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Proto:Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec.

To do:
  • Document the early tracks more thoroughly. Here's a video of them.
  • Any unused cars?
  • Add more info to the Gran Turismo 2000 demo.
  • Add more to the NTSC and Netz Toyota Demo, mainly any unused tracks.
  • Add any more info to the Store Demo Volume 2.
  • Add info on the NTSC-J Taikenban demo (compiled October 10, 2000 - a day after the Netz builds).
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Gran Turismo 2000
Compiled February 14, 2000; a very early build of the game with an early name, given out at PlayStation Festival 2000 event.
GT3 AutobacsRT Cover.png
Autobacs Replay Theater
Compiled September 26, 2000; a non-playable rolling demo likely given out at Autobacs service dealers.
Store Demo Volume 1
Compiled October 10, 2000; intended for in-store use within places wherever video games are sold in Japan.
Compiled October 30, 2000; the official US demo of the game.
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 5
Compiled November 19, 2000; given out with the March issue of the namesake magazine.
GT3 StoreDemo2 Disc.png
Store Demo Volume 2
Compiled December 29, 2000; intended for in-store use within places wherever video games are sold in Japan.

Netz Toyota Dealership Demo

This build, as the title suggests, was given out at Toyota dealers in Japan before the release of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec. With that being said, this demo still shares a bit with the previous demos, even with it being given out in 2001, a little while before the game came out.

There are two variants of this demo, the Replay Theater variant (PAPX-90209, which is only a rolling demo) and the playable demo version (PCPX-96609). Both builds use the same VOL build, compiled on October 9, 2000. Most of information below were tested with the playable variant, for obvious reasons.

General Differences

  • Using the same menu layout as the other demo builds, the choices for cars now range between the Toyota Altezza RS200, MR-S S-Edition, and Vitz RS 1.5.
  • While the track selection still includes Trial Mountain, it also includes the earlier version of Super Speedway that was previously hidden in the OPS2M Demo.
  • The time limit has now been increased from 150 seconds to 180 seconds. Despite this, Trial Mountain still cannot be finished normally under the limit.
  • Because Super Speedway can be finished normally within the time limit, the results screen can be displayed. It looks more complete than the OPS2M Demo, such as the race time being aligned with the car name, and the position number being significantly bigger.