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Slime Rancher (Windows)

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Title Screen

Slime Rancher

Developer: Monomi Park
Publisher: Monomi Park
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 1, 2017

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Slime Rancher is a farming and resource-collecting simulator.

To do:
So much. The Slime Rancher wiki is a good place to start. The revisional differences here are immense given the game's start in Early Access.


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Prerelease Info
SlimeRancher PuddleSlimePlaceholder.png
Revisional Differences
Early Access means lots of revisions.

Unused Content

Iron Rancher Mode

Iron Rancher mode was a once-planned mode that featured more difficult mechanics for experienced players. This mode was scrapped mid-development due to not feeling like a good fit for the game[1], but some of its features are still present in the game's code in various stages of completion.

The following are modifiers that would have changed existing game mechanics:

Vampiric Chickens

  • Identified by enum value VAMPIRIC_CHICKENS.
  • At night chickens would become "vapmiric."
  • They would chase the player and deal damage on contact, with a default value of 10 damage dealt.

Night Tarr Slimes

  • Identified by enum value NIGHT_TARR_SLIMES.
  • Would have a chance of replacing regular slime spawns with Tarr at night.
  • A variable nightTarrChance determines the chance of this happening with a default value of 0.05, as explained by a development string:
Chance of a tarr slime spawning in place of a normal slime at night during the mod.

Random Plorts

  • Identified by enum value RANDOM_PLORTS.
  • Slimes would have a chance of producing a random plort type instead of their own.
  • A variable randomPlortChance determines the chance of this happening with a default value of 0.1, as explained by a development string:
Chance of a slime producing a random plort instead of its normal one during the mod.

Increased Slime Spawns

  • Identified by enum value INCREASED_SLIME_SPAWNS.
  • A variable increasedSlimeSpawnsFactor determines the factor by which slime spawns are increased with a default value of 1.3, as explained by a development string:
Factor by which we increase the number of slimes spawned during the mod.

Slimes Become Hungry Quicker

  • Identified by enum value SLIME_HUNGER.
  • A variable hungerFactor determines the factor by which slime hunger is accelerated with a default value of 2, as explained by a development string:
 Factor by which we increase the number of slimes spawned during the mod.

Unstable Plorts

  • Identified by enum value UNSTABLE_PLORTS.
  • Plorts would explode after 30 in-game minutes (30 seconds), dealing 10-30 damage to the player if within the explosion radius.
  • The explosion would apply 2/3 the amount of force of Boom Slime explosions to objects within the radius.

Plort Price Modifier

  • Very little remains of this modifier.
  • The function PlortPriceFactor would take a plort ID and return a float value, presumably a multiplier for that plort's current price on the Plort Market. However, the function always returns 1.

Pure Saber Slimes

Pure Saber Slime

Pure Saber slimes are added in update 1.4.0, but doesn't apeears normally. Can be spawned using developer console via SRML, but cannot be stored in vacpack.

Second Fashion Pod Slot

There's two slots for fashion pods, one for the top of the slime and one for the front. All of the fashion pods are used on the front making the top pods unused.

Unused Graphics


A gear icon, unknown what it was to be used for.


An icon for a Saber Slime with its Secret Style applied. Would be used when you have a Saber Slime in your Vacpack and have the Saber Secret Style active. Goes unused due to being unable to vac Saber slimes without hacking.

Placeholder Sprites

  • Three icons used for whenever a object, plort, slime, or UI element doesn't have a icon assigned to it, Large's icon has a image of a Slime stuck in a bush, while the others just have "Image Needed" on a black background

Plot Building Menu


Was used in early prerelease versions as a placeholder for plot building menus.


Chroma Packs

30 Chroma Packs were planned to be added to the game, but only 27 ever made it in. The three unused packs are a copy of the ruby, amethyst, and another one with no data assigned. The onyx chroma pack was also added to the files in Version 1.3.1 but was quickly removed in Version 1.3.1b.

4th Treasure Cracker

There exists an unused 4th Treasure Cracker upgrade in the game's list of player upgrades: TREASURE_CRACKER_4. There are no graphics, text, or any functionality associated with it, and it will have no effect if applied to the player via hacking.


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