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Gran Turismo Sport

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Title Screen

Gran Turismo Sport

Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 4
Released in JP: October 19, 2017
Released in US: October 17, 2017
Released in EU: October 18, 2017

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:

"Burn it to the ground", or at least, that's what the advertising campaign said at first! Now they're backpedaling by adding more production cars, more fictional circuits and l-


Gran Turismo Sport is Polyphony Digital's first endeavor onto the PlayStation 4, making the technological platform-debuting leap as an e-Sports focused title. A lot has changed from the norm with this title, with visions that the producer had from 2006 finally being realized in this title while some of the franchise's mainstay aspects being dropped in favor of "the next generation of Gran Turismo".

Unfortunately for us, one of those things that has changed is the amount of unused content...


Cars in the game that are hidden, unused, or were cut during development.
GT7SP CE 100.png
Hidden and unused variants as well as some curiosities.

Debug Settings

Under certain circumstances, several hidden options intended for use by developers and for debugging purposes can be opened up throughout the game.

Debug Menu


Normally hidden from players in the game, a Debug Menu is present in the code. This menu allows for quick testing of features in the game by allowing the player to adjust their Credits, Mileage Points and Experience Points, as well as adding any vehicle in the game to their Garage in any of its available colors, unlocking all game modes, and other functions.

Two methods are known to enable it:

  • The first (and guaranteed) method is to launch the game executable in debug mode. Doing this will also enable the also-hidden Arcade Mode section in the Options.
  • The second method was a (now-fixed) glitch that occurred at seemingly random times. One documented case was completing races in Sport Mode and then having the Debug Menu available for no reason. Also when this occurs, there is a high chance that the player's save file will become corrupted and unable to be used with the game anymore.


The Debug Menu has 17 options available for players to select from. Below is a summary of what each of these options can do in the game:

  • QAMode Debug: Only enabled when the game executable is launched in debug mode. Presumably an indicator of when the game is being ran in "Quality Assurance" mode for testing and debugging purposes before the release build of the game or an updated version of the game is released for retail consoles.
  • Language: Changes the game's language to any of the available languages to select from. Language selection may vary depending on the region of the game.
  • Language Debug: Similar to the RText Debug option in the PS3-era titles, this option adds the string number in front of every text string in the game, particularly used for when strings are missing text and the developers can reference the string number that a string uses to quickly enter in text for the string.
  • Credits: Adds Credits to the player's current balance, up to the game's Credit limit of 20 million. Despite the option being a slider widget, it only adds Credits when used, not set them according to what value was selected.
  • Mileage (Token): Adds Mileage Points to the player's current balance, up to the game's MP limit of 99,999 points. Exhibits the same characteristics as the Credits option above with its slider widget.
  • Add Driver Level Exp.: Adds Experience Points to the player's current total. Up to 2,500,000 experience points can be added, which can instantly level up the player from Level 1 to Level 50. Also exhibits the same characteristics as the Credits option above with its slider widget.
  • The Additional Car category contains options that allow the player to add vehicles to their Garage. The Dealer option allows the selection to be filtered by a particular brand or manufacturer. The Car option allows for a particular vehicle from the specified Make to be selected. The Color option can be used to toggle the added vehicle to be added to the Garage in its default color, or all of its available colors. Setting all options to All will add all vehicles available in the game in all of their available colors to the player's Garage.
  • Go To Empty Project would create a new blank project script used for UI development, but selecting it will take the player back to the Top Menu and soft-lock the game. This option might be expecting a real debugging copy or debugging console in order to function properly.
  • Go To dev_synthetic_viewer Project will return the player to the Top Menu.
  • Clear Cache is exactly as it says on the tin.
  • Reset Online SaveData: Function untested, but given its name, might have reset the player's online save data stored in the servers.
  • Unlock All Game Modes is exactly as it says on the tin as well but doesn't appear to work, despite an "Unlocked" confirmation dialog box informing the player.
  • Unlock Inventory: Function unknown, but given its name, this option might have unlocked all items that are available to purchase in the Mileage Exchange, such as driver helmets and suits, driver poses, wheels, and paint items.
  • Online Save Error Rate: Function untested, but it might have been used for testing when online saving is performed under not ideal conditions, such as overloaded servers or an unstable Internet connection.

Arcade Mode settings


When the game executable is booted in debug mode, there will be a new category in the options menu for configuring Arcade Mode. Various settings can be tweaked to restrict playable content or play time for players, probably intended for use in kiosks or public displays.

A brief summary of all the configurable options is below:

  • Brand Restriction will limit the visible brands or manufacturers that can be seen in the game.
  • Brand Restriction Scope will apply the above setting to either Arcade Mode only, or to the entire game, including Brand Central.
  • Arcade Time Attack Laps will limit the number of laps for every Time Attack session done in Arcade Mode.
  • Arcade Track Restriction can filter the courses available for selection in Arcade Mode.
  • Arcade Car Category Restrictions will limit the selection of playable vehicles to a specific class in the game, such as N300 or Gr.3 for example.
  • Arcade BoP Application, when enabled, will apply Balance of Performance (BoP) to the player's vehicle in Arcade Mode, and cannot be disabled in Car Settings.
  • Disable Arcade Car Settings, when enabled, will prohibit players from tuning their vehicles in Arcade Mode.
  • Arcade Tire Restrictions will filter and limit the selection of available tire compounds that players can choose for their vehicle in Arcade Mode.

Unused Graphics

"Test" folder

In the game's folder structure exists a folder named "TEST", which is presumed to be one of the earlier closed Beta versions of the game. Inside the folder are various graphics that co-exist with one another to create a mockup of a UI system.

Early trophy award icons


Early versions of the award status icons that indicate the clear status of a challenge or test. These are simple and flat 2D graphics, compared to the 3D rendered models used in the final version.

Unveiling Event graphics



Graphics related to the unveiling event for the game. Why these are left over are unknown. Perhaps they date back to the unveiling event itself.

Sample Avatars


Some sample photos that would have been used for the player's avatar or account picture.

Replay Still


The default still image for a replay file that would have been used for any saved replays for the earlier builds.

Campaign sample image


An early image for what would become the single-player Campaign content.

"Official" Avatar


The image that developers would use as their avatar or account picture when playing the game.

Vehicle render background


A blank template background that's used for displaying high resolution renders of cars, like the one below:


There are high resolution renders like the one above for the following cars in the folder:

  • Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition '14
  • Mazda Roadster S (ND) '15
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition '15
  • Subaru WRX STI Type S '14
  • Toyota 86 GT '15
  • Volkswagen Golf VII GTI '14

Vehicle selection images

There are four images of these four vehicles that would have been used for making a vehicle selection, including one for the missing Lotus Evora:

  • Lexus RC F '14
  • Lotus Evora '09
  • Mazda Roadster S (ND) '15
  • Volkswagen Golf VII GTI '14

Each of the renders depicts the vehicle like this, with the one below depicting one of the missing cars from the game's roster:


Weather Condition icons

These icons are part of the Closed Beta Test's condition select screen. Rain can be seen here, a feature that wasn't implemented until Version 1.43 of the game.

Sunrise Sunny - Noon Sunny - Afternoon Overcast Rain Dusk Night

DLC placeholders

Currently, the only commercial Downloadable Content available for purchase is for the Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge mode, which is not covered by any of the following unused graphics, however in case any plans came to fruition for other types of commercial downloadable content, these graphics are still present in the game files. Each graphic is for a different category of Downloadable Content:

The icon for cars is used for a duplicate listing for Subaru WRX Gr.3 on the PlayStation Store, which was intended for those who bought a copy of the game that came with early access to selected cars, the WRX Gr.3 being one of them.

Brand Central

There are several logos of brands and manufacturers that are not visible in Brand Central. There are various other brands here; the only brand that is visible currently is TAG Heuer (until it was removed in version 1.59); the other four brands are unused. Three manufacturers are present here as well, including Lotus, who is not present in the game. Also, although the Red Bull X-series cars were added in later update, they use Gran Turismo brand, rather than Red Bull brand.

Several manufacturers have text strings but not logos, including dallara (an Italian race car manufacturer, best known for their prototype race cars; interestingly, the Dallara SF19 appears in the game, but is listed as a Super Formula vehicle), and willys, referring likely to the Willys MB, which would later appear in Gran Turismo 7, though listed as a Jeep vehicle. Additionally, every manufacturer appearing in Gran Turismo 6 also have strings for them, even if they don't appear in the game.

Goodyear Italdesign Lotus
Pininfarina Pirelli Red Bull
Shell Ayrton Senna
GT7SP ayrton senna.png

Early Mission Challenge Thumbnails

There are some isometric thumbnails that appears that they would used in an early design of Mission Challenge menu.

GT League



Added in an updated version of the game and located in the same directory as all of the other graphics used for the GT League mode are placeholder graphics for banners and flyers used for the mode's events.

Unused Audio

Pre-Race Start Themes

In a similar fashion to the previous two games, music tracks were composed that would playback before the start of some race events and online races, however this doesn't occur in the final game, so these music tracks end up unused.

Source Filename Audio

GT League Start Theme

This unused music track is supposed to play when starting any event in GT League. It is actually the Race Start theme from Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec! Seems like the developers were going all out on cashing in on nostalgia with this additional music track. Just like in the aforementioned title, this would have played during any Grid Start for any event in GT League, but since all events instead use a Rolling Start, this theme goes unused.

Undocumented Replay Features

By connecting an USB keyboard, the following hidden features are available while viewing a replay:

  • Pressing the N button allows the player to display replays in full-screen, without borders. This feature is only available when the executable is booted in debug mode.
  • Pressing G and H switches between Variable and Standard camera option, while J, K, and L switches to bumper, roof, and behind cameras.

Revisional Differences

To do:
Get images. Also, there's more to this - for more information, look up Undocumented Changes threads on GTPlanet. For instance:
  • Some earlier versions have different UI and more Arcade Mode courtesy cars.
  • Dallara SF19 Super Formula '19 (both Honda and Toyota variants) having cockpit halo made transparent after it was added.
  • The Lexus RC F advertising in Fuji International Speedway was replaced with one for Toyota GR Supra.
  • The shiny emblem/red text variant of Toyota logo was removed from preset decals in 1.66.
  • There was a typo on Suzuka Circuit's logo on its starting line.

Mission Challenges

To do:
When were the changes made?

Somewhere early in the game's life, some of the (later) Mission Challenges had their difficulty reduced. In particular, two missions in stage 8 had revised requirements:

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Old New Old New Old New
8-4: Fisherman's Ranch Timed Rally 10 seconds 20 seconds 4 seconds 10 seconds 1 second 1 second
8-8: Gr.3 Nürburgring Final: 4 Laps 1st 1st 6th 8th 16th 20th

For mission 8-8, this means that the particular mission can no longer be failed, as there are 20 cars on the grid.

TAG Heuer Branding

Version 1.58 and earlier Version 1.59 and newer
GT Sport race entry old.png GT Sport race entry new.png

Version 1.59 removed all references to TAG Heuer, such as in Sport Mode waiting screen (a different screen resembling PlayStation 2's BIOS screen was used instead) and their Brand Central being removed from the game. However, their decals are still available in the Livery Editor and some of their brandings remain on Driving School and Mission Challenge modes, as well as on advertisements on the tracks. It is possible this removal may have related to the watchmaker sponsoring Porsche Esports Supercup, hosted on a competitor racing simulation title, iRacing.

Ferrari 365 GTB4 '71

The Ferrari 365 GTB4 '71, added in Update 1.45, originally had rear plates with the car's name in a generic font. From Update 1.47 onwards, the text was changed to the actual logo of the car.

"GT7SP" Strings

Despite interviews leading to game's launch insisting that the game wasn't intended to be seen as Gran Turismo 7 (an actual GT7 would be later announced for PlayStation 5 on June 11, 2020, with a PlayStation 4 release confirmed on September 10, 2021 and a March 4, 2022 release), several strings within the game data and the game's website, including file names, feature the name "GT7SP" in it. As with "GT5M" strings that internally refer the PSP game as Gran Turismo 5 Mobile, it is likely that the game is internally referred as Gran Turismo 7: Sport.