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Gran Turismo 5

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Title Screen

Gran Turismo 5

Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3
Released in JP: November 25, 2010
Released in US: November 24, 2010
Released in EU: November 24, 2010
Released in AU: November 25, 2010

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See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of May 30, 2014) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.
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Check if there are any leftovers of the Auto Union Streamliner mentioned in the opponent list of the World Circuit Tour event.

After a long and complex development cycle accompanied by various delays, the real successor to Gran Turismo 4 finally arrived to players across the world, almost six years later.

Gran Turismo 5 was the title that had many firsts for the series, including various licenses such as NASCAR and Top Gear, robust online services and features, a course maker of all things, and even DLC.

The game's staggering count of over 1,000 playable cars is supplemented by carrying forth the tradition of recycling cars as-is from its predecessor, even incorporating cars from the PSP spinoff into the mix.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
GT5 subpage graphics.png
Hidden and leftover graphics and images, mostly from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue or early builds.
GT5 subpage audio.png
From music to mufflers: All sorts of unused tunes.
GT5 subpage cars.png
Cars in the game that are hidden, unused, or just plain rare.
GT5 subpage courses.png
Lots of leftover courses from the predecessor title, and then some...
GT5 subpage items.png
Game Items
From parts to prizes; more than your trunk can hold.
GT Mode
Unused events and audio clips galore; lots of leftovers from an already huge game.
GT5 subpage online.png
Online Features
As the first game to center its experience around the Internet, and with the demise of the online services, a lot of content and features now go unused.
GT5 subpage scripts.png
Scripts and Functions
Scripts and other functions not seen during normal gameplay.
GT5 subpage revision.png
Revisional Differences
Even after its release, the developers were still busy patching things up with numerous updates.


GT Academy 2012
A free, digital-only standalone build of the game released on the PlayStation Store that was used in conjunction with the GT Academy 2012 competition.

Secret Options

The previous two PlayStation 3 titles, Gran Turismo HD Concept and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, had a "Secret menu" that allowed for configuration of various aspects in the game. Well, surprise! It's in here, too. And there are two ways of accessing it:

Enabling the Secret Options

For Versions 1.00 through 1.03 of the game, a hidden button code that can been used to access the Secret options is still present afterall, however it only works on these early versions of the game as it was disabled on all later versions. To unlock the Secret Options via the hidden button code, go into the Options and position the cursor at the top-rightmost section of the options categories, hold down the L1 and R1 buttons, and then input this 13-button sequence: Up Up Up, Right Right Right, Up Up, Right Right, Up, Right, START. A sound will play if the sequence was input correctly and the Options screen will refresh with the Secret options unlocked; the cursor will be offscreen, but pressing any of the directional buttons will return it to view.

(Source: elston87 (GTPlanet - Unused / Hidden Content Discoveries in Gran Turismo 5))

Alternatively, another way to access the Secret options on any version of the game is by enabling the flag from within the save data:

  1. Extract and decrypt the save data.
  2. With the save data decrypted, open the first part of the save data, usually named GT5.0. Go to offset 3C in the file and there should be four bytes: 07 04 01 00.
  3. The fourth byte, 00, is the single-byte flag that controls the Secret options. Change this byte to 01 and save the changes made to the file.
  4. Re-encrypt and copy or overwrite the save data in the console, boot the game and go into the Options menu to find the Secret options unlocked.

Many tools for computers have been made by several individuals that automate the process above.

Features Overview

While some of these options are identical to those found in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, there is also a slew of new options available. Some options were taken out in older versions of the game, but this section will cover features only found in the latest version.

Special Settings

This category has been present in Gran Turismo HD Concept and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, so it would obviously be here, too. Just like the previous two titles, these settings primarily consist of limiting the player's time and selection of content within the game, as well as other settings that were probably used in public kiosk and event scenarios.

  • Demo Usage - It is not exactly certain what this drop-down option does, but the tooltip indicates that this option would "Change modes to match demo usage". The only setting to select from (apart from nothing) is "Mercedes-Benz World".
  • Own Car Limits - Toggling this to ON will limit the selection of cars available to players in Arcade Mode. The selection of cars can be configured in the Favorite Cars category.
  • Limited Opponent Cars - Just like the previous option, except it limits the opponents that players will race against. However, this option will also affect opponents in GT Mode. The selection of cars can be configured in the Favorite Opponents category.
  • Limited Course - Identical to the last two options, except it limits the selection of courses available to players in Arcade Mode. The selection of courses can be configured in the Favorite Courses category.
  • Limited Makes - This option is disabled and set to OFF, but the tooltip indicates that it would "Set to make-specific mode."
  • Race Time Limit - Sets the time limit of gameplay in 10-second increments, all the way up to 3600 seconds.
  • Time Trial Lap Count - Sets the number of laps for Arcade Mode's Time Trial; defaults to Infinite and can be set up to 99.
  • Detect Inaction - Sets a time in 10-second increments up to 300 seconds that would return to the main menu if the game was left idle for too long in Arcade Mode.
  • Network Sign-in on Startup - Exactly as it says on the tin; prompts the player to sign-in to PSN on boot. Defaults to ON.
  • High Quality Replay - Another option that isn't exactly known as to what it does, but its tooltip explains that setting it to ON "Generates a high resolution replay. This results in a very large size replay data." Default setting is OFF.
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  • Guest Name - A text entry box. Allows you to enter text for the player's display name when participating in a "LAN Battle" session.
  • Current Lap Time Display - Another option that is exactly as it says on the tin. Defaults to ON.

Toggle Display

Just like in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, this category allows you to toggle the display of available icons to select from on the My Page screen. It is possible to lock the player out of the Options menu or game modes with this, and if that happens, the save data will need to be deleted and a new save must be created to restore the original settings.

  • Worth noting is that an icon which is not selected (hidden) by default is "label_lounge". Enabling and selecting the icon on the My Page screen reveals that its name is Online Race.
  • Selecting it reveals a list of five options to select from. The first two options, Quick Match and Open Lobby, require the player to be signed-in to PSN and connected to the game's servers, but since the servers have been taken down, it is not exactly known what these options would do.
  • When the game's servers were still accessible, Open Lobby, which referred to multiplayer racing mode, was accessed from GT Life menu instead.
  • The third option, LAN Battle, when selected, instantly cuts the screen to black before the game transitions back to the My Page screen. This option does work if the game is running under the demo version branch.
  • The fourth and fifth options, Edit Name and Edit Region, present text entry screens. Their usage is unknown, but it can be assumed it was for use with the other three options.

Favorite Cars

Here, you can select up to 80 cars that will be available to players in Arcade Mode. For these settings to take effect, Own Car Limits must be set to ON in the Special Settings category.

  • There is a Sort by Make drop-down box, allowing you to filter the cars that will be displayed by the specified manufacturer and make cars easier to find for selection.
  • Only Premium cars are selectable. There is a Sort by Model drop-down box, which has options for Premium and Standard cars, but the Standard option does not work.

Favorite Opponents

Similar to the previous category, you can select up to 80 cars that will appear as opponents. For these settings to take effect, Limited Opponent Cars must be set to ON in the Special Settings category.

  • As mentioned before, the opponents selected here will also appear in GT Mode. This can allow for rather crazy races to be self-made by the player, such as NASCAR cars on the same course as karts, or events in GT Mode can have custom opponents.
  • The same characteristics from Favorite Cars apply here. You can sort by make to find cars easily, and only Premium cars are selectable, despite there being a non-working option for Standard cars.
  • An interesting note is that the Ferrari F2007 and the Ferrari F10 '10 are not selectable in this category. This is probably due to licensing restrictions on these cars being used in the game.

Favorite Courses

Identical to the previous category, you can select up to 20 courses for players to choose from in Arcade Mode. For these settings to take effect, Limited Course must be set to ON in the Special Settings category.

  • There is a Sort by Category drop-down box, allowing you to filter courses by a particular category to make selecting courses easier, such as Real Circuits or Dirt and Snow courses.
  • There is a fifth category "course_category_template". Attempting to filter courses with this category on will exclaim "MESSAGE_COURSE_NOT_FOUND". This was possibly meant for courses made with the Course Maker, or perhaps randomly generated courses.
  • There are four entries of The Top Gear Test Track present on the list. The third entry, the Weather Change version, is found on the IB-1 License Test in GT Mode.
  • Despite being available for selection in the list, if selected, it does not appear in the Track Select of Arcade Mode.
  • It is unclear what the second and fourth entries are, but selecting them doesn't make them appear for selection in Arcade Mode either.
  • If only the second, third, or fourth entries are selected on the list, and when the game goes to the Track Select screen in Arcade Mode, the game will hang with a permanently busy cursor with the message "There are no courses to select yet." You must quit the game at this point, as you are unable to move the cursor or go back to the previous screen.
  • DLC courses are selectable here, and can be played in Arcade Mode despite the appropriate DLC not being installed.
  • It is worth noting that the order in which the courses appear in may be linked to the order in which they were developed and implemented throughout the stages of the game's development. For example, the first six courses in the list are present in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and the next three courses would appear as placeholders in Spec III of said title. The seventh course, Indy, would appear in Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge, which was a demo released before the game's final release, intended for 2010 North American GT Academy competitors. DLC courses appear at the bottom of the list.

Special Network Settings

It is unknown what the function of any of the options here is, as toggling them doesn't appear to do anything in the game. However, it can be assumed that most of these options here are linked to the Online Race mode (labeled as "label_lounge" in the Toggle Display category). The Online Race mode can be assumed that it was the mode in which developers of the game used to join online races or lobbies. The "lounge" moniker could refer to what the developers called online races and lobbies.

  • Online Lounge Demo - Required to display player names in demo version branch's LAN Online Race mode; unchecked by default.
  • Lounge View Change - Function unknown; unchecked by default.
  • Change View Using the Keyboard in Spectator Mode (Press F1 to Activate) - Function not exactly known, but is probably what it says on the tin. The game did have keyboard support, but only for navigation and chat. Unchecked by default.
  • Auto save replay in Lounge - Function not exactly known, but is probably what it says on the tin. Unchecked by default.
  • Disable Lounge Chat - Function unknown; unchecked by default.
  • The next three entries, which are News, GT-TV, and Museum, are also present in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and each entry has an Update button next to it. Pressing the Update button will display a confirmation about updating said content, but doesn't appear to do anything. Also next to each entry is a Remove button, but is disabled.

Version Branches

Since the PS3-era of Gran Turismo, sub-versions of a build are defined as version branches. The version branch can be found inside of the game's executable and it pertains to a specific configuration of the game or additional features and functionality that become enabled only when the game is running under a particular version branch. Throughout all of the retail-released games, the default and only-used version branch is usually the shorthanded name of the game, in this case it would be gt5 for Gran Turismo 5; other version branches have been used depending on the particular application of the game build, such as the academy version branch for Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge, and the demo version branch for GT5 Demo 2010; while the aforementioned builds are prototypes, their version branches are recurring throughout the PS3-era.

By editing a string in the game's executable, one can change the version branch of the game. As mentioned above, unless modifications to the game's scripts are used, additional features and functionality can be accessed if the game boots under a particular version branch.


GT5 rcvtst 1.png

When booting into rcvtst, which is short for "Receive Test", this version branch brings forth a screen that is used for testing the importation of garage data from a copy of Gran Turismo (PSP) running on a PlayStation Portable console. The following process is how to use this screen's features:

  • Select the region of the PSP title by selecting its appropriate productcode from the drop down menu.
  • Press the Receive button; upon pressing the button, a dialog box will read "WAIT_CONNECT_USB".
  • From the PSP title, select "Transfer Collection" from the Options menu; the game will then be awaiting a connection.
  • If successful, the PSP title will read "Export done" and the rcvtst screen will pop up another dialog box that reads "IMPORT_DONE" followed immediately by "SUCCESS".
  • The garage data from the PSP title is then displayed on the screen.

All of the cars that are present in both the PSP title and this game are displayed on the screen. If a color for a car exists in the PSP title but not in this game, then it will read "no such car color" for its vaule on the color column. There is not much else to this screen, otherwise. Unfortunately, the functionality of this screen is broken on this version, as when the Receive button is selected, the game fades to black and reloads the screen. However, this screen is present and also fully functional in GT5 Demo 2010.


The term "runviewer" has appeared many times throughout the games of the franchise, and while the definition of the term isn't known, it typically relates to game development. This version branch was probably used in conjunction with QA Mode to allow for quick debugging of features and content in the game. Running the game under this version branch enables a few adjustments to be made that are normally outside of the player's control:

  • In the Display settings of the Hardware category in the Options menu, the game's resolution is able to be adjusted. Various resolutions can be selected depending on the console's video output configuration; the maximum available resolution is dependent on the Display Settings of the console, so if you have toggled 720p but not 1080i/p, then the maximum resolution that can be set is 720p. The selected resolution will apply once the player exits the Options menu, but as the footer denotes when adjusting this, the value won't be saved when the player quits the game and will revert back to default system settings on next boot.
  • When creating a course in the Course Maker, three additional settings become available:
  • For applicable themes that support it, the Course Type can be adjusted between two types, which is either Laps (circuit course) or a Point-to-Point course; creating point-to-point courses is a feature that is normally not available to players in the game unless it is running under this version branch. In Version 2.00 and later, point-to-point courses can be created for any theme.
  • A value called "LENGTHY" can also be adjusted, which roughly approximates to the total length of the course in meters. Note that if the game is configured to display in Imperial units instead of Metric units, the unit of measurement for this setting will be labelled as "Miles" but the actual measurement unit still measures in meters.
  • In Version 2.00 and later, a "DefMap" tickbox becomes available.



In the case of this game, the demo version branch would have been used at organized events or in-store/public kiosks. Prior to Version 2.00, all of the options that are selectable on the top menu except for Arcade Mode would be disabled for access; selecting any of these disabled options would present a message exclaiming that "this feature is not available in this version." On all versions from Version 2.00 of the game and beyond, the selection opens up and all top menu options are available, but the core gameplay elements of GT Mode are disabled; the player is able to select GT Mode and load into the home screen, but all options on the home menu except for the Garage and setting options are disabled. Further content access restrictions can be set from the Secret Settings in the Option menu to precisely limit how much content players can access.

Version 1.10 adds an exclusive feature that never appeared in any official versions of the game: "Data Presentation"; the feature in this version is barebones as it lacks the proper labelling/localization text of its contents, which were added in Version 1.11. This feature is an early implementation of what would ultimately become the GPS Replay Visualizer in Gran Turismo 6. It's unknown if it functions correctly, or at all, and why it was never added to any official versions of the game.

Version 2.08 of the game adds an "Online Race" menu option to the top menu of the game. This option is not immediately visible by default and it must be toggled/enabled via the Toggle Display category of the Secret Settings in the Options menu. While this option appears to do nothing on any other version branch, the third, fourth and fifth options work only on this version branch. Selecting LAN Battle will bring the player to a fully-functional room browser for LAN sessions. This allows for networked multiplayer races to come back to life once again. All features that were available in the now-offline Open Lobby are present here, which includes setting room passwords and Shuffle Races. When configuring a new room, voice chat is disabled and cannot be activated as transmitting voice-audio data in a LAN environment would be obviously impractical; also when configuring a room, bandwidth is still able to be adjusted with an exclusive option for LAN environments which sends even more packets than the highest option that was available when playing over the Internet.

While networked multiplayer functions without any issues, there are a few bugs:

  • Text chat is available, and players are able to bring up the text dialog box and enter messages to send, but once a player presses the Start button to send their message, the message never sends and doesn't appear in the chat which causes a soft-lock. The game needs to be soft-reset at this point. If the player is on-course in the session after the message attempt, the player will remain in auto-drive until they quit the game. Beginning a race session may fix this problem but isn't always guaranteed to work.
  • Player names do not display unless the "Online Lounge Demo" option in the Special Network Settings of the Secret category in the Options menu is enabled. The player's display name and nationality can be set using the "Edit Name" and "Edit Region" options from the Online Race sub-menu respectively.

The LAN Battle functionalities was likely previously used for the FT-86 Grand Prix finals, held on December 2011.

QA Mode

Normally, QA Mode (also known as Debug Mode) is only enabled if the game's executable is compiled as such with the appropriate information. However, much like version branches above, with a simple change of a string inside of the game's executable, the game can boot into QA Mode. QA Mode enables several features and shortcuts for the developers to quickly access or debug certain parts of the game.

While the game is running in QA Mode, the following functions are available:

  • On the Top Menu, pressing the Select button will pop up the Debug Menu that's loaded with features. An in-depth explanation of this menu can be found on this page.
  • When selecting a car in Arcade Mode, holding down the R1 button will stop the rotation of the vehicle model. The same can also be done while viewing a car in the player's Garage in GT Mode.
  • When the player is selecting a color for a vehicle in the Dealerships, pressing the Triangle button will purchase the vehicle for free.
  • When the player is viewing a vehicle in the Used Car Dealer, pressing the Start button will purchase the vehicle for free.
  • When viewing the player's available gift car tickets from the Car Delivery screen, holding down the R1 button while pressing the Square button to open all gift car tickets at once will redeem the tickets' content without actually consuming the tickets.
  • When viewing a B-Spec driver from the My Drivers screen in GT Mode, debugging information can be seen next to the driver's avatar. Also, a combination of L2 or R2 along with the directional pad buttons can adjust various parameters of a driver:
    • Holding down the L2 button and pressing Up or Down will increase or decrease the driver's Experience level by increments of five days, up to the maximum of 500 days or a full Experience bar.
    • Holding down the R2 button and pressing Left or Right will cycle through the available driver parameter sets, as defined by the "Debug id:" field that is only displayed while the game is in QA Mode. There are a total of 30 sets to cycle from.
    • Holding down the R2 button and pressing Up or Down will increase or decrease a driver's level by increments of one, up to the maximum level of 40.
      • Any parameters that are adjusted to the driver are automatically saved when the player is done viewing the driver and closes the window.
  • For any A-Spec or B-Spec Events in GT Mode, pressing the Start button on the event will complete it without having to participate in it and award the lowest-tier prize (starting with 4th Place) to the player; repeated presses of the Start button will give the next tier of prize until 1st Place/Gold is reached. Prize cars if conditions are met are awarded for completion of events.
  • For Special Events in GT Mode, pressing the Start button will instantly complete the event without having to participate in it and award the lowest-tier prize (starting with Bronze) to the player; repeated presses of the Start button will give the next tier of prize until Gold is reached. Any prizes if conditions are met are awarded to the player.
  • For License Tests in GT Mode:
    • When viewing individual License Tests, pressing the Start button will instantly complete the test without having to participate in it and award the lowest-tier prize (starting with Bronze) to the player; repeated presses of the Start button will give the next tier of prize until Gold is reached.
    • If viewing the individual Licenses by category on the main screen of License Tests, pressing Start on the category will instantly complete all tests and give the player that particular license respectively; the same principle with repeated presses of the Start button also applies here.
    • Exiting and re-entering the screen will unlock the next license if applicable and also award the appropriate prize cars for completion of the license.
    • Even if a license has not yet been unlocked, pressing the Start button on its category will complete all tests and give the player that license.
  • Holding down the R1 button while opening the Photo Travel menu in GT Mode will unlock all photo travel locations. The button must be held down until the Photo Travel main screen is displayed.
  • When editing a course in the Course Maker, the course's seed number is able to be set from the top-right corner of the screen.


Debugging Free Camera

A hidden free camera that is used for debugging and freely moving around a course is present in the game engine. It can be accessed during gameplay by changing the value of offset 422CB9B0 to this four-byte value: 422C2F50

(Source: elston87)

The controls for operating the free camera are below:

A screenshot of the "Nessie" Easter egg on Trial Mountain Circuit taken with the free camera.
  • Left Stick Left/Right - Pan
  • Left Stick Up/Down - Tilt
  • Right Stick Up/Down - Dolly
  • Alternatively, R1 + Left Stick Left/Right will also dolly the camera.
  • Right Stick Left/Right - Truck
  • R1 + Left Stick Up/Down - Pedestal
  • R1 + Right Stick Up/Down - Zoom
  • R1 + Right Stick Left/Right - Roll
  • R3 - Reset Zoom/Roll to Default

Regional Differences

Car Demo

In the Japanese version of the game, when playing a demo for any vehicle, a voice-over plays back, narrating the description text for the vehicle instead of just displaying the description at the bottom via an information ticker. These are limited to premium vehicles, however; any other vehicle just displays the description at the bottom of the demo via the aforementioned information ticker.

Below is an example for the Gran Turismo Red Bull X2011 Prototype: