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Title Screen


Also known as: NASCAR Rubbin' Racing (pre-release title outside North America?)
Developer: Sega Rosso
Publisher: Sega
Platform: Arcade (Sega Hikaru)
Released in JP: September 2000[1]
Released in US: March 2001[1]
Released in EU: 2001

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

To do:
  • There's two revisions, original (sgnascaro on MAME/Demul) and Rev. A (sgnascar). What are the differences?
  • The selection music (different from the album version, "Fill it Up") seems to have parts that can't be heard since selection process can't take long enough for it to the entirety to be heard.

NASCAR Arcade is, as you'd expect, about super-fast cars making a bunch of left turns, and also serves as Crush 40's debut game as well as the only NASCAR game to allow cars of different generations to race against each other (due to Richard Petty using his 70's car) until Gran Turismo 6 included both fifth-generation Car of Tomorrow and Generation 6 cars.

Hidden Copyrights

A "lazy sentence" is present in the EPROM data (0x19E2F0 after interleaving), used for a security test on the main ROM board. The same data is hidden inside the ROM board and can be read somehow. The text read from the ROM board is verified against its copy in the EPROM. If both texts are matched, the security test is passed. This doesn't really affect game functionality until some point in the game.

I'm tired...
No one help me.
No one don't realize me.
No one love me.
No one save me.
No one hope me.
No one miss me.
 Shu Ito
5/28 modified...
This file is needed more size.
So, I must add lazy sentence.

Debug Menu?

To do:
See if it's possible to access this menu.

Text for a debug test mode similar to what Planet Harriers has can be found on 0x19E640 (interleaved EPROM).

test = %d %d %d
Model Test
Mori Car
Model Viewer
Colli Test
Memory Test
Network Test
Rule Test
Start Test
Advertise Test
Security Test
CarCollision Test


Great Taste... of what?

Although all alcohol sponsors are censored per standard procedure, the rear of Rusty Wallace's car in the game has "GREAT TASTE" (a Miller Lite slogan; throughout the 1999 season, the rear of Wallace's car would rotate sponsor messages) written on it, although there is no further Miller Lite branding anywhere on the car. By contrast, EA Sports' (since this game used EA Sports' NASCAR license) NASCAR games for the 1999 Cup Series season uses "PENSKE" on his car's rear panel.