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Notes:Xenoblade Chronicles

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This page contains notes for the game Xenoblade Chronicles.


Item ID Values
Riki find item!
Model Numbers
Bionis inferior, Mechonis superior.
Music Tracks
You Will Know Our Names!

Xenoblade File Editing and Extracting tools

BRRES Viewer 1.3.1

Download.png Download BRRES Viewer version 1.3.1
File: BRRES_Viewer_1.3.1.zip (115 KB) (info)

(Source: Kentilan)

Xenoblade Extracting Tools Collection

Download.png Download Xenoblade Extracting Tools
File: Xenoblade_Extract.zip (143 KB) (info)

NOTE: Make sure to download QuickBMS for use with the scripts if you plan on extracting any of the pkb/pkh archives.

(Source: Forte, Falo)

Extraction tutorials

You can find extensive explanations for how to unpack all of the audio and character models in this text document, complete with download links to all the tools and scripts you'll need.

(Source: Laenthor for the instructions/knowledge, Kadoodles for the writeup)

How to repack an archive

"Xenoblade Extracting Tools" contains the quickbms file that allows you to repack pkb archives. Simply place QuickBMS in a folder somewhere. Then run the reimport.bat script included with QuickBMS, and make sure to set the "output" folder as the folder with the changed files you want to be included in the new archive. Set the "input" archive as the pkb archive. Ta-da! You've replaced the files. Models can be replaced this way as well. For instance, here's a Bionis Shulk vs. a Mechonis Melia.

(Source: Robotortoise for the video, einstein95 for the edited .bms script, Falo for the original script)

Altering game resources with XBSE

XBSE.exe can be used to alter the models for enemies, by running extractEverything.bat with a common.pkb and static.arc file ripped from the Japanese version of Xenoblade Chronicles, it is possible to change the model number listed under the "resource" header in BTL_enelist.xls to that of another model. After replacing the model numbers, run compileEverything.bat and use WiiScrubber save the changes to the ISO. Not only will the model be changed, but the enemy will use the sounds, collision and animations of the replacement. The game will also properly load any special model parts/effects associated with the replacement model, such as Mumkhar's laser claws and the red light that flashes whenever an M104 unit is triggered.

Model size is determined by the original enemy's data, so for example, if the model number for the colossal Gentle Rodriguez is swapped out for the model of the late-game dragon enemies, the result will be an enemy so large the game cannot load it correctly.

Modifying any playable character/story-important NPC's model number through FLD_npclist.xls doesn't affect the game, although changing Shulk's model number in FLD_npclist (pc01000) with God Zanza's seems to cause the game to permanently activate an effect flag (example), this effect continues into cutscenes and results in several effects during the cutscenes to desynchronize (e.g. Metal Face's eye glow). Modifying any of the parts listed in ITM_headlist.xls, ITM_bodylist.xls, ITM_armlist.xls, ITM_waistlist.xls or ITM_leglist.xls with a model number that isn't a "pc" model number will cause the game to crash when loading that specific part.

(Source: Iggy)

Personal Notes pages

Iggy's Xenonotes

Robotortoise's Noteoblade Chronicles

XLS lists

List of all character's armor pieces V.1.1

(Source: Robotortoise (original xls), Iggy (V1.1 revision))

2020-06-22 backup of above link

Extracted BDAT tables

Dump of the English version's BDAT tables

Script Code

A dump of the scripts in the NTSC version of the game can be found here

Change Level codes

Title Screen - 30303030
Colony 9 - 30313031
Tephra Cave - 30323031
Bionis' Leg - 30333031
Colony 6 - 30343031
Ether Mine - 30343032
Satorl Marsh - 30353031
Bionis' Interior - 32313031
Makna Forest - 30363031
Frontier Village - 30373031
Bionis' Left Shoulder - 30383031
High Entia Tomb - 30393031
Eryth Sea - 31303031
Alcamoth - 31313031
Prison Island - 31323031
Prison Island (sunken) - 31323032
Valak Mountain - 31333031
Sword Valley - 31343031
Galahad Fortress - 31353031
Fallen Arm - 31363031
Hidden Village at the Bottom of the Valley - 31363032
Mechonis Field - 31373031
Mechonis Field (duplicate?) - 31383031 - doesn't work
Agniratha - 31393031
Central Factory - 32303031
Memory Space - 32323031
Mechonis Core - 32333031
Junks - 32343031
Colony 9 (epilogue) - 30313032

(Source: Ace Overclocked)

List of maps

Map Number Map Name Map Name (Japanese) Model? Floor plan? Minimap? Notes
ma0000 Title Screen ゲームスタートマップ Yes No No
ma0101 Colony 9 コロニー9 Yes Yes Yes
ma0102 Colony 9 コロニー9 Yes No Yes Colony 9 from the epilogue. Uses the same map as the regular Colony 9.
ma0103 No No No A map of unknown use, it's grouped in with the other two Colony 9 maps and it may have been intended for the Colony 9 Mechon attack. I've only found references to this map in a few of the game's files.
ma0201 Tephra Cave テフラ洞窟 Yes Yes Yes
ma0301 Bionis' Leg 巨神脚 Yes Yes Yes
ma0401 Colony 6 コロニー6 Yes Yes Yes
ma0402 Ether Mine 中央採掘場 Yes Yes Yes
ma0501 Satorl Marsh 燐光の地ザトール Yes Yes Yes
ma0601 Makna Forest マクナ原生林 Yes Yes Yes
ma0602 No No Yes Unused in game. Only found in the 3DS port so far. The file for the minimap exists, but is just a dummy.
ma0701 Frontier Village サイハテ村 Yes Yes Yes
ma0801 Bionis' Left Shoulder 巨神左肩 Yes Yes No Unused in game. The floor plan has been dummied out.
ma0901 High Entia Tomb ハイエンター墓所 Yes Yes Yes
ma1001 Eryth Sea エルト海 Yes Yes Yes
ma1101 Alcamoth 皇都アカモート Yes Yes Yes
ma1201 Prison Island 監獄島 Yes Yes Yes Initial visit.
ma1202 Prison Island 監獄島 Yes Yes Yes Sunken.
ma1301 Valak Mountain ヴァラク雪山 Yes Yes Yes
ma1401 Sword Valley 大剣の渓谷 Yes Yes Yes
ma1501 Galahad Fortress ガラハド要塞 Yes Yes Yes
ma1601 Fallen Arm 落ちた腕 Yes Yes Yes
ma1602 Hidden Village at the Bottom of the Valley 谷底〜隠里 Yes Yes Yes Unused in game. The geometry model necessary to load the map only exists in the international versions (todo; does it exist in the Japanese version of the 3DS port?). Minimap is the same used for the Fallen Arm. Unlike the other unused areas, the floor plan for this area doesn't seem to consist of dummy data.
ma1701 Mechonis Field 機神界フィールド Yes Yes Yes
ma1801 Mechonis Field 機界フィールド�A No Yes Yes Unused in game. The floor plan and minimap is dummy data.
ma1901 Agniratha 帝都アグニラータ Yes Yes Yes
ma2001 Central Factory 中央工廠 Yes Yes Yes
ma2101 Bionis Interior 巨神胎内 Yes Yes Yes
ma2201 Memory Space 記憶空間 Yes Yes Yes
ma2301 Mechonis Core 機神界中枢 Yes Yes Yes
ma2401 Junks ジャンクス Yes Yes Yes
(Source: Iggy)


1048846.mca - Shulk (field)
1049102.mca - Shulk (battle)
2097422.mca - Reyn (field)
2097678.mca - Reyn (battle)
3145998.mca - Fiora (homs field)
3146254.mca - Fiora (homs battle)
4194574.mca - Dunban (field)
4194830.mca - Dunban (battle)
4469006.mca - Dunban (field SV)
4469262.mca - Dunban (battle SV)*
5243150.mca - Sharla (field)
5243406.mca - Sharla (battle)
6291726.mca - Riki (field)
6291982.mca - Riki (battle)
7340302.mca - Melia (field)
7340558.mca - Melia (battle)
8388878.mca - Fiora (mechon field)
8389134.mca - Fiora (mechon battle)
9437454.mca - Dickson (field)
9437710.mca - Dickson (battle)
33554702.mca - Mumkhar (field)
33554958.mca - Mumkhar (battle)
34603278.mca - Alvis(?) (field)
34603534.mca - Alvis(?) (battle)
35651854.mca - Dunban (field 2)
35652110.mca - Dunban (battle 2)
35926286.mca - Dunban (field SV(?) 2)
35926542.mca - Dunban (battle SV(?) 2)
36700430.mca - Dunban (field 3)
36700686.mca - Dunban (battle 3)
36974862.mca - Dunban (field SV(?) 3)
36975118.mca - Dunban (battle SV(?) 3)
460328990.mca - "w11"
460394526.mca - "w11" 2
460394542.mca - "w11" 3
460394558.mca - "w11" 4
460394606.mca - "w11" 5
460398622.mca - "w11" 6
460402718.mca - "w11" 7
460406814.mca - "w11" 8
460410910.mca - "w11" 9
460460062.mca - "w21"
460460078.mca - "w21" 2
460460094.mca - "w21" 3
460460126.mca - "w21" 4
460460174.mca - "w21" 5
460460190.mca - "w21" 6
460525598.mca - "w31"
460591134.mca - "w41"
460595230.mca - "w41" 2
460599326.mca - "w43"
460656670.mca - "w51"
460660766.mca - "w51" 2
460722206.mca - "w61"
460787742.mca - "w71"
460853278.mca - "w81"
460857374.mca - "w81" 2
460861470.mca - "w81" 3
460865566.mca - "w81" 4
460918814.mca - "w91"
460951582.mca - "w99"
537919758.mca - Shulk (gem crafting)
538968334.mca - Reyn (gem crafting)
541065486.mca - Dunban (gem crafting)
542114062.mca - Sharla (gem crafting)
543162638.mca - Riki (gem crafting)
544211214.mca - Melia (gem crafting)
545259790.mca - Fiora (mechon, gem crafting)
1074790414.mca - Shulk (H2H/Cutscene animations)
1075838990.mca - Reyn (H2H/Cutscene animations)
1076887566.mca - Fiora (homs H2H/Cutscene animations)
1077936142.mca - Dunban (H2H/Cutscene animations)
1078984718.mca - Sharla (H2H/Cutscene animations)
1080033294.mca - Riki (H2H/Cutscene animations)
1081081870.mca - Melia (H2H/Cutscene animations)
1082130446.mca - Fiora (mechon, H2H/Cutscene animations) 
(Source: Kayya)

Change Character code values

0 - No character
1 - Shulk
2 - Reyn
3 - Homs Fiora [really buggy for some reason]
4 - Dunban
5 - Sharla
6 - Riki
7 - Melia
8 - Mechon Fiora [appears to be equally as buggy as her squishy counterpart]
9 - Dickson [locked at level 30]
A - Mumkhar [locked at level 22]
B - Alvis [locked at level 28]
C - Dunban [locked at level 27, Dunban from the prologue, cannot remove/change equipment normally]
D - Dunban [locked at level 20, Dunban from the Mechon attack on Colony 9, cannot remove/change equipment normally]

Characters are not assigned their default equipment until the first time a cutscene requires it, so using them beforehand results in them having no weapon or armour equipped (though they'll be shown with the model of their default weapon). As Mechon Fiora has no data for wearing no armour, she is very glitchy until her armour is assigned in the Face Nemesis teaser cutscene.

Mumkhar's and Dickson's appearances are determined by what head armour they wear. Rondine Cap switches Mumkhar into his Mechon form, and Lagoon Gear changes Dickson into his casual outfit. Anything else (other than wearing no head armour or wearing Middle Gear) makes them invisible. Alvis needs to be wearing nothing in his head armour slot or wearing Seacle Cap or else he'll be invisible.

The alternate Dunbans will appear invisible if added in after their respective scenarios, and cause glitches if you attempt to start a battle with them present. It is unknown if any armour combination can make them visible.

Cutscene faces (i.e. the character faces, but with more bones for better expression) have the name pc0X0109, where X is the character code above. (NOTE: Mumkhar, Alvis, and the two odd Dunban versions are listed as npcs and have their cutscene face model named accordingly.

(Source: WiiRd forum, Iggy (additional Dunban values), Robotortoise (cutscene face model value))