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Little Witch Academiaː Chamber of Time

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Title Screen

Little Witch Academiaː Chamber of Time

Developer: A+ Games
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: May 15, 2018
Released in JP: November 30, 2017

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Little Witch Academiaː Chamber of Time is a tie-in game to the anime series, known for its extremely repetitive beat-em-up/dungeon-crawling gameplay, annoying time reset mechanic and a school map too big for its own good, it follows Akko and her friends as they get stuck in a magical time-loop.

Playable Stanbot

To do:
Get proper footage of Stanbot gameplay

Despite only appearing as a companion when playing as Constanze, Stanbot is fully playable by himself by editing a save file, he has no hitbox, and his only attack is the light punch, attempting to do any other attack or dodge as him will freeze the character in place.

Unused Areas

Early Horologium Chamber


An early iteration of the Horologium Chamber can still be found in the game's files, compared to the final version, this version of the chamber has the Grand Clock placed in the main room, instead of giving its own separate room.

This room contains two doors, with the small one in the top-right of the room leading back to the library, and the one to the right leading to the capture_stage.



A room consisting of a completely magenta hall, with a loading zone back to the library to the right, and to the left, all the characters added in the game's 1.03 update, except for Verde, are neatly lined up, despite appearing as interactable in the mini-map they can not be talked to.

Despite there only being eight characters, this room actually contains a ninth active spawn, but its calling for the NPC ID "374", which doesn't exist.

An alternate version of this map exists in the files under the name black_stage being completely black instead of magenta, although it can't be loaded into.


A linear Labyrinth of Pollux dungeon with 7 rooms, seemingly the stage seen in various pre-release footage of the game, the stage is playable up until the boss, where the game will softlock.
However there are unaccessible testing rooms still present in the folder for this stage, those beingː

A stage named blocksp also exists, containing the mesh of block1, but also containing various meshes from the outside of Luna Nova, such as the aviary and the botanical garden, trying to load into this room however will cause the game to softlock.

Attempting to load into block_kobeya and block5 will also lead to a softlock, and block3 is noticeably missing from the files.

Unused Exit Button

LWACoT-ExitButton.png LWACoT-ExitButtonActive.png

A unused button to exit the game is present in the title screen, although disabled by default, it's still fully functional, although the confirmation window has a different style to the rest of the menu, lacking animations and sound effects.

Unused Video Settings Menu

LWACoT-SetupKey.png LWACoT-SettingsMenu.png
By editing the game's startup, it's possible to reveal a unused prompt reading "Setup Key"Z"" and what appears to be an early video settings menu that would have likely been accessed during the game's initial loading screen by pressing the mentioned setup key, although pressing it does nothing in its current state.

The menu is mostly functional, with the buttons and sliders responding to input, but clicking the "Ok" button does not close the menu nor apply the settings.

PS4 Demo Leftovers

To do:
Get proper footage of this

Inside the game's Define class there remains a value called isTrial, the value is set to return false, but turning it on sets the game to use the same alternate soundtrack that the game's PS4 demo used , for some reason, this also sets every NPC and save point to not spawn, and causes cutscenes and game progression to not work properly despite those behaviors not being present in the demo.

A reference to this value in the class CriController, shows that when this value is set to true, the game would attempt to use special trial cutscenes with a "_istrial" suffix, however those cutscenes are not present in the game's files anymore.

Unused Items

Shooting Star Card

Located in the internal item list between the Chariot Cards for the Mermaid and the Horologium Chamber is this unused Chariot Card for the Shooting Star, sadly the card's illustration is not in the game's files, either due to being removed, or due to never have been made.

Unused Textures

An unused graphic for the Shiny Rod, listed as item_w00, suggesting it was at one point possible to use the Shiny Rod as a standard wand during gameplay, unlike in the final game where it is only used during Akko's special spells.

An graphic which shows Akko with a green team sash, listed as status_chara_dummy, likely used as a placeholder during development.

A unused graphic showing one the games enemies, with art of the Ghost Witch boss over it, along with the word "dummy"(ダミー), likely used as a placeholder for Ghost Witch's entry in the game's encyclopedia.

A file named title_back2, being key art from the anime series, it was likely used in the titlescreen as a placeholder for the game's main art.

A series of graphics showing Akko with various emotions, and some HUD assets, thanks to a single picture in the game's official website, we can know that these were once used for a dialogue system inside the game's dungeons.

Unused Text


// -------------------------------------------,,,,,,
// JbgC,,,,,,
// -------------------------------------------,,,,,,
// LN^[ID,`FbN,m,\,eLXgID,pN,
1,BLOW_OFF,100,CRY,BATTLE_AKK_017,,// `I

A file named "cutin", a prefix used by some other files in the game, suggesting that the playable characters' would have had different reactions to certain events during the gameplay, such as finding a treasure, or taking damage.

Nonpresent Witches

The files "npc_id" and "master" both contain multiple names of students that aren't present in the game, even giving them character IDs and pointing towards the files they would have used, however none of these files remain in the game, it's likely that the developers once planned to add every student from Luna Nova into the game but scrapped the idea.

Shiny Rod

  "TEXT_ID": "NM_CANE0001",
  "jp": "シャイニィロッド",
  "en": "Shiny Rod",
  "fr": "Bâton étincelant",
  "de": "Glänzender Stab",
  "it": "Bastone splendente",
  "es": "Vara flamante",
  "tc_tw": "閃亮魔杖"

  "TEXT_ID": "EX_CANE0001",
  "jp": "アルクトゥルスの森で見つけた、\nアッコの宝物。かつてシャイニィ\nシャリオが使っていた魔法の杖。",
  "en": "Akko's prized staff, discovered in the Forest of Arcturus. It was once wielded by Shiny Chariot.",
  "fr": "Le précieux bâton d'Akko, découvert dans la Forêt d'Arcturus. Il appartenait autrefois à Shiny Chariot.",
  "de": "Akkos wertvoller Stab, den sie im Arcturus-Wald gefunden hat. Er wurde einst von Shiny Chariot verwendet.",
  "it": "Prezioso bastone di Akko, scoperto nella Foresta di Arcturus. Un tempo veniva brandito da Shiny Chariot.",
  "es": "Preciado báculo de Akko, descubierto en el Bosque de Arcturus. Hace tiempo lo empuñó Shiny Chariot.",
  "tc_tw": "在大角星森林發現,是亞可的寶物。\n是閃亮夏莉歐曾經使用過的魔法杖。"

Still present in the game's files is the name and description that would have been used by the Shiny Rod, since the wand is no longer in the game its impossible to see this text normally.

Unused Spells

  "TEXT_ID": "NM_ATMG0076",
  "jp": "シューティングスター",
  "en": "Shooting Star",
  "fr": "Étoile filante",
  "de": "Ryuuseimaru",
  "it": "Stella cadente",
  "es": "Estrella de caza",
  "tc_tw": "流星"

  "TEXT_ID": "EX_ATMG0076",
  "jp": "【アマンダ・アッコ】協力して流星丸を召喚し、画面中を駆け回る風圧で敵にダメージを与える",
  "en": "Work together to summon the Shooting Star, which flies around, creating wind pressure that damages all enemies on the screen. (Amanda/Akko)",
  "fr": "(Amanda/Akko) Travail d'équipe pour invoquer l'Étoile filante, qui vole sur le champ de bataille en créant une pression éolienne\nqui blesse tous les ennemis sur l'écran.",
  "de": "(Amanda/Akko) Gemeinschaftliche Beschwörung des Ryuuseimaru, der herumfliegt und allen Gegnern\nauf dem Bildschirm durch den Luftdruck Schaden zufügt.",
  "it": "(Amanda/Akko) Collaborano per evocare la Stella cadente che crea, volando, una pressione aerea in grado di danneggiare tutti i nemici sullo schermo.",
  "es": "(Amanda/Akko) Trabajad juntas para invocar a la Estrella fugaz, que vuela por ahí creando una presión de viento que daña a todos los enemigos de la pantalla.",
  "tc_tw": "【阿曼達‧亞可】合力召喚流星丸,在整個畫面中四處飛舞並用風壓給予敵人傷害"

The game continues the unusual trend of never showing the actual Shooting Star by having the name and description of a unused spell related to it listed in the files.

  "TEXT_ID": "NM_ATMG0049",
  "jp": "ボムバルーン零式",
  "en": "Bomb Balloon Mk 0",
  "fr": "Bombe ballon Mk 0",
  "de": "Bombenballon Typ 0",
  "it": "Palloncino bomba Mk 0",
  "es": "Globo bomba MK0",
  "tc_tw": "氣球炸彈零式"

  "TEXT_ID": "EX_ATMG0049",
  "jp": "【スーシィ・コンスタンツェ】毒・炎上・スタン・防御力低下を付与する薬剤が組み込まれた、広範囲型の風船爆弾を発射する",
  "en": "Fires a wide-range balloon bomb loaded with a tonic that lowers defense and inflicts Poison, Burn, and Stun. (Sucy/Constanze)",
  "fr": "(Sucy/Constanze) Tire une bombe ballon à longue portée chargée d'un tonique qui diminue la défense et inflige Poison, Brûlure et Étourdissement.",
  "de": "(Sucy/Constanze) Eine Ballonbombe mit hoher Reichweite wird verschossen, die ein Tonikum enthält,\ndas die Verteidigung senkt und \"Vergiften\", \"Brennen\" und \"Betäuben\" bewirkt. ",
  "it": "(Sucy/Constanze) Lancia un pallone bomba ad ampio raggio carico di un tonico che riduce la difesa e infligge veleno, ustione e stordimento.",
  "es": "(Sucy/Constanze) Dispara una bomba de globo de amplio alcance con un tónico que reduce la defensa e inflige Envenenar, Abrasar y Aturdir. ",
  "tc_tw": "【蘇西‧康絲坦姿】發射封入了毒、燃燒、觸電、降低防禦力等狀態之藥劑的廣域型氣球炸彈"
  "TEXT_ID": "NM_ATMG0055",
  "jp": "アブソリュートバリア",
  "en": "Absolute Barrier",
  "fr": "Barrière absolue",
  "de": "Absolute Barriere",
  "it": "Barriera assoluta",
  "es": "Barrera absoluta",
  "tc_tw": "絕對防壁"

  "TEXT_ID": "EX_ATMG0055",
  "jp": "【ロッテ・ヤスミンカ】強大なバリアを発生させ、バリアに触れた敵全てにダメージを与える",
  "en": "Creates a powerful barrier that damages any enemy that touches it. (Lotte/Jasminka)",
  "fr": "(Lotte/Jasminka) Crée une puissante barrière qui blesse tous les ennemis qui la touchent. ",
  "de": "(Lotte/Jasminka) Eine mächtige Barriere wird erzeugt, die allen Gegnern Schaden zufügt, die sie berühren.",
  "it": "(Lotte/Jasminka) Crea una potente barriera che danneggia ogni nemico la tocchi.",
  "es": "(Lotte/Jasminka) Crea una potente barrera que daña a cualquiera enemigo que la toque.",
  "tc_tw": "【洛蒂‧潔絲敏卡專用】產生強力的護盾,碰到護盾的敵人全都會受傷"
  "TEXT_ID": "NM_ATMG0069",
  "jp": "グランシャリオンイクス",
  "en": "Glorious Chariot",
  "fr": "Grand Charion glorieux",
  "de": "Ruhmreiche Grand Charion",
  "it": "Grand Charion glorioso",
  "es": "Grand Charion glorioso",
  "tc_tw": "魔法戰士大號角特別攻擊"

  "TEXT_ID": "EX_ATMG0069",
  "jp": "【コンスタンツェ・アッコ】グランシャリオンを呼び出して敵にダメージを与える",
  "en": "Summons Grand Charion and damages enemies. (Constanze/Akko)",
  "fr": "(Constanze/Akko) Invoque Grand Charion et blesse les ennemis. ",
  "de": "(Constanze/Akko) Grand Charion wird beschworen, und Gegnern wird Schaden zugefügt. ",
  "it": "(Constanze/Akko) Evoca Grand Charion e danneggia i nemici.",
  "es": "(Constanze/Akko) Invoca a Grand Charion y daña a los enemigos.",
  "tc_tw": "【康絲坦姿‧亞可】呼叫出魔法戰士大號角給予敵人傷害"

HDR Leftovers

public static void SetupHDR()

public static bool IsHDRMode()
	return false;

public static bool CheckHDRMode()
	return false;

Three leftover functions in the game's internal Define class that imply that High Dynamic Range was once planned for the game, the SetupHDR() function is still called during the game's startup, although it no longer does anything, the IsHDRMode() and CheckHDRMode() functions are not called or referenced by any other class, and changing them to return true doesn't seem to cause any change.

Build Time

6/28/2018 10:30:22 PM

A file named BuildTime, it contains, you guessed it, the build time of the game.

Debugging Information

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Is there any way to enable the debug mode?.
Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

Multiple classes inside the game's code which reference a debug mode still exist, with most having self-explanatory names, those beingː


The DebugSetting class stands out as it appears to still contain a list of what the debug menu's option once were.

public class DebugSetting : ScriptableObject
	public bool showFPS;

	public bool debugCamera;

	public bool enemyLifeLow;

	public bool fixedHp999;

	public bool alwaysDropItem;

	public bool specialMap;

	public Define.ENEMY_TYPE callEnemyType;

	public bool debugAttackMagicAlltime;

	public Define.SPECIFIC_A_TYPE enemySpecificTypeA;

	public Define.SPECIFIC_B_TYPE enemySpecificTypeB;

	public Define.SPECIFIC_C_TYPE enemySpecificTypeC;

	public AbstractDebug characterParameter;

	public bool advTimeStop;

	public bool advEndingSkip;

	public AbstractDebug getAllItem;

	public AbstractDebug removeAllItem;

	public AbstractDebug getMaxCoin;

	public AbstractDebug getMoneyAny;

	public AbstractDebug getMaxStone;

	public AbstractDebug getStoneAny;

	public AbstractDebug unlockAllAdvMagic;

	public AbstractDebug unlockAllSavePoint;

	public AbstractDebug getExp;

	public AbstractDebug setTime;

	public AbstractDebug openFlagViewer;

	public AbstractDropdownDebug getAnyItem;

	public AbstractDebug getAnyItemByID;

	public AbstractDebug getAnyAccessoryByID;

	public AbstractDebug clearSubEventByID;

	public AbstractDebug clearSubEventAll;

	public AbstractDropdownDebug setBgmPlayer;

	public AbstractDropdownDebug setSeBattlePlayer;

	public AbstractDropdownDebug setSeSysActPlayer;

	public AbstractDebug getMagicPoint;

	public AbstractDebug getAllAttackMagic;

	public AbstractDebug getAllKey;

	public AbstractDropdownDebug setPictureBook;

	public bool debugActionMode;

	public bool debugTalkMode;

	public bool debugSceneStart;

	public AbstractDebug getQuestLevel;

	public AbstractDebug setAchievement;

	public AbstractDebug setWinCount;


Key Order

Various oddities in the files, such as the names of the folders containing each dungeon's assets, show that the numbered order of the dungeons internally is noticeably different from the final gameː

Canopus Ruins, the first dungeon, is internally the 7th;

Mimosa Forest, the second dungeon, is internally the 3rd, although some text related to the Mimosa Key has it mysteriously numbered as the 8th;

Mountain Ankaa, the third dungeon, is internally the 2nd;

Regulus Mines, the fourth dungeon, is internally the 6th;

Shaula Desert, the fifth dungeon, is internally the 4th;

Gienah Tundra, the sixth dungeon, is internally the 5th;

and the Labyrinth of Pollux, the seventh dungeon, is internally the 1st.