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beatmania DA!!

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Title Screen

beatmania DA!!

Developer: Prime Systems[1]
Publisher: Oracion
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in JP: February 17, 2000[1]

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

Basically, beatmania, but transformed into a typing practice game. Apparently, the idea went well, and it spawned two sequels.

Unused Text

Each of the game's .bmd files, used for the chart data, have unused genre, song title and artist labels. All of these start from offset 0x20, save for Study\Key\Key.bmd, whose unused labels start at the file's very beginning. Most of the artist labels likely refer to Shintaro Sasaki, as he was in charge of "extending" most of the songs for the game.

File Genre Title Artist
Master\Normal\01\~01_U gotte.bmd HipHop U Gotta Gloove Rapper Sasaki
Master\Normal\02\~02_Biginning.bmd Ambient Beginning of life AMB Shin
Master\Normal\03\~03_loveso.bmd Soul Love So Groovy Sasaqi
Master\Normal\04\~04_JamJam.bmd Reggae Jam Jam Hippy Sasaki
Master\Normal\05\~05_ballad.bmd Ballad Balla
Master\Normal\06\~06E-motional.bmd euro? E-motion euro chin
Master\Normal\07\~07_bossa.bmd , Bossa sasaqi
Master\Normal\08\~08_OVERD.bmd Techno Over The Tech Sasaqi
Master\Normal\09\~09_NahaGacho.bmd ????? NhahaGachooon Hayachiya Shinpey
Master\Special\10\~10_KUMA.bmd . Beauty and The KUMA-SAN KUMA-SASA
Study\Key\Key.bmd キー打ち
(Key Strike)
(Key Strike)
Study\Mix\Mix.bmd キー単語打ち
(Key and Word Strike)
(Key and Word Strike)
Study\Word\Word.bmd 単語打ち
(Word Strike)
(Word Strike)
(Source: tikal.)

Unlock All Songs

Clicking the Stage 3 option while holding the keys B, M and D allows for the hidden song Beauty and The KUMA-SAN (Synth Junkie Mix) to be played.

(Source: tikal.)

Easter Egg

Clicking the Credits option while holding the keys B, M and D reveals a silly screen featuring a dancing character, with the text "びーとまにあ どぅわっ!!" (roughly "beatmania DWA!!") above. Clicking this mascot character briefly shows an edited image of DJ KONAMI with an unknown employee's head, as the text and sound "Typin' groooove!!" also appear.

Typin' groooove!!

(Source: tikal.)