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Hello. I am the title page you are reading.

I lurked this site for a long time, taking great interest in "what could have been" and "what once was" in video games. Only recently did I decide to finally make an account and contribute stuff.

My primary interest is in the Gran Turismo series, particularly the PlayStation 3 titles, seeing as they have underwent massive and minor changes, yet nobody has cared (enough) to document them all. I have a project for each PS3 title in the series, labelled a V.H.D.P. (or Version History Documentation Project), which documents every change to every game, version, update, or release of the titles in somewhat obsessive detail. Links to these are in the next section.

Version History Documentation Project (V.H.D.P.) for Gran Turismo

Below you will find links to documents of the V.H.D.P. for the PS3 Gran Turismo titles. As stated above, they're covered in ridiculous detail, noting small, minor changes such as changed text-strings to massive feature updates, all documented for most builds of the games that I have found (so far). The project and documents are always in a work-in-progress state as I make new discoveries and take new notes, and most of my articles I write here will use details noted from these, but not all details noted belong on the articles here.

I am linking them here not only as a quick reference for myself, but for anyone else who wants to browse through them and possibly suggest content to add to an article here on this site.

Please note that all documents only cover the North American builds of the games unless otherwise noted.

As of the year 2020, these documents are severely out of date compared to the material that has been covered on the games' TCRF pages here; they are due for an update at an undetermined time.

Gran Turismo HD

No documents (yet!)

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Gran Turismo 5

Reading Outline

Gran Turismo 6

As of September 22, 2017, it is now mostly complete.


Below are the pages that I have worked on entirely by myself from scratch:


These are pages that I have made only edits to or small contributions to: