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Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers (Windows)

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Title Screen

Disney's Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

Also known as: Donald Duck: Quack Attack (EU), Aku Ankka: Universumin Sankari (FI)
Developer: Ubi Soft Casablanca
Publisher: Ubi Soft
Platforms: Windows
Released in US: November 16, 2000[1]
Released in EU: December 2, 2000

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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To do:
  • A lot suggests that there were originally in-game cutscenes like the Nintendo 64 version, instead of the pre-rendered movies, including unused animations, music and more.
  • More unused graphics.

Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers is a 3D platformer in a similar style to Crash Bandicoot and with a very nice soundtrack.

Donald's fiancée Daisy has been "kidnapped" by Merlin while she was secretly recording a film documentary live in his palace, so it's up to Donald to travel arround the world to save her before Gladstone does.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Areas

Cutscene Temple

There were originally in-game cutscenes in each version like in the Nintendo 64 version, instead of the pre-rendered movies. Lots of leftovers are still in the game's files, including this area of Merlock's temple where Daisy gets kidnapped.


Unused Models



A flying rocket skateboard! This was part of the scrapped in-game intro cutscene.



A lever that was part of the scrapped ending cutscene.

Merlock's Machine


Also part of the cutscenes.

Unused Animations

Nephew Runaway

DonaldDuckGQ NephewAnimation.gif

Nephew running away in a cartoony style. Might have been originally used when he moves away once Donald saved all his toys, but he simply walks relaxed away in the game.

Magica Flying Sideways

Magica De Spell has an animation of moving horizontally. Perhaps the original intention during the coffin segment was to break the fence first and then accurately hit her with the skull bomb.

Cutscene Animations

A lot of animations for Donald, Daisy, Gyro, Gladstone and Merlock as well as objects such as Merlock's machine can be found that were all part of in-game intro and outro cutscenes, but the game simply uses pre-rendered movies instead which renders all these animations unused.

These are used however in the N64 version, albeit they are animated slightly different there.

Unused Graphics

Early Loading Screens

A big number of early loading screens exist in the game. A lot of them are renders from early levels and some of them are used in the early Donald Duck Demo prototype. These loading screens were meant to be used for each level, including the bosses and chase stages, but the levels use a more detailed loading screen which is the same per world in the final.

Ducky Mountain

The forestchase picture shows an early and unfinished version of the Bear Path. Some previews are also mixed with the forestchase picture for some reason.


The first two pictures are used in the Donald Duck Demo. city_2_b shows the stage in rain, which isn't the case in the final. city_2_b and SIDEWALK also have a mixture from the unused inca_4_2 screen for whatever reason.

Magica DeSpell's Manor

HAUNTEd3-1 and HAUNTED3B are used in the Donald Duck Demo. The houseboss shows a different battle stage, similar to the GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions. Again, some of them are somehow mixed with the inca_4_2 screen.

Merlock's Temple

inca_4_2 is the screen, that is slightly mixed into some other loading screens. Also the incaboss shows a different boss battle stage, also similar to the GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions.


DonaldDuckGQ-Donald load.gf.png

Probably the earliest loading screen of all, as it can be found in the Proto, but without the development text on the top screen.

The "DDPC991119-v002" text possibly stands for Donald Duck PC, 19th November 1999, version 0.02. The final game was released in November 2000, a whole year later.



A very early loading screen for Gyro's Labor. This is also similar to the PlayStation version.


Unused Used
DonaldDuckGQ-load menu1.gf.png DonaldDuckGQ-menu.gf.png

An alternative version of the menu's loading screen, with different lighting and a better portrait of Gyro.


DonaldDuckQuackers cn live NZ.gf.png

A node that says "live", found in numerous archives.

Daisy Wink

Donald's thought balloon of Daisy in his idle animation has two unused winking frames.

Unused Textures

Check Box

Textures for a wooden box with a C on it. It is very similar to the checkpoint crates from Crash Bandicoot.

Sprayed Wooden Floor

Wooden textures with some words on it. These are found among the textures to Gyro's lab, and may have been used as level name placeholders.



A portrait of Donald.

E3 Leftover

An E3 logo consisting of 4 poor quality parts. Doesn't look that good, when putting them together:

DonaldDuckGQ-X plantCombined.gf.png

Unused Icons

Nephew Dialogue Icons

Early dialogue icons for Donald's nephews.

Gladstone Dialogue Icon

DonaldDuckGQ-X Gladstone.gf.png

Also an early dialogue icon for Donald's rival Gladstone.

Donald Icon


An icon for Donald, also meant for dialogues. But Donald ironically doesn't say anything in the whole game. It was however used in the N64 version, where the cutscenes were in-game rather than the CGI clips used here. This icon was also later used in the Game Boy Color version in the main menu.

Roller Skates

DonaldDuckGQ-patin nz.gf.png

An icon of roller skates can be found within the other toy icons. Interestingly, this can't be found in the Donald Duck Demo, but all the other toy icons can be found there, so this was probably introduced and then scrapped in late development.


DonaldDuckGQ-bonus nz.gf.png

Found in the files for Gyro's laboratory. This was probably planned to appear, when unlocking the chase stages.

Development Icons

Some icons, most likely used for debug features. These can also be found in Rayman 2, which runs on the same game engine.




Some sort of a continue screen. However, the final simply resets the game ultimately, when all lifes are gone.



A very early game over screen. The final uses a small videoclip, if Donald loses all his lives.

Donald Pictures

Some pictures of Donald. Depicting its filenames, these pictures have something to do with Donald's health.

The European logos with white backgrounds. The second one has a different position and a slightly different size.

Unused Music

Cutscene Songs

There were originaly in-game cutscenes which were scrapped in favour of the prerendered CGI movies. A lot of remains can still be found in the game's files including the music for both the intro and outro scene. The in-game cutscenes were only used in the N64 version along with these songs, but they ended up being downgraded and are even in the wrong key. So the original high quality versions were never used in any version.

Intro Outro

Super-Dooper Songs

Originaly there were invulnerability songs when Donald collects a Super-Dooper milkshake, which are different for each world, but it strangely isn't used. However, just like the cutscene songs, these are used in the N64 version but in a downgraded form along with the wrong key.

Duckie Mountain Duckburg Magica De Spell's Manor Merlock's Temple


The filename and the fact that this was used in the N64 version in an downgraded form, highly suggest that this was originally supposed to be used for the Under 'Hand'ed stage, which was replaced with a longer, more thrilling song in the final.

Unused Used

Unused Voices


Language Audio

One of Donald's nephews playing with something? It's even "translated" into the other languages.


Language Audio

Gyro telling Donald about the costume machine. However, the machine itself tells Donald, how it works, so this goes unused and is even translated into the other languages.

However, the line is used in all the PlayStation versions.


Unused Used

The Italian message from Magica DeSpell before the fight, but without the echo effect and with laughing.

Donald's Full Falling Sound

Though this is not unused, but only the first half second can be heard.

Unused Text

Boss Stage Names

To do:
These unused text slots also exist in the swedish, danish, norwegian, finnish and dutch language settings.

Names for each boss level exist, but are not displayed when standing on the teleporter as with the other levels.
Also present in the Nintendo 64 version.

English German France Espanol Italiano
Bernadette's Peak Bernadettes Gipfel Pic de Bernadette El Pico de Bernadette Il Picco di Bernadette
Beagle Boy's Tower Panzerknackerturm Tour Rapetou Torre Apandadora La Torre della
Banda Bassotti
Magica's Devilish Dome Gundels Teufelsgewölbe La Coupole La Cúpula de Mágica La Cupola Infernale
di Amelia
Ceremonial Room Zeremonie-Zimmer Salle de cérémonie La Sala de las
La Sala del

Demo Selection Text

Urban High-Rises
Haunted Hall
Creepy Coridor

Leftover texts of a level selection from the early Windows demo. Oddly enough, these texts seem to be from an even earlier version, since Creepy Corridor is misspelled. First Avenue's name was overwritten with letters exclusive from other languages, possibly for testing purposes.
The unused text also exist in the Nintendo 64 version, with the only exception that First Avenue uses the internal name of the stage instead of the letter test.

Placeholder Text

texte non valide

Empty, unused text slots use this placeholder text.
And yes, it also exist in the Nintendo 64 version.

Regional Differences

USA Europe
DonaldDuckGoinQuackers-TitleUS.png DonaldDuckGoinQuackers-TitleEU.png

Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers is known as Donald Duck: Quack Attack in Europe.