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Proto:Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec.

To do:
  • Document the early tracks more thoroughly. Here's a video of them.
  • Any unused cars?
  • Add more info to the Gran Turismo 2000 demo.
  • Add more to the NTSC and Netz Toyota Demo, mainly any unused tracks.
  • Add any more info to the Store Demo Volume 2.
  • Add info on the NTSC-J Taikenban demo (compiled October 10, 2000 - a day after the Netz builds).
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Gran Turismo 2000
Compiled February 14, 2000; a very early build of the game with an early name, given out at PlayStation Festival 2000 event.
GT3 AutobacsRT Cover.png
Autobacs Replay Theater
Compiled September 26, 2000; a non-playable rolling demo likely given out at Autobacs service dealers.
Replay Theater
Compiled October 5, 2000; a general Replay Theater demo given outside of Autobacs and Netz stores.
Store Demo Volume 1
Compiled October 10, 2000; intended for in-store use within places wherever video games are sold in Japan.
Compiled October 30, 2000; the official US demo of the game.
Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 5
Compiled November 19, 2000; given out with the March issue of the namesake magazine.
GT3 StoreDemo2 Disc.png
Store Demo Volume 2
Compiled December 29, 2000; intended for in-store use within places wherever video games are sold in Japan.

Common Differences

Note that this section does not apply to Gran Turismo 2000 build.

  • Most demos use the same menu music from GT2000 to the OPS2M demo, while it was updated to Isamu Ohira's "An Endless Journey" in the Store Demo Volume 2. These were effectively replaced by "Slipstream" in the final game.
  • The in-race music is an earlier version of Daiki Kasho's "Mirage" (except in the NTSC Demo), which is significantly shorter than the final version.
  • The menu background videos mostly include shots of GT2 and GT2000, these were likely placeholders until in-game GT3 footage was made for these videos.
  • The track selection screen is wildly different, featuring a 3D course preview with a blue road on the bottom, and some bumper cam footage of the track up top. Replaced by in-game footage of cars racing on the track. Stats about course length and road type are also missing here.
  • The car selection screen is more similar to the final game, but still has some differences from the final. The arrows on the sides of the screen flashed rather than being in a solid color, the UI inverted the background colors rather than being solid black, and the car logos towards the top right of the screen faded after a few seconds to show the logo of their manufacturer, much like GT Concept's car select menu.
  • Vibration could presumably be turned off from the Arcade Mode menu here (like in GT2), moved into the options menu in the final.
  • Zooming in on cars in the car selection screen was present on most demos, but was cut from the final, likely due to redundancy. This feature was brought back in Tourist Trophy, however.
  • The in-game HUD features many differences, including:
    • Position graphic placed on the top right of the screen (as opposed to the top left). GT3 demos use a different font for this graphic compared to GT2000 and the final. Both GT2000 and the GT3 demos have this graphic in a black box, similar to GT2.
    • Different info for the right side of the screen: with lap counter (missing the "Lap" text in the demos), total time, and the time of each lap in the race. Changed to lap counter, best lap time, previous lap time, and current lap time in the final.
    • Speedometer uses different fonts and is missing suggested gear indicator, mileage, oil light, and ASM/TCS lights.
  • Pause menu uses a more simple design reminiscent of GT1.
  • The results screen uses a very different layout, featuring a color-inverting "crosshair" similar to the car and track selection screens, and car names being displayed on blue "steps" that look similar to GT2.

Other Builds

Netz Toyota Dealership Demo

This build, as the title suggests, was given out at Toyota dealers in Japan before the release of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec.

There are two variants of this demo, the Replay Theater variant (PAPX-90209, which is only a rolling demo) and the playable demo version (PCPX-96609). Both builds use the same VOL build, compiled on October 9, 2000.

In the playable variant, the demo lets the player race with three cars, all of which are of course Toyotas: the Altezza RS200, the MR-S S Edition, and the Vitz RS 1.5. In the races, all the opponent cars will be the same as the chosen player car, a unique feature to this demo. Two tracks are normally playable: Trial Mountain and Super Speedway.

PurePure Volume 0 Demo

This demo was featured in the PurePure series of demo discs for members of the PlayStation Club in Japan, alongside some other videos and commercials of the game also featured on the disc.

This demo uses an identical VOL build to the OPS2M demo, as both feature the same compile date of November 19, 2000. Unlike that demo however, the player can't actually race, but rather it is another rolling demo where the gameplay only consists of race replays.