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Fling a Thing

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Title Screen

Fling a Thing

Developer: Big Blue Bubble
Publisher: Big Blue Bubble
Platforms: Android
Released internationally: December 3, 2011

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Unused Text

Unused Firework Upgrades

There exists text for 3 "Firework Size" upgrades. Fireworks do not exist in the game.

Firework Size (Level 1)
Adds an additional particle to the explosion of the fireworks.

Firework Size (Level 2)
Adds a second additional particle to the explosion of the fireworks.
Requires: Firework Size (Level 1)

Firework Size (Level 3)
Adds a third and final particle to the explosion of the fireworks.
Requires: Firework Size (Level 2)


There is text for some achievements, though achievements do not exist.

Reach level 10 on “The Tall Tree”

More Taller
Reach level 20 on “The Tall Tree”

The Tallest
Reach level 30 on “The Tall Tree”

Reach level 10 on “The Underneath”

Reach level 20 on “The Underneath”

Reach level 30 on “The Underneath”

Reach level 10 on “The Shard Mountains”

Twin Peaks
Reach level 20 on “The Shard Mountains”

Triple Peaks
Reach level 30 on “The Shard Mountains”

Decuple Bubble
Collect 10 bubbles in 1 shot

Double Decuple
Collect 20 bubbles in 1 shot

Ring the bell

Fruit Scoop
Clear all the fruit

Get two eggs in one shot

Magnet Shmagnet
Get two magnets in one shot

Bounce on 5 arrows in one shot

Extras Store

"Extras" Store

Trial Version Text

There are 2 text strings referring to a trial version of the game, which would've seemingly been the final but with a time limit on how long you can play. No such trial version of the game exists.

Time is up!
To keep playing buy the full version

HUD Text Strings

There are sprites for buttons or other stuff with text. Text strings for these can be found in the files, and go unused due to them being handled by images.

Collect all the bubbles
avoid the monster!
Get Stars
Climb Up!

Internal Name

The lib file for Fling a Thing calls it "Suckies". Suckie is the name of the Things you fling.