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Title Screen


Developer: Square Product Development Division 3
Publishers: Square (JP), Square EA (US)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: February 11, 1998
Released in US: October 20, 1998

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Xenogears is a well-known sci-fi RPG for PlayStation, which borrows heavily from various "giant robot" anime series, and was surrounded by a lot of controversy about its religious content back in the day. It also has a really, really weird storyline. And it's also very, very, very unfinished. Probably more so than SaGa Frontier, which speaks volumes.

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More regional differences, specifically the English mistranslations (Source)

Debug Room

Enter the following Action Replay code based on your version:

US Version: 8004F34C 0000
JP Version: 8004E9F0 0000

Now turn on your cheat device and start a new game, then turn it off.

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Unused Gear


Too bad it has no engine.

Elly's Omnigear, El-Regurus (or "El-Regrs", as it's called in the arena) is normally only seen in cutscenes, since Elly leaves the team permanently literally right before you'd get a chance to actually use it. Nevertheless, it still exists in the game in a fashion, and by using the GameShark code 8006D940 000A, you can replace Fei's Gear with it. Unfortunately, the in-battle model and idle animation appears to be all that exists, as the game locks up immediately upon entering battle, and it has no out-battle model, causing the game to lock up if it's attempted to be displayed there, as well.

Other Gears

These Gears are not unused, but some text associated with them is.

Daaah, I heard that!

The Deurmods used by Bart's generic soldiers have the internal name "BARTHOS". You can use the GameShark code 8006D940 0011 to replace Fei's Gear with one, but be aware that it has no out of battle model, and the game will crash in any situation in which it should be displayed, such as exiting battle.

Super Giant Robot X!

The Yggdrasil-IV is used, alone, in a single battle early in disc 2, and never again. Its internal name is "YGGDRA", and can be given to Fei via the GameShark code 8006D940 0012. Interestingly, it still towers over normal Gears, so it isn't merely a matter of "scale" in its fight against Ft. Hurricane. As with the Deurmods, the Yggdrasil-IV has no out of battle model, and will thus crash the game.

Unused Items

Some weird stuff here.

Enter in the Action Replay code 3006F672 0021 to add an item called Debug Item to your inventory.

  • Debug Item: Gives you every item in the game, including unused and debug items.
  • Debug Skill: Gives your chosen character all their deathblow skills, and puts every character in your party, including both versions of Citan and Emeralda. This will make the game crash in shops! Talk to Margie in the Debug Room to reassemble your party into something more stable.
  • Weak vs Wind: Makes character weak against wind?
  • Weak vs Earth: Same as above but with Earth.
  • Weak vs Fire: Same as above but with Fire
  • Weak vs Water: Same as above but with Water.
  • Stop!: Freezes character (just like 'stop' in FF games).
  • Sleep!:
  • Weakling:
  • Confusion: Confuses character.
  • Armor loss:
  • EXP Ball:
  • Combo Ball 10: ?
  • Omni: Can be used in menu.
  • option:

Unused Equipment

There's a lot of unused equipment in the game, but the better majority of it does nothing, giving no stat boosts and having a sell price of 0G. There's also a glitch, in which if an item's name is thirteen characters long (including spaces), the last letter frequently gets overwritten by another random letter.


So what are they?
  • ばるとよび ("Bart placeholder") - There are two of these. They can be equipped by Bart, and are, as the name suggests, just placeholders that were never filled.
  • したんよび ("Citan placeholder") - This is a katana that can be equipped by Citan. Another unused placeholder.
  • びりーよび ("Billy placeholder") - An unused placeholder gun which can be equipped by Billy, but no ammo works with it, so it can't actually be used.
  • ぶきよび ("Weapon placeholder") - Undefined placeholder weapons. Six of these exist, and they cannot be equipped by anyone.


  • Plain Clothes - There are four of these, all identical.
  • Ladies' Dress - Can only be worn by females, obviously.
  • LegendaryRobe - Despite its tantalizing name, this has no effect at all.
  • Slayer Robe - This male-only 108-defense piece of armor is not technically unused, but is virtually impossible to obtain, due to questionable design. It's dropped randomly (or always, if you have the Trader Card equipped) by Alpha Weltall... the problem is, the fight with Alpha Weltall is essentially rigged, as said opponent's attacks are prohibitively powerful, and if you had Citan in your current team, you'll only have two characters. Victory is technically possible, but very, very, very difficult, and even if you do win, the game assumes you lost, anyhow.


  • PlainHeadwear - Useless.
  • Ladies'Bonnet - Can only be worn by females.
  • Stellar Cap - Can only be worn by females.
  • Men's Hat - Can only be worn by males.


  • Coin of Fate - Doesn't appear to have any effect at all.

Gear Weapons

Gun control in action.
  • G-EthPistol - These are somewhat interesting. It appears that Billy's Gear, Renmazuo, was going to be able to use Ether Guns at one point. A full set of ammo for this also exists, with the same names as the standard human-size variety. Unfortunately, this cannot actually be equipped.
  • びりーよび ("Billy placeholder") - Another unused Gear gun for Billy which can't be equipped, this one just being an unfilled placeholder.
  • G-GatlingGun - The last unused Gear gun which, sadly, cannot be equipped.
  • ぶきよび ("Weapon placeholder") - Same deal as the human versions: Undefined weapons that can be used by exactly nobody. Again, there are six of them.

Gear Parts

Seriously, what are they?
  • F Circuit, G Circuit - A-E Circuits exist in-game, with various effects, but F and G were left unused and without any effects.
  • A Circuit+1, B Circuit+1, D Circuit+1, E Circuit+1, F Circuit+1, G Circuit+1 - Only the C Circuit has a "+1" version in-game. The rest of these exist, dummied out, and have no effect.
  • Customizer - Unknown. Doesn't seem to have any effect.
  • Hex - Unknown. Doesn't seem to have any effect.
  • Wind Stone - No effect, but this would probably have either raised defense against wind attacks, or gave the equipped Gear a wind-elemental attack.
  • Earth Stone - Same as above, except Earth-based.
  • Fire Stone - Same as above, except Fire-based.
  • Water Stone - Same as above, except Water-based.
  • (Blank Slot) - This item is somewhat interesting. It has a description ("Increase Guard's Restore") and an actual sell price (1,250G), but has no name. It's not known if it does anything, either.
  • Ar Guard - This one also has a description ("Prevents Armor Corrosion"), but the standard unused item 0G selling price. Again, it's not known if this works.

Unused Song

Famously, the OST features a beautiful lyrical rendition of the overworld theme called "Stars of Tears", which strangely, does not appear in the game anywhere. While it may have just been intended as a "bonus track", which is not uncommon on soundtracks, it is on the game disc(s), and can be heard in the debug room, where it accompanies a montage of the game's FMVs. It's unknown if or where it would have been used in the game proper, however.

Unused Graphics

Unused/Filler Face Portrait


A strange question mark graphic found with the face portraits. In all likelihood, this was intended to be used when an offscreen character spoke, but in the end, no graphic at all was used in these situations.

Unused Text

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Unused dialogue. Source

Unused World Map Locations

  • Point Bethlehem - This location is never referred to at any point in the final game.
  • Soylent System - Appears in the final game, but is never explored by the player.
  • Golgoda - Appears only during a cutscene in the final game.

Unused Chapter Titles

Similarly to Chrono Trigger, the game displays a chapter title on each save file in the save menu. Some of these chapter titles are rendered unused, either because the event associated with them was scrapped, or because it is impossible to save during the event where they would be used.

  • Attack on Lahan - Appears between "Fallen Shadows" and "Into the Woods", likely intended for the attack on Lahan.
  • Fall of Solaris - Appears between "Tears for Fears" and "Shot Down".
  • Shevat's Move - Appears between "Tears for Fears" and "Shot Down".
  • Broken Ties - Appears between "Tears for Fears" and "Shot Down".
  • Waiting Death - Appears between "Promised Land" and "Merkava Calls".
  • Xenogears Wakes - Appears between "Fallen Star" and "First and Last", likely intended for when Fei obtains Xenogears.

Kernel Boot Menu


A kernel boot menu exists in the final game and can be reached by setting the bootmode to 0.

Regional Differences

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During the credits roll, the Japanese version features a static dark red "X". The US version features a red wavy watery texture that changes pattern during the credits roll.