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Proto:Gran Turismo (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Gran Turismo (PlayStation).

To do:
  • Dump and document the Japanese Preview V1 disc, and document further the Store Demo.
  • Various NTSC and PAL demos?

Various demos of Gran Turismo have been released, all showcasing differences compared to the final game.


Early NTSC Demo
Dated July 29, 1997. Released as part of Project Eclipse on September 17, 2022.
Test Drive Disc
Dated August 2, 1997. Released as part of the PurePure demo disc series for PlayStation Club members (Volume 8 Disc 2).
Trial Version Disc
Dated October 27, 1997. Farther along than the Test Drive demo, with almost everything looking closer to the final game.
GT1 Preview V2 Title.png
Preview V2 Disc
Dated November 13, 1997. A late internal Preview build with all modes accessible, predating the final Japanese version of the game by two weeks.
GT1 US Demo Title.png
US Demo Disc
Dated March 3, 1998. A rarity amongst GT demos released outside Japan: access to Simulation Mode menus, showing localization in progress.

Other Builds

Store Demo

As the title suggests, this demo was playable in Japanese stores prior to the initial Japanese release. This features a compile date of November 3, 1997, which is about a week after the Trial Version's build date. This build is very similar, but is considerably more open with every car and track in Arcade Mode unlocked (the Trial Version only lets you select the Honda NSX '97 and High Speed Ring) as well as the 90-second race timer being removed.