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Xenoblade Chronicles

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Title Screen

Xenoblade Chronicles

Also known as: Xenoblade (JP)
Developer: Monolith Soft
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: June 10, 2010
Released in US: April 6, 2012
Released in EU: August 19, 2011
Released in AU: September 1, 2011

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
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ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
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Xenoblade Chronicles is an open world JRPG from the creators of previous Xeno games. This game is not directly connected with said previous games, but the influence is strong. The game has become well known for its surprising length, well-written story, and its dubbed version's British acting. After its main character was featured in the two versions of the fourth Super Smash Bros. game, Xenoblade's popularity exploded in the west, helping to support a port on the New Nintendo 3DS and the localization of Xenoblade Chronicles X.


To do:
  • Get the following cutscenes playing and record a video of them: vs16010100_prev.rev, vs00demo01, vs12220060. The cutscene trigger is presumably located in script.pkb. Can we switch that trigger with an unused cutscene?
  • Add more unused gem effects, and get a picture of Bionis's Left Shoulder's title screen demo.
  • List major localization changes.
  • Find out if the refugees on the Bionis' Leg have unique item pools for gaining 5 star affinity with Colony 6.
  • Find a way of extracting everything from bdat.bin, XBSE only rips text and model numbers.
  • Apparently, if you jump off in the Galahad Fortress boss room, there is actually code to make you land in the Fallen Arm. Document this.


Music and Sound Effects

Unused Audio
"Looks like there's a lot of unused audio in this game." "Not looks like, there is."

Models, Textures, and Animations

Unused Animations
Someone call Alvis. There's a glitch in life.
Xenoblade Lambert eyes.png
Unused Models
"Well met, Monado Boy!"
Xenoblade Meyneth Eyes.png
Unused Textures
Whose eyes are those eyes?


Unused Maps

XenobladeChronicles Shoulder1.png
Bionis' Left Shoulder
An interesting (and huge!) unused map.
These unused maps aren't getting any smaller.

Unseen Geometry

Unseen Geometry
The trendiest places on (and off) Bionis you'll never visit.

Unused Data

Unused Cutscene References
Powered by imagination.
Unused Enemies
"Are you trying to get us killed?!"
Xenoblade quest.png
Unused Quests
I was getting tired of collecting spider legs anyway.
FLD npclist
"I'm really FLDing it!"

Development Leftovers: Storyboards and Beyond

Xenoblade storyboard oj201004 tex.png
Behind the Scenes
Unlike in DVD movies, in this game, you have to WORK to find the storyboards. Good thing we did the work for you!
Debugging Leftovers
"This is the Debug Mode's power!"

Miscellaneous Oddities

"This is the Monad-oh wait now it's in my hand."

Unused Weapons

To do:
Get an image of Monado III without model viewer glitches.


Shulk's unused weapons are interesting: besides the Debug Sword, which is exactly what it sounds like, there's a set of unfinished early-game weapons which would suggest Shulk was intended to have access to more than just the Junk Sword prior to acquiring the Monado. Presumably, they were cut due to just how little time that section of the game is- no point in giving Shulk a full compliment of weapons if he gets the Monado and can't change his weapon for most of the game. All of these use the Junk Sword's model unless otherwise noted.

Weapon Name Image Description Auto ATK Damage Physical Defense Ether Defense Critical Rate Block Rate Gem slots Notes
Debug Sword N/A - 6000-6550 255 255 0% 25% 3 Shares its model with the Monado III. The game treats it as a Junk Sword, giving Shulk the Turn Strike Talent Art rather than Activate Monado.
Easy Edge Xenoblade-JunkSword.png A lightweight sword used by ordinary citizens for self-defence. 13-24 0 0 0% 0% 0
Salvage Sword Xenoblade-JunkSword.png A modified version of the Junk Sword ordered by Shulk. 9-30 0 0 0% 0% 0
Break Sword Xenoblade-JunkSword.png Its weight deals enormous damage but it is not suitable for cutting. 48-78 0 0 0% 0% 0
Mell Edge Xenoblade-JunkSword.png A sharp blade crafted from rare materials found at Mag Mell. 42-60 0 0 0% 0% 0
- (Weapon ID: 96) Xenoblade-JunkSword.png Made by Shulk for self-defence. It's not a very effective sword. 5-8 0 0 5% 0% 0 Nearly identical to the Junk Sword aside from the lower damage output and lack of slots.
- (Weapon ID: 6) Xenoblade-Zanzamonado.png - 100-150 0 0 1% 0% 3 Shares its model with the Monado that Zanza fights with. The game correctly treats it as a Monado unlike the Debug Sword.

The Debug Sword obviously wasn't intended to be used in-game, but during testing it would have been an invaluable asset as merely equipping it to Shulk allows one to cruise right through the game and get to the parts that need testing. The Easy Edge, Salvage Sword, and Break Sword all could have been possibly bought at Colony 9's shop, whereas the Mell Edge may have been a drop from an enemy in Tephra Cave.

(Source: Afti (Easy Edge, Salvage Sword, Break Sword, Mell Edge, Weapon ID 6), Iggy (Weapon ID 96), Doombringer (Debug Sword))


Weapon Name Image Description Auto ATK Damage Physical Defense Ether Defense Critical Rate Block Rate Gem slots Notes
Gadolt's Cannon Xenoblade-GadoltCannon.png The firearm left to Sharla by Gadolt. It gives Sharla the strength to go on. 630-735 0 0 18% 0 3 Uses a model that's otherwise unused. The stats and description indicate that Gadolt would have given this to Sharla after the events at the Meyneth Shrine.
(Source: Afti)


Weapon Name Image Description Auto ATK Damage Physical Defense Ether Defense Critical Rate Block Rate Gem slots Notes
Colony Knives Xenoblade-Knife.png Knives rarely seen in Colony 9. Can the unfamiliar also be familiar? 4-6 0 0 15% 10% 1 Judging from the low stats, these knives may have been Fiora's starting weapon during the beginning of the game.
- (Weapon ID: 319) Xenoblade-Knife.png - 8-12 10 0 10% 20% 0 The only nameless knives that don't have placeholder stats.
Meyneth Monado Xenoblade-Meynado.png Monado of the goddess Meyneth. The counterpart of Zanza's Monado. 350-400 0 0 15% 0% 3 (Unbeatable VI, Damage Heal VI, and Art Heal VI gems are permanently equipped.) Though actually used in-game, the presence of a description and the fact that it's impossible to manually remove once it's equipped suggests that it was intended to be used for more than the fight against Zanza at Mechonis Core.
Utopia Xenoblade-Utopiaknife.png The twin swords Castor and Pollux. Symbols of the pursuit of paradise. 270-285 15 15 20% 5% 1
(Source: Afti (Meyneth Monado), Bulbasaur356 (Utopia), Iggy (Weapon ID 319), Xenoblade Wikia (Colony Knives))


Weapon Name Image Description Auto ATK Damage Physical Defense Ether Defense Critical Rate Block Rate Gem slots Notes
Monapon Xenoblade-Monapon.png Made by Bana for his next business. Its name sounds somewhat familiar. 1-1 0 0 30% 0 3 (Earth Cloak VI, Aerial Cloak VI, and Aquatic Cloak VI gems are permanetly equipped) A unique slotted variant of the weapon dropped by Frenzied Bana.
(Source: Iggy)


Weapon Name Image Description Auto ATK Damage Physical Defense Ether Defense Critical Rate Block Rate Gem slots Notes
- (Weapon ID: 620) Xenoblade-Weapon620.png Hidden objects come into view. Proof of multiple planes of existence. 26-36 15 40 12% 0 0 Has a description that is otherwise unused. Its auto attack damage is abnormally low, even far below that of Melia's Protect Staff.
(Source: Iggy)

Guest Characters

Alvis, Dickson, and Mumkhar all join your party at one point in the game, but are removed after the fight they join for. Oddly enough, though, their unique weapons have descriptions! The stats and gem on Mumkhar's Steel Claws cannot be seen during gameplay.

Weapon Name Image Description Auto ATK Damage Physical Defense Ether Defense Critical Rate Block Rate Gem slots
Claymore Xenoblade-BlueJunkSword.png Probably crafted by Alvis. It is similar to a Homs sword. 300-420 25 25 10% 15% 1 (An Unbeatable VI gem is permanently equipped.)
Sabre Xenoblade-Sabre.png This weapon developed by Dickson combines a sword and a firearm. 220-315 25 25 5% 10% 2 (Unbeatable VI and Topple Resist VI gems are permanently equipped.)
Steel Claws N/A Mumkhar's weapon of choice. Nasty claws that attach to the hands. 30-40 20 0 50% 0% 1 (An Unbeatable VI gem is permanently equipped.)
(Source: Afti)


There are a total of 325 nameless placeholder/filler weapons in the game. Most of them have a damage output of 4-6 and very low stats, and crash the game when equipped. However several of them, such as Reyn's placeholder/filler weapons, can be equipped normally, and share their models with used weapons.

(Source: Iggy)

Unused Armor

Colonel Set

An entire set of armor goes unused!

  • Colonel Cap - "Helmet only worn by Homs colonels, leaders of 1000 men." Medium armor with 2 weight, 35 physical defense and 16 ether defense.
  • Colonel Attire - "Armour only worn by Homs colonels, leaders of 1000 men." Medium armor with 2 weight, 52 physical defense and 37 ether defense.
  • Colonel Gauntlets - "Gauntlets only worn by Homs colonels, leaders of 1000 men." Medium armor with 2 weight, 25 physical defense and 16 ether defense.
  • Colonel Belt - "A belt only worn by Homs colonels, leaders of 1000 men." Medium armor with 2 weight, 44 physical defense and 22 ether defense.
  • Colonel Boots - "Boots only worn by Homs colonels, leaders of 1000 men." Medium armor with 2 weight, 35 physical defense and 16 ether defense.
(Source: Xenoblade Wikia)

Dunban's Bandages


While these are seen in cutscenes, it's interesting to note that they're a fully-statted five-item set, exclusive to Dunban. Two of them even have inventory descriptions!

  • Head Bandages - Dummy: Light armor with 1 weight, 5 physical defence, and 7 ether defence. No model, no description. Is locked once equipped.
  • Torso Bandages: "A bandage once worn by Dunban. Applied with filial affection by Fiora." Light armor with 1 weight, 8 physical defence, and 12 ether defence. Model is the upper half of Dunban's cutscene-only bandages, unsurprisingly. Is locked once equipped.
  • Arm Bandages: "A bandage once worn by Dunban. Imbued with the tenacity of a hero." Light armor with 1 weight, 4 physical defence, and 12 ether defence. Model is the bandages covering Dunban's right arm. Is locked once equipped.
  • Waist Bandages - Dummy: Light armor with 1 weight, 7 physical defence, and 8 ether defence. Stock leg light armor model, no description. Is locked once equipped.
  • Leg Bandages - Dummy: Light armor with 1 weight, 6 physical defence, and 6 ether defence. Stock foot light armor model, no description. Is locked once equipped.
(Source: Afti)

Guest Armor

The unique armor worn by Alvis and Dickson respectively when they temporarily join the party have unique descriptions that cannot be seen normally. While unviewable by normal means, Mumkhar wears the Middle set for his Homs appearance, and the Rondine set for his Mechon appearance in New Game+. Since both these armor sets are readily obtainable in-game (the Middle set is equipped on Reyn by default, and the Rondine set is dropped by several enemies), they aren't covered here.

Seacle Set

  • Seacle Cap: "Hat of high quality material. Inscribed with a complex emblem." Light armor with 1 weight, 50 physical defence, and 40 ether defence.
  • Seacle Top: "Clothing of high quality material. Inscribed with a complex emblem." Light armor with 1 weight, 72 physical defence, and 85 ether defence.
  • Seacle Gloves: "Gloves of high quality material. Inscribed with a complex emblem." Light armor with 1 weight, 40 physical defence, and 35 ether defence.
  • Seacle Bottoms: "Trousers of high quality material. Inscribed with a complex emblem." Light armor with 1 weight, 62 physical defence, and 48 ether defence.
  • Seacle Shoes: "Shoes of high quality material. Inscribed with a complex emblem." Light armor with 1 weight, 48 physical defence, and 38 ether defence.

Lagoon Set

  • Lagoon Gear: "A wild yet dandy helmet worn by a proud warrior." Medium armor with 3 weight, 38 physical defence, and 19 ether defence.
  • Lagoon Armour: "Wild yet dandy armour worn by a proud warrior." Medium armor with 3 weight, 54 physical defence, and 46 ether defence.
  • Lagoon Gauntlets: "Wild yet dandy gloves worn by a proud warrior." Medium armor with 3 weight, 27 physical defence, and 19 ether defence.
  • Lagoon Leggings: "Wild yet dandy knee-pads worn by a proud warrior." Medium armor with 3 weight, 47 physical defence, and 28 ether defence.
  • Lagoon Boots: "Wild yet dandy boots worn by a proud warrior." Medium armor with 3 weight, 38 physical defence, and 19 ether defence.
(Source: Various)

Unused Gem Effects

To do:
Find the others and add them.


None of these actually function, unfortunately. As such, all we have are the descriptions.

  • Armour Power: "[Passive] Increases activation rate for gems mounted on armour by n%." Orange armour gem, with a maximum value of 100%. It doesn't do anything at all, though; while its effect indicates it should be a counterpart to the existing Weapon Power gem, it doesn't actually work in battle, and displays no value in the character stats when set to a slot.
  • Cast Quicken: "[Passive] Reduces cast time by n%." Yellow armour gem with, strangely, a maximum value of 0%. This is very interesting, because while the name and description bring to mind time-delayed spellcasting like in a Tales title, Xenoblade Chronicles doesn't include anything of the sort! The closest thing would be Melia's ether arts, but those don't have any real casting time; they're active as soon as the animation is finished, just like every other art in the game. Considering the weird maximum value and the fact that it applies to a system that doesn't actually exist, it's safe to say this was scrapped fairly early in development.
  • Agility Weaken: "[Passive] Reduces agility by n%." Green weapon/armour gem. It doesn't seem to do anything, and even if it did, it would practically be useless. So maybe it's not such a bad thing that it was dropped.
  • Accuracy Up: "[Passive] Increases the accuracy of physical attacks by n%." Green Weapon gem. Has a maximum value of 0%. The description hints that it would have acted similar to the Night Vision gems in the final, albeit active regardless of the time of day. Might have been cut for being overpowered.
  • Critical Resist: "[Passive] Reduces the probability of receiving a critical hit by n%." Light blue armour gem, with a maximum value of 100%.
  • Muscle Waste: "[Passive] Increases physical damage taken by n%." Blue gem. This effect is not defined to any gem, unused or otherwise. And likely for the better.
  • Impurity: "Dregs" Impure gem. This is the only Impure type gem in the game. Like Muscle Waste above, this effect isn't defined to any gem.

(Source: Afti (Armour Power, Cast Quicken), Iggy (Agility Weaken, Critical Resist, Muscle Waste, Impurity), IonR (Accuracy Up))

Gem Values

All gems in the game have a Rank, from I to VI. However, the following gems cannot be obtained in-game by any means at these ranks.

  • Bind I: "[Active] 5% probability of auto-attack inflicting Bind."
  • Critical Up III: "[Passive] Increases a weapon's critical hit rate by 11%."
  • Damage Heal I: "[Active] 10% chance of recovering 13 HP when attacked."

(Source: Iggy)

Unused Materials

There are several unused materials in the game, which includes what appear to be a series of rare materials intended as unique drops for almost each boss in the game. Said boss-related materials are located near the end of the rare material drops for the specific areas where said bosses are fought (e.g. Alcar's Inferno Eye and Dickson's Amulet are located at the end of the rare Prison Island drops). Interestingly, the used material Mumkhar's Razor is located at the end of the Valak Mountain drops and was likely intended to have been obtained in a similar manner from Mumkhar after the battle on Valak Mountain. The idea of bosses dropping unique materials would later be implemented in the sequel.

  • Assassin Mask: "The mask of a weapons expert. It says 'Sorry Daddy' on the back." Sells for 3,890G. This item, while not technically unused, is impossible to obtain. It can be stolen from the Scout Entia that assault the party in Whitewing Palace, but the chances of obtaining it are 0.00% and unlike the other masks the other entia assassins carry (which are equally impossible to steal), the Assassin Mask cannot be obtained through trading.
  • Tyrea's Mask: "Dignified mask belonging to Tyrea. There's nothing written on the back." Sells for 5,830G. Likely intended to have been dropped by Tyrea.
  • Mumkhar's Claws: "Mumkhar's favourite weapons. They have come through many a battle." Sells for 4,970G. Likely meant to have been dropped by Mumkhar at Sword Valley.
  • Quality Thruster: "A high quality part, exhibiting stability and a high standard of efficiency." Sells for 4,910G. Likely meant to have been a drop from a Mechon enemy.
  • Gadolt's Gun Turret: "Face turret manned by Gadolt. The latest high-end technology." Sells for 6,360G. Likely meant to have been dropped by Gadolt.
  • Leader's Plate: "This is Yaldabaoth's armoured plate. Could be turned into nice tableware." Sells for 9,420G. Presumably a drop intended for Yaldabaoth.
  • Telethia Tear Jewel: "A gem made from solidified tears. Too beautiful for words." Sells for 10,420G. Possibly an alternate version of the similarly named Telethia Tear, and as such was likely meant to have been dropped by the various Telethia found near the end of the game. Although its placement suggests it was meant to have been dropped by Disciple Lorithia.
  • Alcar's Inferno Eye: "Eye from a legendary dragon. Toss it in a volcano to make it erupt." Sells for 13,460G. Likely meant to have been an item dropped by Dragon King Alcar. The name indicates it may have also been an early version of the Dragon's Eye key item that Alcar drops in the final game.
  • Dickson's Amulet: "This was once worn by Dickson. It has a slight air of melancholy." Sells for 12,240G. Likely meant to have been dropped by Disciple Dickson.
  • Strong Insect Leg: "Healthy insect leg. Its application is completely unclear though." Sells for 250G. Judging from the name and low sellback price, this was likely meant to have been a drop from an early game insect enemy.
  • Orthlus's Liver - "Even if you feed on it for 3 days you will still not be able to finish it." Material variant of the Orthlus' Liver key item. Sells for 2,270G. Probably scrapped because it isn't a good idea to be able to sell or destroy a quest vital item you can only obtain once.
  • Stone: "A small stone of no use to anyone." This item is repeated several times and all of them sell for 100G. It is likely a placeholder.
  • Wild Beast's Bone: "A bone from a beast that lived out its natural life without being eaten." Sells for 3,500G.

(Source: Iggy (Boss material prices, Orthlus's Liver, Stone, Wild Beast's Bone), Bulbasaur356 (Boss-related materials), Xenoblade Wiki (Strong Insect Leg, Quality Thruster, Assassin's Mask))

Unused Key Items

  • Swamp Item 5 (Temporary): "Can you see it? There's something in the swamp!" Located after the four radiants required for the quest Ancient Ceremony Offerings. A placeholder for a unimplemented fifth radiant.
  • Large Spider Shell: "A fragment of the Mythical Empress." Grouped with the quest-exclusive Bionis' Leg key items. It was likely intended for one of Pachipa's or Gerugu's quests.
  • Strong Lubricant Oil: "Lubricating oil to improve Machina functionality." While not unused per se, the fact that it is only dropped by one enemy during a single quest and its existence is never hinted to during said quest, it is unlikely many players will ever obtain it, let alone see its description.

(Source: Iggy, GameFAQs (Strong Lubricant Oil))

Unused Arts Manuals

Shulk's Monado-exclusive arts have advanced and intermediate arts manuals defined for them, with each one named "Advanced/Intermediate Arts Manual - Shulk" and numbered one through eight. These are rendered pointless after a certain point in the final game, however, because while the Monado arts are locked to level 4 initially, upon obtaining the Monado II all of them are able to then be leveled up to 10. These arts manuals can still be used even after getting the Monado II.

There is also a series of unused arts manuals that use the icon for the Monado records with the description "Unused" that work exclusively for Shulk and Reyn that allow them to learn their arts instantly.

(Source: Iggy)

Unused Text

Sword Valley

The Mechon are invading from Mechonis. Defend
the Homs of Bionis by defeating the Mechon unit
with the mighty Monado sword.

The story memo for the prologue. The menu cannot be opened at any point during the prologue, leaving this text unused.

You can't retreat if you are to seize the future.

This text appears if you run a certain distance backwards away from the Mechon during the Battle of Sword Valley, but it's impossible to see normally as you're placed within a green barrier which prevents you from fleeing the Mechon's radius. It can only be seen using a cheat such as moon-jump to leap over the barrier, then attempt to run away.

You must defeat the enemies ahead.

This text appears if you run ahead a certain distance forwards away from the Mechon in the Battle of Sword Valley. Unused for a similar reason to the former text, and can also be seen by using moon-jump.

(Source: Iggy)

Colony 6

Ether Planter 1
Ether Planter 2
Ether Planter 3
Ether Planter 4
Ether Planter 5

It seems that the Ether Planters around Colony 6 would have to be upgraded like the four other areas.

(Source: Iggy)

Skip Travel Menu

Flying machine created using Mechon technology.
It also serves as the Machina control centre.

The description for Junks.

A mysterious space etched with memories
ever since the Bionis came into existence.

The description of Memory Space.

(Source: Various)


Placeholder text for quests, found in common.pkb. This is used as the text for the Title (number) placeholder quests.

Japanese Translation
Request Message 51
In progress information
Success Info 1
Success Info 2
Success Info 3
Success Info 1
Success Info 2
Success Info 3
Future Quest Report A
Quest Complete Info A
Quest Complete Info B

Quest text for the unused duplicate of Save the Machina!! found in ma1602's quest text list. The text for this quest was deleted in the international release. The text implies the materials required for the quest were changed from a Mechon-specific material to Krabble Back Moss sometime in development.

Japanese Translated
修理のための材料を集める Collect material for repairs.
Japanese Translated
機界兵DPアイテムを5コ入手 Obtained 5 DP Mechon items.
Japanese Translated
ヴォルテックに報告 Report to Voltak.
Japanese Translated
無事に、同胞の体を修理することが出来た You have successfully restored the health of your fellow countrymen.
(Source: Iggy, Bast (translation))

Mentions of buffs and debuffs involving the scrapped time-delayed casting feature can be found within BTL_bufflist.xls. Of note is that the spiritual sequel's Japanese text explicitly uses "recast" to refer to "cooldown" (how long it takes an art to recharge after use), suggesting that some of these buffs/debuffs would have slowed, accelerated, or eliminated cooldowns for a limited time. In the final version, altering cooldown duration is limited to specific auras and skills.

Japanese Translation
Slow Cast
Slow Recast
Fast Cast
Fast Recast
Zero Cast
Zero Recast
(Source: Iggy)

Found at the end of BTL_bufflist.xls, appears to have been intended for something related to Melia.

Japanese Translation
エレメンタルコンボ Elemental Combo
(Source: Iggy)

Unused Prompts

Vent Activation Test 
Mine Test [Fire] Small 
Mine Test [Water] Small 
Mine Test [Electric] Small 
Mine Test [Ice] Small
Mine Test [Wind] Small 
Mine Test [Earth] Small 
Mine Test [Fire] Large
Scenario 010100
Scenario 010200
Scenario 010300
Call the Demihuman
Remove rock
Examine (Spare)

Several unused prompts found in FLD_pointlist.xls, most of these are for testing purposes. It is unknown what "the Demihuman" is referring to.

(Source: Iggy)

Gem Names


Located amongst the rest of the names for the crystals obtained through enemy drops. The unused entries consist mainly of preliminary enemy names, with the exception of Aquatic, Magic, Ancient and Mystery.

(Source: Iggy)

Unused Arts

Playable Character Arts

While these Arts aren't unused per se, their unique names and descriptions cannot be seen at all during normal gameplay.

  • Cutting Petal - "Cutting Petal Explanation". These are the names and descriptions for the different stages of Dunban's Blossom Dance Art.
  • Twisting Petal - "Twisting Petal Explanation".
  • Falling Petal - "Falling Petal Explanation".
  • Overdrive - "Overdrive Explanation". When Sharla's rifle heat reaches 100% and she automatically uses Cool Off, Overdrive is technically what gets called instead. It is identical to Cool Off except that it takes twice as long to vent heat.
  • Electric Discharge - "Deals ether damage to one enemy." These names and descriptions were likely intended to have overwritten the name and description displayed for Melia's Elemental Discharge Talent Art, which in the final stays the same regardless of what element(s) Melia has summoned.
  • Fire Discharge - "Blaze damage to enemies in range of target."
  • Ice Discharge - "Chill damage to enemies in range."
  • Wind Discharge - "Ether damage to enemies in range."
  • Earth Discharge - "Inflicts Poison on one enemy."
  • Aqua Discharge - "Drains HP from one enemy."

Enemy Arts

  • Arts 1 - The first enemy Art listed. It appears to be a placeholder, and is duplicated later on in the list.
  • Arts 2 - Listed after the duplicate of the above Art.
  • Arts 3 - Ditto.
  • Arts 4 - The last one of the placeholder Arts.
  • Rock Punch - Located after the first instance of Arts 1. It's unknown what enemy this art was intended for.
  • Massacre Lotus - Listed amongst Mechon Mumkhar's Arts. An 8-hit physical Art that instantly kills the target if they're toppled. None of Mumkhar's Arts are capable of inflicting topple, so this Art is never called.

(Source: Iggy)


One of the stats the game lists internally is PP. There is no PP stat! It's possible that this was intended for a role similar to other games' PP or MP stats.

The SP tag the game displays to indicate SP gains after battle is labeled mf00_com00_pp.tpl internally. Since the script contains entries for both SP and PP, presumably this wasn't always a SP tag.

(Source: Afti)

Removed Mechonis Location

As well as the expansive Bionis' Left Shoulder map and ma1602, another unused map exists within the game. This map is internally named ma1801, but has its own name listed in FLD_maplist.xls: Mechonis Field (機界フィールド). While appearing to be a duplicate of Mechonis Field at first, the kanji in its Japanese name reads "Machine World", instead of "Machine God World" (機神界), as is commonplace with most Mechonis locations. The internal name number for this map goes up by 100 rather than 1, hinting that another Mechonis location was considered at some point in development before being dropped. Unfortunately, the corresponding .dap and .lod files for this location do not exist within the game's files anymore, and the only other references to it in the game's data is a single unused quest listing and a mention in common.pkb. An unused new location jingle in ev/realtime indicates that this location would have presumably been visited between Mechonis Field and Central Factory.

(Source: Afti, Iggy, BlockBuilder57, Robotortoise)

Regional Differences

To do:
There's a LOT more. Name changes, location name changes....and according to this site Riki's children are only revealed to be 11 in the English version. Apparently Melia is called "Melia-chan" in the Japanese version by Riki, instead of "Melly"?

General Differences

  • Achievements are referred to as Play Awards in the Japanese version.
  • The time was made 24-hour rather than 12-hour in the international version, due to originally being designed for a European market. Thus, the "AM" and "PM" from in front of the time were removed. The graphics for them are still present in the international version, albeit unused.
Japan International
time What? What time?
(Source: Iggy)

Character Names

Excluding Japanese versions of the party members' English names (such as Shuruku for Shulk), three party members underwent minor name changes from Japanese from English. Sharla's name was originally Carna, Melia's last name was originally Ancient as opposed to Antiqua, and Fiora's name was Fiorung.

(Source: Xenoblade Wiki)

Mechon Names

In the Japanese version, all of the Faced Mechon have names corresponding to their colors: Gadolt's mechon is called Green Face, Xord's mechon is called Brown Face, Egil's mechon is called Gold Face, Fiora's mechon is called Silver Face, and Mumkhar's mechon is called....Black Face?

"Blackface" is a word with very racist connotations in the US and Europe. Specifically, it is makeup that was used in racist connotations in the past, and is a very racist term today, making the Mechon name changes mandatory. A remnant of Metal Face's previous nomenclature can be seen in the name of the Wreckage of Mumkhar's Mechon, found on the Fallen Arm: Black Wreckage, as opposed to Metal Wreckage. This was likely an oversight when it was translated from Japanese.

(Source: Xenoblade Wiki)