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Title Screen


Also known as: beatmania (JP)
Developer: Konami GMD
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Konami Bemani DJ-Main)
Released in JP: December 10, 1997
Released in US: January 19, 1998

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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To do:
  • Provide a screenshot of hiphopmania's title screen and put it along with the JP one on this page.
  • If possible, document any potential differences between JP and US releases as well, as there were at least a few in CompleteMIX 1 and 2, likely to reappear here

I can do it so do it with me
You are the DJ, hit the key
Do it, scratch, bend your brain
Feel the beat, let's do it again.

hiphopmania (released in Japan as, and better known under the name of beatmania) marked the beginning of Konami's rhythm game craze, which would spawn more games, along with sequels upon sequels upon sequels.

With only eight songs available per mode, and a maximum of four stages per play in a standard play, it was a quite rough beginning.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Stored near the gameplay HUD assets in the K056832 chip are squares. These were part of an audio visualizer graphic which was seen in an early mockup screenshot of the game.


Hidden Level Select

A hidden debug feature allows the player to freely select a song by holding down the Test button and pressing one of the keys at the same time in the song selection screen. It should be noted that this doesn't work while Event Mode is turned on.

Key Song
1 u gotta groove
2 jam jam reggae
3 OVERDOSER (romo mix) (1P)
OVERDOSER (ambient mix) (2P)
4 2 gorgeous 4u (1P)
greed eater (2P)
LOVE SO GROOVY (12inch version) (2P)
6 20,novemver (single mix) (1P)
20,novemver (radio edit) (2P)
7 e~emotion
10 Love's Theme of beatmania (Credits)

Game ID

At the beginning of the uncompressed CHD data for the game, a string containing the game's ID and version can be found.

 GQ753   BEAT MANIA    VER 1.00