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Gran Turismo (PlayStation Portable)

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Title Screen

Gran Turismo

Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released internationally: October 1, 2009

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

To do:
Get as much info on GT4 Mobile and E3/Gamescom 2009 versions to the prerelease section.

Gran Turismo for the PlayStation Portable (not to be confused with the original) is Polyphony Digital's attempt to bring the series to a portable device. Originally announced as Gran Turismo 4 Mobile at E3 2004, it was considered vaporware for around 4-5 years before finally releasing in October 2009. Unfortunately, this game lacks a real career mode and here began the terrible tradition of having regional duplicates of many cars - most of them because they were on previous games' discs on every region.


GTPSP 787b black thumb.png
A lot of car-related stuff is missing from the game.
Many tracks that were planned for the game went unused.

Cheat Codes

GTPSP has a cheat codes that, like that of GT4's/Tourist Trophy's, went undiscovered for nearly 15 years (however, unlike those, there is no in-game day requirement). Enter the following codes in the main menu:

  • 99,000,000 Cr: Hold Start + Select + L, then press Down, Square, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Right, Square, Up, Down, Up, Down
  • All cars unlocked: Hold Start + Select + R, then press Up, Right, Left, Left, Square, Up, Right, Right, Up, Triangle, Right, Up

Note that all cars unlocked code will grant the player each car in respective car's first color only.

(Source: pez2k, Nenkai)

Unused Cameras

Normally, the game has 4 different cameras: bumper (value 0), cockpit (value 26), roof (value 6) and chase (value 1). Starting from these values, it is possible to access a number of unused cameras; moreover, most of them have their own name. If the camera itself is missing, the game will show up a superzoomed internal cam.

Value Name Description In-game Picture
0 DRIVER Bumper Cam (used) Gtpsp cam0.png
1 CHASE Chase Cam (used) Gtpsp cam1.png
2 -Missing- -Unknown- Gtpsp cam2.png
3 MIRROR_L Left Mirror Gtpsp cam3.png
4 MIRROR_R Right Mirror Gtpsp cam4.png
5 NOSE Car's "nose" Gtpsp cam5.png
6 BONNET Bonnet (used) Gtpsp cam6.png
7 ROOF Roof Gtpsp cam7.png
8 BACK Roof rear view Gtpsp cam8.png
9 TAIL Car's "tail" Gtpsp cam9.png
10 SIDE_L Car's interior, left side Gtpsp cam10.png
11 SIDE_R Car's interior, right side Gtpsp cam11.png
12 FENDER_L Left fender -missing- Gtpsp cam2.png
13 FENDER_R Right fender -missing- Gtpsp cam2.png
14 WHEEL_FL Front-left wheel Gtpsp cam14.png
15 WHEEL_FR Front-right wheel Gtpsp cam15.png
16 WHEEL_RL Rear-left wheel Gtpsp cam16.png
17 WHEEL_RR Rear-right wheel Gtpsp cam17.png
18 OPTION_1 Rear (changes from car to car) Gtpsp cam18.png
19 OPTION_2 Front (changes from car to car) Gtpsp cam19.png
20 CHASE3 Chase cam 3 -missing- Gtpsp cam2.png
21 CHAR1 -Unknown- Gtpsp cam2.png
22 CHAR2 -Unknown- Gtpsp cam2.png
23 CHAR3 -Unknown- Gtpsp cam2.png
24 CHAR4 -Unknown- Gtpsp cam2.png
25 DRIVER2 Driver Cam -missing- Gtpsp cam2.png
26 INCAR Cockpit cam (used) Gtpsp cam26.png
27 INCAR_BACK Rear-view interior cam Gtpsp cam27.png
28 INCAR1 Interior cam 1 Gtpsp cam28.png
29 INCAR2 Interior cam 2 Gtpsp cam29.png
30 LOCAL_AUTO Customizable fixed cam Gtpsp cam30.png
31 DEFAULT Customizable fixed cam (interior model) Gtpsp cam31.png
32 -Missing- Customizable fixed cam (interior model) Gtpsp cam31.png
33 STANDING Zoomed out chase cam Gtpsp cam33.png
34 ROLLING Driving challenge fail cam Gtpsp cam34.png

Here's the command list of the customizable cams:
Left Stick : Rotate camera.
D-Pad Up/Down : Move camera forward/backward.
R + D-Pad Up/Down : Zoom camera in/out.
R + D-Pad Left/Right : Tilt camera left/right.
L + D-Pad : Move camera up/down/left/right.
L + Left Stick : Move camera faster up/down/left/right.
Some examples:

Gtpsp cam ex1.png Gtpsp cam ex2.png
Gtpsp cam ex3.png Gtpsp cam ex4.png

Revisional Differences

Several early Japanese copies came with a different opening movie, which included "Moon Over the Castle" as the theme song.

Early Japan Later versions

"gt5m" Strings

To do:
Find the early video in question, and compare further the game's VOL format (and what's inside it, such as how tracks are internally named) to that of GT5's.

Although the game is largely based on assets from Gran Turismo 4 (as it was originally planned as a mobile version of that game), it is internally referred as "gt5m", which (likely) stands for Gran Turismo 5 Mobile. Evidence of this can be found in an early video, where the game displays the string course_gt5m_spec in the bottom part of the track selection screen. Additionally, the game was developed in tandem with Gran Turismo 5, as many of cars and tracks that ended up appearing there (or had appeared in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue) are also listed in the PSP game's files, and the similarity of the internal structure between GT5 and GTPSP. Additionally, a teaser for GT5 is included in the game's ending sequence.

Additionally, several files and folders in the game's GT.VOL file use the "gt5m" codename, such as:


In addition to that, "gt5m" strings can also be found near VersionApplication strings in the console's RAM.