quicken Arts!"

Poppi QT: "Armor Veil!"

Revisional Differences

Version 1.1.0

Released on launch day, alongside DLC Item Distribution 1.

  • Adds the event theater.
  • Adds a Japanese voice option as free DLC for the US and European versions.
  • Various balance and quality-of-life adjustments.
(Source: Nintendo,Xenoblade Wiki)

Version 1.1.1

Released on December 22, 2017, alongside DLC Item Distribution 2.

  • Fixes progression in five quests: "One Step Ahead", "A Young Man's Prize", "The Riddle on the Wall", "Failure and Success", and "Follow your Passion".
  • Adds another size option for the minimap overlay.
  • Mmercifully grants an Easy mode for Tiger! Tiger!
  • Adds the ability to open the skip travel menu by pressing X.
(Source: Xenoblade Wiki)

Version 1.2.0

To do:
Rip the audio for the Ardanian soldiers.

Released on January 18, 2018, alongside DLC Quest Distribution 1 and DLC Item Distribution 3.

  • Fixes progression in the quests "The Riddle on the Wall", "Birds of a Feather", and "Precious Yearnings".
  • A problem with Poppi's Skill RAM has been remedied.
  • Voiceovers in the menus can now be skipped, which makes trust grinding far less tedious.

This update also brought a notorious undocumented change to the English dub: the Ardanian soldier dialogue edit. Their line "Think you can take me?" line was replaced with "Take this!" (clipped from their other line "Take a look at this!"), while the "Don't forget me!" line was shortened to "Don't forget!". Additionally, the frequency with which they speak during battle is heavily toned down.

(Source: Nintendo, Xenoblade Wiki)

Version 1.3.0

Released on March 2, 2018.

This is a huge update that introduced New Game Plus, along with the ability to use seven of Torna's Blades after starting New Game Plus. It also fixed some issues with Perceval's Affinity Chart progression, tried to fix the "good deeds" issue with Perun's, fixed the "deal a certain amount of damage in one hit" chart condition, fixed the Trust progression of rare blades that had been released, and fixed a bug that would happen with too many Poppi parts. Additionally, Easy mode and DLC Item Distribution 4 were released. Finally, numerous quality-of-life improvements, like adding the ability to change the sort order on most menus,

(Source: Xenoblade Wiki)

Version 1.3.1

Released on March 30, 2018. This fixed quite a few bugs:

  • Resolves several issues with common Blades and New Game Plus.
  • A softlock in New Game Plus if you didn't have enough money to buy the tutorial items was rectified by adding an NPC.
  • The illusion fights in Chapter 10 are now based on Rex's level in New Game Plus (that way you can't just level everyone down to 1 and steamroll them).
  • The Trust progression of rare blades that had been released was broken again.
  • Quest progression: "Whereabouts Unknown," "Marvelous Mercenaries," and "We Meet Again."
  • A regression where certain buffs had stopped working if the Blade that had them wasn't currently active in battle.
  • Crafting multiple items at a time wasn't working.
  • Location names weren't popping up.
  • The minimap, compass, and skip travel with X would stop working sometimes.
  • The menu wouldn't reflect Mythra's ether mod.
  • Pressing ZL to change blades in the field went in the wrong order if Mythra was engaged.

The update also released DLC Quest Distribution 2, and started advertising the Expansion Pass (paid DLC) in the menu.

(Source: Xenoblade Wiki)

Version 1.4.0

Released on April 27, 2018. This added T-elos and the DLC blade Poppibuster to the game, along with New Game Plus bards who trade bonus experience for rare Poppi parts. It also made Dagas stop disappearing when starting New Game Plus when he's engaged to the Master Driver, fixed progression on the quest "Limits of Awareness," fixed a regression where Lightspeed Flurry didn't proc on Specials, and added more sorting categories to the menus.

(Source: Xenoblade Wiki)

Version 1.4.1

Released on May 24, 2018. Released DLC Quest Distribution 3 and fixed a game crash, among other minor bug fixes.

(Source: Xenoblade Wiki)

Version 1.5.0

Released on June 14, 2018. Another huge update, this one added the DLC Challenge Battle mode, where you could fight extremely powerful superbosses and win costumes and amazingly broken equipment. You also got to use the new DLC blades, Shulk and Fiora.

Outside of Challenge Battle, this updated added a Unique Monster Subjugation Report, which keeps track of the fastest time for killing unique monsters on each difficulty level. It also added the options to auto-battle and to disable (regular) enemy aggression, and it fixed Perun's chart progression for real this time.

(Source: Xenoblade Wiki)

Version 1.5.1

Released on July 27, 2018. This fixed a couple flaws in Challenge Battle; specifically, it fixed a softlock with Humanoid Alliance, and it made the snakes weaker on Easy mode in Attack of the Aspar (which actually doesn't make that challenge easier). It also added even more costume rewards, along with items that can max out Tora's Idea levels as Challenge Battle rewards.

The update also distributed the second DLC blade, Crossette, and added the hard mode "Bringer of Chaos" and the custom difficulty setting for those who bought the DLC. And if you bring Shulk or Fiora to Alrest, you have the option of playing You Will Know Our Names instead of the default unique monster music.

But if you didn't buy the DLC, at least the update let you craft the "Shackle Blade Resist" Skill RAM modules for Poppi.

(Source: Xenoblade Wiki)

Version 1.5.2

Released August 24, 2018. This update distributed the DLC blade Corvin and added some new missions to Challenge Battle. There's one mission to get the last DLC blade, Elma, a second mission where you fight Elma and an army of ghosts, and a third mission where you are strongly recommended to wear the swimsuit items that were also conveniently introduced.

(Source: Perfectly Nintendo)

Version 2.0.0

Released September 14, 2018. Fixed a bug where certain quests would freeze, fixed another bug where Elma couldn't Overdrive if you turned off auto-battle in the middle of a fight, released the Final Item Distribution DLC, and bolted Torna: The Golden Country onto the main menu if you bought the Expansion Pass.

(Source: Perfectly Nintendo)

Version 2.0.1

Released October 18, 2018. Fixed Rex's outfit in the ending, fixed a bug where Dagas would change Drivers, and brought the associated copy of Torna: The Golden Country to v1.0.1.

(Source: Perfectly Nintendo)

Version 2.0.2

To do:
Were there any undocumented changes in this update?

Released November 30, 2018. To commemorate the first anniversary of the game and the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, this update distributed the "Massive Melee Mythra" aux core, which changes Mythra's design to the one used for her Spirit in SSBU (and gives Mythra an even higher critical hit rate).

(Source: Perfectly Nintendo)

Version 2.1.0

Released September 2, 2020. Adds support for Korean.


Mistaken Identity

To do:
Find out which version fixed this mistake.

Strangely, when Mòrag switches her active Blade to Brighid, she calls Dromarch's name instead of Brighid's. Mòrag cannot use Dromarch at all due to him being exclusive to Nia, and later Rex. This voice clip was later swapped out in a patch for one of Mòrag correctly calling for Brighid.

Untranslated Dialogue

To do:
Get a screenshot of this, and find out if and when this oversight got fixed.

On the balcony overlooking the refugee camp in Indol at night, a female Gormotti NPC can be found. Talking to her reveals her dialogue was never translated into English.

Lora Comparison

To do:
Renders of the two models. Plus, check if there any more differences between the two Lora models.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna: The Golden Country

Lora's model used in the cutscenes of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is somewhat different from her model used in Torna: The Golden Country, she wears white underwear instead of black shorts.

Hidden Blade

While not unused per se, Rex (during his brief time wielding the Broadsword) and Jin are stealth-equipped with a Blade named Utsuro (虚ろ meaning "empty, vacant" in Japanese). In addition, the weapon class Jin uses is named Nodachi, which cannot be seen in-game.

Jin and Malos' Favorite Items

Despite both of them only being in the party briefly and being unable to use Pouch items, Jin and Malos have favorite items defined. Jin likes Staple Foods and Seafood, with his favorite items being Oyster Stir-Fry and The Millenarian Titan. Malos likes Desserts and Art, with his favorite items being Grilled Anchortail and Argentum Noodle Soup.

While Jin later became fully playable in the game's prequel Torna: The Golden Country, his favorite items were changed.

Artifice Ophion Oddity

Artifice Ophion, the Level 117 Superboss found at Gotrock Oracle Ruins during the final chapter of the game, has his Strength stat go "unused". On Normal difficulty, Ophion has 3,468 Strength and 1,907 Ether... except for the fact that Ophion only uses Ether arts and does not use auto-attacks in the conventional sense, instead using the "Plasma Cannon" Art due to its very fast recharge. This means that Ophion's Strength stat is pretty much completely unused.

Intro Credits

The Japanese Intro Cutscene lists credits for Audio Direction to Shigeru Chiba, but this was replaced with blank text in the international versions. It seems however that at one point they were planning to credit the English voice directors here, as there are unused images with the names of the two English directors which use an older font.


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Really Feeling It

During the point before Shulk and Fiora walks towards Rex and the group, there is a unseen animation of Shulk taking a step which then he immediately steps back.