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Xenoblade Chronicles/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of Xenoblade Chronicles.


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Currently checking cutscene audio
Xenoblade quest.png
Cutscene Audio
Shulk do you need some air?
Playable Character Audio
People yelling at each other.

Unused Music



This song, which goes by the name "Hope" on the official OST and the Jukebox in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, is completely unused in the game. It has the prefix "e", meaning that it was intended as an event track.

Unused, but Heard

The "action" cutscenes in Xenoblade (where the onscreen text can't be advanced manually) have their audio all baked into one file. Voices, sound effects, and music are all in that file. If the song continues into gameplay, the music is separate, however, to maintain the loop.

All of the below songs are in the game's files as streams, with no sound effects or voices attached, making these "pure" song copies unused.

Music Title
Prologue A
Prologue B
Bionis' Awakening
Futures That Lie Ahead
(Source: Robotortoise)

Unused ahx Files

There are two unused copies of the jingle that plays during the small cutscene that plays when an area is visited for the first time at vs12220060.adx and vs13160050.adx respectively. The former is placed after the cutscene for the group being reunited with Fiora in the Hidden Machina Village, while the latter is placed between the cutscene audio for confronting Jade Face in Mechonis Field, and the reveal of his pilot.

Only vs12220060 has a corresponding .rev file and .txt file in script.pkb. Their locations seem to correspond to the maps ma1601 (the Fallen Arm, which has no new area cutscene) and ma1801 (the unused Mechonis Field duplicate).

(Source: Iggy)

Unused NPC Dialogue

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Upload all of it.

Every non-plot vital NPC in the game has a third voice clip of them addressing the speaker in a concerned manner which is never used. Several of these were not redubbed for the international release.

Nopon NPCs

(Source: Iggy)

Unused Enemy Dialogue

"Hah... All that work for nothing!"

"This... This can't be happening! I DON'T LOSE!!!"

Two pieces of dialogue intended for Mecha-Mumkhar. The first line plays when he's defeated, but the only encounter with him in-game ends after his health is reduced to 20% rendering it impossible to hear during normal gameplay. It can be heard in the Definitive Edition because Mumkhar can be fully defeated in the Time Attack mode.

The first voice clip was re-recorded and used for Metal Face's appearance as a boss character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

(Source: Iggy)

Unused Beep

An unused 10-second-long beeping noise can be found alongside the audio for most of the enemies in the game. Likely used for testing purposes.

(Source: Iggy)

Leftover Japanese Audio

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

Several lines are left untranslated and unused in the international releases. It is currently unknown if these lines are used in the Japanese version, though several refer to party members providing cover for each other, which isn't really a thing in the final game.


Audio File name Speech Translation
ahx.pkb_170 さあ、いくよ!
ahx.pkb_171 後ろは任せた!
ahx.pkb_172 カバーお願い!
ahx.pkb_173 準備完了だね!
ahx.pkb_174 これで前に専念できるよ!
ahx.pkb_175 カバーOKだね!


Audio File name Speech Translation
ahx.pkb_520 いこうぜ!
ahx.pkb_521 後ろ頼むぜ!
ahx.pkb_522 カバーしてくれ!
ahx.pkb_523 これで耐えられそうだ!
ahx.pkb_524 背中は任せろ!
ahx.pkb_525 完璧なカバーだぜ!


Audio File name Speech Translation
ahx.pkb_863 いきましょう!
ahx.pkb_864 後ろをお願い!
ahx.pkb_865 カバーをお願い!
ahx.pkb_866 これで安心ね!
ahx.pkb_867 背中は守りぬくわ!
ahx.pkb_868 カバーはバッチリね!


Audio File name Speech Translation
ahx.pkb_1204 いくぞ!
ahx.pkb_1205 背中は任せる!
ahx.pkb_1206 カバーを頼む!
ahx.pkb_1207 これなら!
ahx.pkb_1208 お前の背中はオレが守る!
ahx.pkb_1209 よし!これで攻撃に専念できる!


Audio File name Speech Translation
ahx.pkb_1535 いくわよ!
ahx.pkb_1536 後ろは任せたわ!
ahx.pkb_1537 カバーよろしく!
ahx.pkb_1538 これでバッチリね!
ahx.pkb_1539 信頼してるからね!
ahx.pkb_1540 これで攻撃に専念できるわ!


Audio File name Speech Translation
ahx.pkb_1857 肩借してもー!
ahx.pkb_1858 後ろ見ててもー!
ahx.pkb_1859 リキのこと守ってもー!
ahx.pkb_1860 これでバッチリだもー!
ahx.pkb_1861 背中は守るもー!
ahx.pkb_1862 これで安心、安心!


Audio File name Speech Translation
ahx.pkb_2193 さあ、肩を!
ahx.pkb_2194 背中を頼む!
ahx.pkb_2195 カバーを頼む!
ahx.pkb_2196 耐えきってみせようぞ!
ahx.pkb_2197 我が背中、そなたに任せたぞ!
ahx.pkb_2198 すまぬが、しばし耐えてくれ!


In addition to the "cover" lines, Alvis has some additional lines relating to being warned of visions by Shulk.

Audio File name Speech Translation
ahx.pkb_2506 あぁ、わかっているよ。シルク。
ahx.pkb_2507 僕の見たビジョンと同じか。
ahx.pkb_2553 君の本気、見せてもらうよ。
ahx.pkb_2565 肩を借してくれ。シルク。
ahx.pkb_2566 後ろを頼むよ。シルク。
ahx.pkb_2567 カバーを頼めるかな?
ahx.pkb_2568 これで安心だ。
ahx.pkb_2569 君の後ろは僕に任せて。
ahx.pkb_2570 頼りにしてるよ。シルク。
(Source: Iggy)