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My Singing Monsters Official Guide

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Title Screen

My Singing Monsters Official Guide

Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Publisher: Big Blue Bubble
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: June 21, 2017

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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My Singing Monsters Official Guide was an app designed to give players help in the My Singing Monsters games, such as breeding combinations or item recipes. The app was last updated in 2018, then discontinued in 2019 due to a change in Google Play's policies.

Despite simply being a guide app, it has quite a bit of unused content.


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Development Info
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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

My Singing Monsters

Unused Island Skin Icons

Unused icons exist for the seasonal island skins, which use an early icon design with early borders.

Icon Season
MSM Guide Spooktacle Plant Island.png Spooktacle Plant Island
MSM Guide Festival of Yay Cold Island.png Festival of Yay Cold Island
MSM Guide Season of Love Air Island.png Season of Love Air Island
MSM Guide Eggstravaganza Water Island.png Eggstravaganza Water Island
MSM Guide Summersong Earth Island.png Summersong Earth Island

Early Rare PomPom Butterfly

There is a sprite for Rare PomPom's butterfly called ACE_butterfly_RARE that goes unused. It is rotated a bit to the left.

MSM Guide Unused Rare Pompom Butterfly.png

Undistorted Wubbox Orb

In Wubbox's sprite sheet there is a version of its orb that doesn't have a distortion effect put on it. For some reason this sprite is called "big_orb" possibly meaning the orb was originally smaller or there was a second orb that was smaller.

MSM Guide Undistorted Wubbox Orb.png

Wubbox Element Sigils

For some reason there are sprites of the element sigils for air, earth, plant, water, and plasma in Wubbox's sprites. The purpose of these is unknown, but it's possible that the element sigils originally rotated around Wubbox or its orb or were stored inside the orb, with the element depending on the island (eg. plant for Plant Island, earth for Earth Island, plasma for Ethereal Island etc.) In the initial release of the Steam version of My Singing Monsters, a cold element sigil existed in Cold Island Wubbox's sprite sheet.

MSM Guide Wubbox Sigils.png

Beta Maulch Mouth

There is a beta mouth sprite for Maulch named U19_jaw_over2 that depicts maulch originally being green and having a purple mouth.

MSM Guide Beta Maulch Mouth.png

Beta Fleechwurm Leaf

U20_leaf8 is an early solid colour version of a Fleechwurm leaf.

MSM Guide Beta Fleechwurm Leaf.png

Dead Shrub

MSM Dead Shrub.png

An unused decoration for MSM called shrub_dead. This decoration may have been turned into the "Clarinedge" Colossingum decoration in MSM, as it's shaped similarly to the Dead Shrub.

Unused Wishing Torch Sprites

There are sprites for the Wishing Torch fire effect and the designs of the Wishing Torches across other islands despite them never being seen lit and only the Plant Island design being viewable.

Dawn of Fire

Placeholder Dawn of Fire Eggs

Egg Monster
MSM Guide Placeholder DOF Reedling Egg.png Reedling
MSM Guide Placeholder DOF Quarrister Egg.png Quarrister
MSM Guide Placeholder DOF Spunge Egg.png Spunge
MSM Guide Placeholder DOF Cybop Egg.png Cybop
MSM Guide Placeholder DOF Scups Egg.png Scups
MSM Guide Placeholder DOF Riff Egg.png Riff
MSM Guide Placeholder DOF Trox Egg.png T-Rox

Early Young Quarrister

Monster ABCE quarrister baby.png

An early version of young Quarrister's sprites.

Unused Sounds

In early pre-release versions of the Official Guide there were sounds inside the data.unity3d file that consisted of memory game sounds for Dawn of Fire monsters and ambiances for both the My Singing Monsters islands and Dawn of Fire islands. There are too many sounds to put here, so here's a Google Drive folder containing the sounds.