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Gran Turismo 6

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Title Screen

Gran Turismo 6

Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3
Released internationally: December 6, 2013
Released in AS: December 5, 2013

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

See, this is why server preservation is important.
This game's online features are no longer supported.
While this game's online features were once accessible, they are (as of March 28, 2018) no longer officially supported and online-exclusive features may be documented as now-unseen content.

Coming in three years later after the release of its predecessor, Gran Turismo 6 celebrates the franchise's success by proudly wearing the 15th Anniversary mark, with wild & crazy concept cars, a host of new (and recycled, once again) cars and courses, putzing about the Goodwood Hillclimb, paying tribute to a racing legend, and the addition of a revamped Course Maker that was advertised on the back of the game's case, yet was actually added about two years later into the game's life...

...but despite all this, you get to drive on the moon.

To do:
There's quite a stash of content left to be documented, or even discovered:
  • There is a "League of Champions" online game mode hidden within the game's databases. This could be an earlier version of what ultimately became a standalone product, Gran Turismo Sport.
  • Tools developed by others exist that can manipulate data used for the Course Maker feature, which has enabled users to create courses that are well beyond normally imposed limits when created normally. There could be parameters that were implemented but are normally unused.
  • Check for regional differences, such as a different soundtrack list, etc...
  • A pre-release GT Auto screenshot depicted a Body Repair option that was removed from the final game.
  • There are leftovers for Shuffle Racing in the game's code.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
GT6 r18 tdi 11 color 00.png
Cars in the game that are (or were meant to be) hidden, unused, or were cut during development.
Hidden, unused, or cut courses with leftovers in-between.
GT6 gtmode endurance.png
Differences and hidden content among the game's many events.
Scripts and Functions
Scripts and other functions not seen during normal gameplay.
Revisional Differences
So many to list that they get their own sub-page.

Unused Graphics

Some unused graphics remain inside the game's data files, even those found from various earlier builds of the game.

GT Academy 2013

There's quite a hefty amount of leftover graphics and resources from GT Academy 2013 even in the final game.

GT6 eventimg sundaycup.png
GT6 eventimg clubmancup.png

Logo images for the build's two single-player event races are present. This design scheme of utilizing individual logos and icons for the events was only used in this build, as events in the final game do not have their own logo or icon images.

GT6 eventimg enjoycup.png

A logo image that was obviously used for testing purposes. Curiously, the name "Enjoy Cup" is actually referred to as the internal name for the "Amateur Cup" event in the final game.

GT6 eventimg gtacademy.png

An icon for the GT Academy 2013 competition.

GT6 bridge ACADEMY.png

This background image is a leftover from the build, where it was used in conjunction with displaying the build's events and event information. It is not used in the final game; a duplicate copy of this image exists with the filename "NONE", presumably used if a screen does not have a background image assigned to it.

Additionally, most of the assets from the build are indeed present on the final version's game disc, ranging from event flyer images and car thumbnails in plain PNG format instead of the game's proprietary format. However, these images are not present on this article for redundancy reasons.

Endurance Races

GT6 gtmode endurance.png

A graphic for endurance races can be found within the game's files. This asset can be found grouped with the other assets used for many of the other game's challenges in GT Mode that aren't the race events themselves, such as Coffee Break Challenges, Driving Missions, and One-Make Races. As endurance races were essentially moved to the Super License category in GT Mode and significantly watered down in terms of duration, this graphic goes unused. Some events have remains of their own in the game data, but not nearly enough to restore them into the game.


GT6 eventimg poster.png

The game's front case image without the Gran Turismo 6 logo. This either would have been used for a race event that did not have a unique image specified for it, or this was just a placeholder or test image.

GT6 home grand tour.png

An icon that appears to be a placeholder graphic for elements on the Home screen. There are two files that use this graphic, both with different filenames.

One of them is "grand_tour", which was a Special Event present in Gran Turismo 5. In this game, the internal name of the Lunar Exploration Special Event is actually "grand_tour" as well, but it uses its own Home screen icon. Either that event was built on top of the older Special Event, or the developers just used it as quick reference while developing the game.

The second file is "career_fomula", which is a misspelling of the word "formula". The actual proper filename with the correct spelling belongs to the icon used for the Red Bull X Challenge.

GT6 home top demo gt6.png

This rather large graphic would appear in demo or display kiosk versions of the game. It was notably visible in the Tokyo Game Show 2013 demo build, which was very close to the final build of the game.

GT6 home ad vgt mercedes.png

Yet even more evidence that this game was shipped unfinished: This graphic would appear at the bottom of the Cars category, advertising the Mercedes-Benz Vision GT cars. While the Vision GT content was finally made available in Version 1.01 of the game, also known as the "Day One Patch", this graphic and even the Vision GT icon are present on the game disc's data files. What's unique about this graphic is that it depicts the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series, a car that would not be added to the game until Version 1.04; it differs from the graphic that was added in Version 1.01, which instead depicts the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, the car that was added in said version.

Unused Tuners

"Tuners" are what the developers define manufacturers and brands in the games. There are logos of a few tuners left over from Gran Turismo 5 from cars that did not make it back into this game, or cars that weren't even included to begin with. A majority of these logos are also present in Gran Turismo 5 as well. Whether or not the "Tuning Village" concept from Gran Turismo 4 was going to return is uncertain. It's also possible that these logos were to appear depending on the car the player was tuning, similar to previous games in the series, although these logos are grouped with the other car manufacturers and brands.

It is worth noting that logos for High End Performance, Gran Turismo, and Tesla Motors appear twice, but these use different filenames. For example, the Gran Turismo brand is internally defined as "polyphony", but there exists a duplicate logo with a different filename, "granturismo", to have been used as the tuning brand's logo.


To do:
There's other songs with unheard ending sections.

GT Auto Theme

This is the music track used for all areas of Tuning and Maintenance in the game. The track normally plays looped, but it has a little ending section that is not normally heard in-game due to the looping.

Uncredited Songs

To do:
Are there more? Also find out the purpose of some of the songs, as well as which one is used and not.

Some of the songs in the game have track name and/or artist information that are not normally accessible as they are not accessible from the Gallery, nor their title/artist info shown during race replays.

Index Label File Name Track Name Artist Genre Notes
35 GT5_Menu_Jinglebell 0380.sgb Jingle Bells Christmas music.
36 GT5_Menu_MerryXmas 0381.sgb We Wish You are a Merry Christmas Christmas music.
37 GT5_Menu_Silentnight 0382.sgb SILENT NIGHT Christmas music.
67 GT6_Before_Race01 0457.sgb The Breakaway From Fear Masanori Mine Rock
68 GT6_Before_Race02 0458.sgb Requiem Masanori Mine Rock
69 GT6_Before_Race03 0459.sgb SIGNALS KENSHU Dance & Electronic
70 GT6_After_Race01 0460.sgb Governed Oxygen Masanori Mine Rock
71 GT6_After_Race02 0461.sgb Madder Masanori Mine Rock
72 GT6_After_Race03 0462.sgb Drawing Ryota Asai Lounge Music
82 GT6_Race15 0472.sgb Captain Speed Masahiro Ando Fusion Unused.
83 GT6_Race16 0473.sgb Lifeblood Masahiro Ando Fusion Unused.
84 GT6_Race17 0474.sgb Road King Masahiro Ando Fusion Unused.
85 GT6_Race18 0475.sgb The Hot Rodder Masahiro Ando Fusion Unused.
103 GT6_Goal_1st 0493.sgb Susumu Akizuki
104 GT6_Goal_2nd 0494.sgb Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba
105 GT6_Goal_3rd 0495.sgb Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba
106 GT6_Goal_4th 0496.sgb Susumu Akizuki
107 GT6_Goal_7th 0497.sgb Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba
108 GT6_Goal_last 0498.sgb KENSHU
109 GT6_NewClass_Open1 0499.sgb KENSHU
110 GT6_License_Get1 0500.sgb KENSHU
115 GT6_Car_Get1 0505.sgb KENSHU Standalone version of race results music embedded into the race finish music.
116 GT6_Cup_Get1 0506.sgb KENSHU
117 GT6_Level_up1 0507.sgb Susumu Akizuki Used for prize car acquisition.
118 GT6_Shop1 0508.sgb Yuki Oike Lounge Music Used in the Garage.
119 GT6_Goal_1st_2 0509.sgb Susumu Akizuki Unused?
120 GT6_Goal_2nd_2 0510.sgb Susumu Akizuki Unused?
121 GT6_Goal_3rd_2 0511.sgb Susumu Akizuki Unused?
122 GT6_Goal_4th_2 0512.sgb TAKASHI FUKUDA Unused?
123 GT6_Goal_7th_2 0513.sgb Susumu Akizuki Unused?
124 GT6_Goal_last_2 0514.sgb Susumu Akizuki Unused?
125 GT6_NewClass_Open_2 0515.sgb KENSHU
126 GT6_License_Get_2 0516.sgb Naoki"naotyu-"Chiba
127 GT6_Car_Get_2 0517.sgb KENSHU
128 GT6_Cup_Get_2 0518.sgb KENSHU
129 GT6_Level_up_2 0519.sgb Susumu Akizuki
130 GT6_Shop_2 0520.sgb Susumu Akizuki Funk Used in GT Auto.
193 GT6_ArcadeMenu 0584.sgb Flying Easy MAKOTO Dance & Electronic
194 GT6_License 0585.sgb Rising MAKOTO Lounge Music
196 GT6_Befor_WorldChamp 0587.sgb Masahiro Ando Rock "Moon Over The Castle GT5 Prologue Version" without the piano opening.
197 GT6_After_WorldChamp 0588.sgb Moon Over The Castle GT5 Prologue Version Masahiro Ando Rock
198 GT6_Playlist_WorldCham 0589.sgb Moon Over The Castle GT5 Version Masahiro Ando Rock
199 GT6_Menu38 0590.sgb Power Speed Isamu Ohira Lounge Music Originally from Gran Turismo 4; used for GT6's Arcade Mode selection menus.
200 GT6_Jingle_Online_2 0592.sgb Susumu Akizuki

Additionally, while the Lunar Exploration songs (Electronic Garden, Event Horizon, and Invisible Domain by Julien H Mulder, and The New Black and Maelstorm by Roll The Dice) are credited during moon replays, the genre information for them (set to Electronic for Mulder's songs and Dance & Electronic for Roll The Dice's ones) are left unused as they are not accessible from the Gallery.

It also worth noting that "GT6_ShortEnding", the game's championship victory music (a song with blank metadata otherwise), was originally the race win music from GT5.