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Xenoblade Chronicles 2/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

To do:
  • are any of the "mainmenu_", "mnu010_", "mnu011_", "mnu016_", "mnu021_", "mnu022_", "mnu028_", "mnu029_", "mnu030_", "mnu038_", "mnu042_", "mnu048_", "mnu054_", "mnu056_", "mnu060_", "mnu063_", "mnu070_", "mnu071_", "mnu072_", "mnu089_", "mnu094_" images used?
  • Are itemtype_0, kind_symbol_0, lock_icon_0, map_flag_008, mer_symbol_0, mnu_054_mer_area_prev_0, mnu018_zoneicon_0, poachitem_0, popup_icon_0, rare_0, speaker_0 used or unused?
  • mnu101_ is a funny situation.
  • Why are there like 50 copies of a screenshot of the cringy rex scream as event theater icon placeholders? (thumb_evXXX) Torna has the same thing but with copies of a world tree image
  • Torna DLC has some dummy weapon placeholders, and before dlc blades were added to the game their headshots were also dummied.

Download to XC2 image archive ( https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1koch5EA3cpm4pntHLfU8J21cftB6YQWd )

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/443890374289784833/846858762550771735/message.txt has a list of most of the things of interest here

Unused Assets

XC2 accessory 0.png


Early item icons.

XC2 arts 0.png


Unfinished art icons.

XC2 alstguidebg dummy 0.png


Texture for the scrapped "Alrest Guide" mode.

XC2 battleskill icon 0.png


Placeholder graphics for battle art icons.

XC2 bl face elem base 0.png


Squares whos colors line up with blade elements. Possibly used for portrait backgrounds as the name suggests.

XC2 bl kizunaring 0.png


Early design for the Blade Affinity Chart.

XC2 bl plate elem bg 0.png


Similar to bl_face_elem_base_0, but with elongated shapes. Possibly used for full art backgrounds.

XC2 cmn kizunagauge 0.pngXC2 cmn kizunagauge 1.pngXC2 cmn kizunagauge 2.pngXC2 cmn kizunagauge 3.pngXC2 cmn kizunagauge 4.pngXC2 cmn kizunagauge 5.pngXC2 cmn kizunagauge 6.png

(cmn_kizunaguage_X) with X being from 0 to 6

Based on the name this would have been used for the affinity chart, possibly as like a percentage for how much trust you have?

XC2 cmn lock 0.png


An unused lock icon.

XC2 cmn mer symbol 0.png


Early symbol/coat of arms thingy for the merc group.

XC2 cmn money icon 0.png


Early Gold symbol.

XC2 cmn time icon 0.png


Early playtime symbol.

XC2 collection type 0.png


Early collectible icons, possibly for a Collectopaedia?

XC2 compatibility 0.png


Unused heart icons. Possibly created for party member affinity, similar to the first game.

XC2 dr kizunaring 0.png


Early design for the Driver affinity chart.

XC2 driver bus 0.png


Drivers to be used in dr_bus_plate, features unshaded Zeke and Mòrag art.

XC2 Dummy blade 0.png


Dummy blade art. What character is this? Possibly *super* early Pyra art?

XC2 dummy buff 0.png


Dummy buff icon.

XBC2 Dummy createblade cmn 0.png


XBC2 Dummy createblade rare 0.png


Two portraits of Pyra with Pneuma and Mythra's color schemes; their names indicate that they were placeholders for the Blade portraits that appear after awakening them.

XC2 dummy debuff 0.png


A dummy debuff icon.

XC2 Dummy driver 0.png


Dummy driver art. Again, what character is this? Possibly *super* early Rex art?

XC2 dummy kizunaring 0.png


Dummy blade affinity chart.

XC2 dummy number 0.png


Dummy number font.

XC2 equip icon 0.png


Equip icons. Never used in game, due to equipment being different from the first game.

XBC2 Face 0 cropped.png

(face_0) Cropped for convenience.

A bunch of character icons. Several of these icons use unfinished and/or concept sheet images. The Poppi α icon was used in an early build of the game shown during E3 2017, although oddly enough the icon of Dromarch in the same build used a cropped version of his official art, like the final game, and not the unfinished one shown here. Interestingly, Poppi QTπ has brown hair here, while in the final game she has purple hair like the other Poppi models.

XBC2 Fim bl 003 0.png


An image of Mythra taken from her character design sheet. This image is used as a placeholder for Pneuma's character art.

Early Final
XBC2 commonaxe early.png XBC2 commonaxe final.png


Early version of the male axe common Blade.

XBC2 commonm.png


Image of a male common Blade without a weapon. It was used during the E3 2017 Nintendo Treehouse presentation.

Early Final
XBC2 commonaxef early.png XBC2 commonaxef final.png


Early version of the female axe common Blade.

XBC2 commonf.png


Image of a female common Blade without a weapon.

To do:
Apparently this image was changed during an update? The two main Image dumps of this game have different images named this. The other is simply a blank image. Also upload the glow versions of all of these blade/driver art.

XC2 Fim bl 046 0.png


A placeholder Image for the blade album art. Amazing.

Early Final
XBC2 commonbeast early.png XBC2 commonbeast final.png


Early version of the beast Blade.

XBC2 Fim bl 048 0.png


A image of Pyra wearing her Gormotti disguise. It is likely her character portrait was meant to change during the brief period in Chapter 2 where she disguises herself.

XC2 fim dr 010 0.png


Normal Rex art, but with a bonus unshaded Gramps.

XC2 iconlist base 0.png


Possibly an early overlay for common Blades on the Blade list?

XC2 Itemcat 0.png


Very early placeholders for item category icons. They can be seen below in the menu mockups.

XC2 itemtype 0.png


Old item category icons.

XC2 kind symbol 0.png


Male, female, and a question mark. Probably a gender indicator.

XC2 mer symbol 0.png


Based on the name, this may have been used for Mercenary levels.

XC2 poachitem 0.png


Early pouch item icons. Featuring a misspelling.

XC2 rare 0.png


Early core crystal icons?

XC2 speaker 0.png


Were characters meant to have speaking icons similar to other RPGs? Also who is that furry(?) character?

XC2 species symbol 0.png


Dog or Man indicator. Very important.

XC2 Ss dummy 0.png


A very blurry screenshot. Might be somewhere from Xenoblade X?

XC2 star gauge 0.png


A set of stars.


XC2 thumb ev214 0.png

(thumb_evXXX_0), with XXX being the event ID number.

A screenshot from the 'Resonance of the Heart' cutscene is used as a placeholder for thumbnails for cutscenes that don't exist. Event 213 is the final cutscene in the game, and these images cover events 214 all the way up to 334, which is where the optional cutscene (blade awakenings, etc...) are kept. "AAAAIYAH!!!"

XC2 thumb qt149 0.png

(thumb_qtXXX_0), with XXX being the quest ID number.

The same thing happened in the quest thumbnails, but instead using an image of a very very unfinished and sad looking World Tree. Over the course of the games life, quests were added VIA DLC which replaced some of these images with actual quest thumbnails.

Unused Menu Assets

Main Menu

Menu 1

Title Screen.

XBC2 Mnu001 titlebg 0.png


A placeholder or mockup for the title screen.

XC2 mnu001 titlelogo b 0.png


An alternate version of the Japanese logo, with the flames on the letters removed.

XC2 mnu001 titlelogo b us 0.png


Same thing but with the International logo.

Menu 4

XC2 mnu004 spart icon 0.png


The icons for the current level that a characters special is up to, however it is impossible to get to level V in the game, thus the level V icon goes unused.

Menu 10

XBC2 Mnu010 bustup 0.png


An old drawing of Rex.

Menu 11

Menu 16

Menu 17

XC2 Mnu017 alstguidetop dummy 0.png


A humourous image for a menu that has not been completed yet.

Menu 18

Menu 20

Menu 21

Menu 22

Menu 24

A copy of Menu 17's construction image can be found here under the name (mnu024_orb_dummy_0)

Menu 27

Menu 28

Menu 29

Menu 30

Menu 32

Menu 34

Menu 37

Menu 38

Menu 42

Menu 43

Menu 44

A copy of Menu 17's construction image can be found here under the name (mnu044_timechange_dummy_0)

Menu 46

Menu 48

Menu 50

Menu 51

Menu 52

Menu 53

Menu 54

Menu 56

Menu 60

Menu 63

Menu 64

Menu 65

Menu 70

Menu 71

Menu 72

Menu 74

Menu 75

Menu 76

Menu 79

XC2 Mnu079 thumnail list dummy 0.png


Corrupted image of Pyra. Possibly a placeholder for the event theater cutscenes.

Menu 81

Menu 82

Menu 83

Menu 85

Menu 86

Menu 88

Menu 89

Menu 90

Menu 91

Menu 93

Menu 94

XBC2 Mnu094 rootmenu dicenemy 0.png


An unused icon for an enemy kill log. Note that this sort of feature is nowhere in the final game. There was an Encyclopedia function in earlier builds of the game, so it was likely meant to be used there.

Menu 95

Menu 100

Menu 101

Menu 9xx

Menus 900 and above seem to be dummy menu placeholders.

XC2 Mnu901 itemlist dummy 0.png


XC2 Mnu902 lifeitem dummy 0.png


Two extremely early mockups for menus.