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Animorphs: Shattered Reality

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Title Screen

Animorphs: Shattered Reality

Developer: SingleTrac
Publisher: Infogrames
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: September 6, 2000

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A clunky beat-em-up based on the book series.

Unused Graphics


These graphics are found in the SHELL folder.

AnimorphsPS1 GOOBER.png

GOOBER.TIM and LOADING.TIM is a bunch of scribbles.

AnimorphsPS1 LANGUAGE.png

LANGUAGE.TIM is a language selection menu in a different style than what's used in the final game.

AnimorphsPS1 NEWGAME.png

NEWGAME.TIM is another menu in the same style as above.

AnimorphsPS1 MOVIELD.png

MOVIELD.TIM is an unused loading screen.

AnimorphsPS1 MAPOLD.png

MAPOLD.TIM and NEWMAP.TIM are an early version of the level select menu.

AnimorphsPS1 STARTUP.png

STARTUP.TIM is all the developers' logos crammed together into one image.

Ironically, this was SingleTrac's final game before shutting down.

STLOGO_2.PSD is the SingleTrac logo scribbled on top of and partaking in some self-deprecation.


This graphic is found in the HUD folder.

Do NOT make it taller.

HUD1.BMP is a graphic for an unused HUD meter.

Development Text

Throughout the executable are some messages left by the developers.

Is This-- EVER CALLED -- BehaviorDoActionVolume
Is This-- EVER CALLED -- BehaviorDoAutomaticVolume
Adjust BINFO Offset from AI to within +/- 10 please. (John O)
This is a test
ht hs Te
WARNING!!!  This sound file has too many programs in it!
WARNING!!!  This sound file has too many tones in it!
WARNING!!!  This sound file has too many vags in it!
C: stop boulder sound #%d